George Bush & John Kerry: Blood Brothers
Victor Thorn
George Bush & John Kerry: Blood Brothers
Tue Feb 10 01:00:22 2004

George Bush & John Kerry: Blood Brothers

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George Bush & John Kerry: Blood Brothers
by Victor Thorn

Following the 2000 presidential race, with memories of Votescam, hanging chads, the debacle in Florida and a possible "stolen" election still fresh in our minds, many people are wondering if this fall's contest will likewise be marred by some form of vote tampering or electronic ballot rigging. But in all honesty, the New World Order power brokers aren't even concerned with such notions this year.

Why? Because if John Kerry gets the Democratic nomination and runs against George Bush, both candidates will already be bought, sold, and controlled. It won't matter to the ruling elite who ultimately wins because both of these men have already surrendered their souls to the evil cabal years ago.

What makes me arrive at this conclusion? Well, for starters, George Bush and John Kerry are both graduates of Yale University -- that long-heralded bastion of the Eastern establishment. In addition, each of these men were members of Skull & Bones, the most exclusive secret society/fraternity in America, and prime breeding ground for the CIA and Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).

But wait; there's more. John Kerry's wife, Teresa, was formerly married to Pennsylvania Senator John Heinz. Guess what college he attended. Answer: Yale. And guess what notorious fraternity he pledged to. Skull & Bones! Now ask yourself: what are the odds that both presidential candidates went to the same school, belonged to the same secret society, and that one of their wives was married to TWO different Skull & Bonesmen? It's infinitesimal -- off the charts.

To make matters even stranger, Teresa Kerry's widowed husband also had direct ties to the Bush family. According to researcher Rodney Stich in Defrauding America, when George Bush Sr. and CIA Director William Casey engineered the October Surprise to bribe Iranian officials into retaining U.S. hostages until after the 1980 elections, two of the passengers on Bush's BAC 111 flight to Paris were Senator John Heinz, along with Senator John Tower from Texas.

[[Important information on the "crisis", article written by Harry V. Martin; this is the only site I can find still showing the article --

The real Iranian hostage story from the files of Fara Mansoor  ]]

Even more intriguing is the fact that John Heinz chaired a three-man presidential review board that probed the Iran-Contra affair and had in his possession all the damning documents from that sordid affair, while John Tower led the infamous Tower Commission that investigated a variety of different CIA criminal activities and dirty dealings. Coincidentally, both John Heinz and John Tower died in plane wrecks on successive days in 1991 -- Tower in Georgia, and Heinz in Montgomery County, Pa. Once again I must ask: what are the odds of such an occurrence, especially when both men had close ties to George Bush Sr., who was a former CIA director in the mid-1970s? Did both of these men uncover information that they refused to keep silent about any longer?

Before you answer, consider that after Senator John Heinz died, his wife married Senator John Kerry, who was chairman of the 1988 Kerry Commission, described in the Senate Committee Report on Drugs, Law Enforcement and Foreign Policy as "focusing on allegations of illegal gun-running and narcotics trafficking associated with the Contra war against Nicaragua" in relation to the CIA, Department of Justice, the U.S. State Department, and the office of the President and Vice President. The testimony that took place during these trials (both in open and closed door sessions) was quite possibly the most damning ever against our federal government, yet mysteriously, nearly all of it was suppressed and not widely reported in the mainstream media. Why? Senator Kerry as a Democrat, had every opportunity to blast a Republican administration out of the water, yet he inexplicably remained silent and the status quo prevailed. Could it be that someone tapped him on the shoulder and told him that if he played his cards right and kept these sordid matters hush-hush, he would be rewarded sometime in the future?

Well, here we are sixteen years later, and guess what. John Kerry, a Yale Skull & Bonesman (class of 1966) who kept his mouth shut about Yale Skull & Bonesman George Bush Sr. (class of 1948) is now running for the presidency against Yale Skull & Bonesman George W. Bush (class of 1968). Peculiar? You tell me.

So, when people start mentioning Votescam and rigged elections in the November election, all I can say is: why should the Controllers bother? Both of their candidates are already in the bag and will carry out the aims of those who are pulling their strings from behind the scenes. It's good to have friends in all the right places, don't you think?


Now there is a sign WMD were transferred, but remember previously no sign Saddam transferred WMD, and the CIA said, Saddam was not an imminent a threat. Now Bush/Blair backsliding, and denies saying Saddam had WMD, and suddenly, we had to get him whether he had them or not. They just keep changing stories to fit the current agenda. They still are not blameless for mis-leading their citizens, lying to Congress (an impeachable offense) or Parliament, respectively. This is bigger than Watergate, Iran Contra, or Lewinsky, yet they remain in office with immunity and impunity. The Dems aren't going to complain too loudly, they have been threatened that they will not receive any media time if they criticize Bush too much.

