GREAT job of showing that 9-11 WAS STAGED
GREAT job of showing that 9-11 WAS STAGED
Fri Feb 11, 2005 14:56


GREAT job of showing that 9-11 WAS STAGED

"If you ask a question and they refuse to respond, well then you have
only to assume that the way you perceive it to be is in fact the way
it is. Because, if they don't respond to dispute what you're stating,
then your statement stands." - Dave vonKleist 6/30/04

(I just watched the INPLANESIGHT video that is offered here:
and I DO highly recomend a copy...

The video does a GREAT job of showing that 9-11 WAS STAGED and there are many angles of the planes hitting the WTC showing the flash of a missile impact, pod underneath and NO WINDOWS on the planes confirming they were NOT 'commercial' airliners as PROPAGANDIZED by the government and media. There's even a photo of the NORTH tower hit ALSO showing a flash just before impact. And these flashes can be seen from FOUR DIFFERENT ANGLES popping the propaganda bubble that these were merely 'reflections.' That doesn't happen at different angles folks!!! Also much EVIDENCE proving that the Pentagon was NOT hit with a 'commercial airliner' either.

Having said that, I want you to know of the nature of those presenting this movie to you and what they are HIDING!

One thing Dave Von Kleist says on the video is: "When you know there is a LIE, and you refuse to EXPOSE the lie, you then PARTICIPATE IN THAT LIE!"
I refuse to participate in their LIE OF OMISSION that the ZIONISTS were deeply involved in this event!!

At the end of the video, they list credits and even include John Kaminski. They BARRED Kaminski from their show: BECAUSE he wanted to expose the ZIONIST CONTROL of media!! Specifically he was told that the NETWORK PEOPLE didn't want that topic discussed. I guest hosted a show called "The Intel Report" that was involved in shenanigans there at GCN that was REMOVED because of our exposure of ZIONISTS. Alex Jones there even READ Albert Pike's PLAN for the 3rd world war to be BETWEEN the 'political ZIONISTS' and the arabs. Again, ZIONISTS differ from REAL JEWS politically and theologically and worship a SATANIC doctrine called the TALMUD vs. the TORAH. See: and others. RESEARCH FOR YOURSELVES is what I'm advocating here.

What I'm saying is you're getting 98% TRUTH here in this video, BUT they conveniently ignore the Israeli INVOLVEMENT and foreknowledge. The 6 Israeli MOSSAD videotaping the WTC coming down and LAUGHING. The more than 3000 that were warned and NOT in the WTC that day. Their HISTORY of 'false flag' operations STAGING terror to be BLAMED on their enemies. While they SAY on the video that they are just presenting information and letting you make your own conclusions.... they always conveniently OMIT anything associated with the ZIONIST MOSSAD!! CIA was mentioned but NOT MOSSAD!

Whenever these murderous FREAKS stage murder like this, THEY ALWAYS SETUP A PATSY!! OKC bombing for example, the BATFaggots SETUP Tim McVeigh as their PATSY. By the way, the inplanesight video has video of the local OKC TV news reproting on the other bombs found and that they would know who the bomber was by disecting the bombs!! I also got this video from Ted Gunderson which may be why phony COINTELPRO perps like Stewie Webb attack him often.

Anyway, the globalists KNOW we'll get SOME of the truth. I called into 'The Power Hour' TODAY and tried confronting Dave on this. He basically ADMITTED that Genesis booted our show BECAUSE we exposed the ZIONISTS. He also tried pulling the 'jews' bait and switch when I said ZIONISTS and I didn't let him get away with it. He CONFIRMED that Kaminski was CORRECT and basically said they banned Kaminski BECAUSE they are trying to get on MORE of those 'ZIONIST CONTROLLED' STATIONS!!! Toward the end of my part, you can hear him SPIN this topic and again when he comes BACK from the break. He kept saying that 'there are plenty of other programs talking on this topic.' Well, THAT IS A LIE!! And the FACT that they have systematically BOOTED those bringing up that topic on GCN should be a BIG CLUE!!

I managed to catch a good portion of this on a .wav file and I can email that to anybody interested. It's about 5MB in size so be sure you want it before you ask. email me at:   If somebody listens to the evening REBROADCAST, let me know if they cut me out of that as I'd be interested. See the schedule at: for powerhour.

"When you know there is a LIE,
and you refuse to EXPOSE the lie,

(Sorry Dave, Joyce, 'Slick Willie'.... I refuse to participate in your LIES OF OMISSION!! I see strawmen being built here!)

See: for the questions and info that Joyce, Dave and 'Slick Willie' here WON'T talk about!

Who are Joyce Riley and Dave VonKleist?
Read Linda Kennedy's info and decide for
yourself. Are they wolves in sheep's clothing?

Tool of the International Zionists' Plan for World Dominion
A book by Jackie Patru

Chapters: Intro 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

Introduction by Steven Jacobson: "Having been born a Jew, I became acutely aware of the enigma of being a Jew ... Undoubtedly, there will be those who will label this important work 'anti-Semitic' as a distraction to draw attention away from its many insights that contribute to our understanding ... When men practice the highest ideal of religion love of God there can be no conflict. Steven Jacobson

(Yesterday I heard Joyce say she'd had William over for dinner there just recently again showing the cozy relationship they share. Below is an example of William Lewis fronting for Joyce and Dave and examples of his DECEPTION here. Lewis came into the Yahoo group 'power hour' to announce a PROPAGANDA site against Linda Kennedy who had been exposing the FRAUD of Joyce Reilly and Dave Von Kleist. Lewis clumsily played 'sock puppet' to push this site and got CAUGHT. Joyce Reilly moved onto the SAME shortwave channel as Jackie Patru to SILENCE her exposure of Reilly there. BOTH Lewis and Reilly have shown their pension to PROTECT ZIONISM!! At this site and at this time and others, you might note the ADL ZIONIST John Birch DISINFORMER performing his smokescreen act in this thread also. )


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