Study: No Sign Saddam Transferred WMD November 16, 2003

Now, it's a Kahn Job! I think that's because Paki Pres. Musharraf is Bush's best buddy (who he swore to protect against assassins) our CIA puppet, and the bagman who got all the US funds via the CIA which he sent to Al-Qaeda. He pardoned Kahn, and now wants to keep everything quiet. Then Bush will have an excuse to send troops in to Libya, North Korea, and Iran searching for WMD made from Kahn's atomic bomb plans -- it's a no brainer!

Powell Pakistan Must Uproot Proliferation Network (I just found this after dinner -- Powell is already planting seeds above) 

Folks the whole 25th. Division is missing. Have they split up into smaller brigades and headed for the various borders or S. Korea i.e. "Operation Brigade" already a war plan, and just waiting for one of our ships to be attacked (perhaps self-inflicted -- remember the Gulf of Tonkin)? I smell something sinister afoot. Bush is going to have his wars come hel* or high-water. There are just a bunch of maniacal megalomaniacs plutocrats running DC, most of whom belong to the CFR. The CIA works for the CFR.

A Timeline of CIA Atrocities By Steve Kangas


Kahn Job: Bush Spiked Probe of Pakistan?s Dr. Strangelove, BBC reported in 2001

On November 7, 2001, BBC TV and the Guardian of London reported that the Bush Administration thwarted investigations of Dr.

A.Q. Kahn who this week confessed selling atomic secrets to Libya, North Korea, and Iran.

The Bush Administration has expressed shock at the disclosures that Pakistan, our ally in the war on terror, has been running a nuclear secrets bazaar. In fact, according to the British News Team sources', Bush did not know of these facts because, shortly after his inauguration, his National Security Agency defectively stymied the probe of Kahn Research Laboratories. CIA and other agents could not investigate the spread of Islamic Bombs through Pakistan because funding appeared to originate in Saudi Arabia.

Greg Palast and David Pallister received a California State University Project Censored Award for this expose based on the story broadcast by Palast on BBC Television Newsnight.

According to both sources and documents obtained by the BBC, the Bush Administration Spike of the investigation of Dr. Kahn's Lab followed from a wider policy of protecting key Saudi Arabians including the Bin Laden Family.

Noam Chomsky, who read the story on page one of the Times of India, has wondered, "Why wasn't this all over US papers?"

To learn why, read the following excerpt from the 2003 edition of Palast's book, "The Best Democracy Money Can Buy" @

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I happen to agree with this. More will be heard of WMD in Syria and Lebanon before the election...

Jim Bramlett (9 Feb 2004)
"Saddam's WMDs"

Saddam's WMDs
Jim Bramlett
Feb 8, 2004

Dear friends:

In an NBC TV interview today, President Bush speculated about what happened to the WMDs that everyone except the Democratic candidates knows that he had (we know he used them on Iran and his own people): "They could have been destroyed during the war. Saddam and his henchmen could have destroyed them as we entered into Iraq," Bush said. "They could be hidden. They could have been transported to another country, and we'll find out."

A knowledgeable commentator on FOX News today said that there are three reasons he believes Saddam's WMDs were hidden in Syria:

1. Syrian officers have admitted it.

2. Satellite photography shows trucks convoying from Iraq to Syria.

3. The Defense Intelligence Agency believes it.

4. Israeli intelligence, probably the best in the world, says so.

Even former chief weapons inspector David Kay admitted to the possibility.

Why isn't this probability getting more play? Two reasons:

1. Because it is political. The Democrats' have seized upon this as one of their few issues, and they are getting center stage in the news media right now because of their primaries. They desperately want to lay blame now for anything, anywhere they can.

2. Americans are impatient, not wanting to wait until all avenues of search have been exhausted. We are used to news sound bites and quick (30-minute or one-hour) solutions to mysteries in movies and on TV. We hate due process, and are quick to make judgments and jump to conclusions. This is also greatly colored by politics. Truth is not based on what is factual, but only the question: Does it help my party?

Thank God for democracy, even if imperfect. It has its drawbacks, but it is the best system there is, until Jesus comes. Plato said that the best system of government is that of "a benevolent king." He did not know it, but that is exactly what we will have during the millennium -- a benevolent King -- the king of Kings. Flawed democracies will be replaced by a perfect theocracy! Come King Jesus!

Jim Bramlett

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