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Bios of Those Named to Intelligence Commission
The Associated Press

Biographies of the seven people named by President Bush to sit on the independent commission studying intelligence failures on Iraqi weapons:

NAME: Charles S. Robb (CFR)

AGE: 64; born June 26, 1939.


EDUCATION: B.A., University of Wisconsin, 1961; LL.D., University of Virginia, 1973.

EXPERIENCE: U.S. Marine Corps, 1961-70; law clerk, U.S. Court of Appeals, 1973-74; private attorney, 1974-78; Virginia lieutenant governor, 1978-82; governor of Virginia, 1982-86; Democratic senator from Virginia, 1988-2001.

FAMILY: Wife, Lynda Bird Johnson; three children.

NOTABLE: Robb defeated Iran-Contra figure Oliver North in his 1994 bid for the Senate. He was the son-in-law of former President Lyndon Johnson.

NAME: Lawrence Hirsch Silberman. (CFR)

AGE: 68; born Oct. 12, 1935.


EDUCATION: B.A., Dartmouth College, 1957; LL.B., Harvard University, 1961

EXPERIENCE: Army private, 1957-58; undersecretary of labor, 1970-73; deputy U.S. attorney general, 1974-75; ambassador to Yugoslavia, 1975-77; fellow, American Enterprise Institute, 1977-85; executive vice president, Crocker National Bank, San Francisco, 1979-83; member, Defense Policy Board, 1981-85; adjunct professor of law, Georgetown Law Center, 1987-now; judge, U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, D.C. Circuit, 1995-now.

FAMILY: Wife, Rosalie G. Gaull; one son and two daughters.

NOTABLE: In 2002, Silberman served on a secret three-judge panel called the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, which approved expanded wiretap access sought by the federal government under the Patriot Act.

NAME: Patricia McGowan Wald.

AGE: 75; born Sept. 16, 1928.

BIRTHPLACE: Torrington, Conn.

EDUCATION: B.A., Connecticut College, 1948; LL.B., Yale University, 1951.

EXPERIENCE: U.S. Court of Appeals clerk, 1951-52; associate, Arnold, Fortas & Porter, 1952-53; D.C. Crime Commission member, 1964-65; attorney, Office of Criminal Justice, 1967-68; Washington Neighborhood Legal Service, 1968-70; co-director, Ford Foundation Project on Drug Abuse, 1970; co-director, Center for Law and Social Policy, 1971-72; co-director, Mental Health Law Project, 1972-77; assistant attorney general, Justice Department, 1977-79; judge, U.S. Court of Appeals, D.C. Circuit, 1979-99; judge, International Criminal Tribunal for Former Yugoslavia, 1999-2001.

FAMILY: Husband, Robert L. Wald; three daughters and two sons.

NOTABLE: Wald has received nearly 20 honorary degrees and has authored several books on poverty and drug abuse.

NAME: John McCain. (CFR)

AGE: 67; born Aug. 29, 1936.

BIRTHPLACE: Panama Canal Zone.

EDUCATION: U.S. Naval Academy, 1958; National War College, 1973-74.

EXPERIENCE: Commander, U.S. Navy, 1958; prisoner of war, Hanoi, Vietnam, 1967-73; captain, Navy pilot, 1977; director, Navy Senate Liaison Office, Washington, 1977-81; congressman from Arizona's first district, 1982-86; Republican senator from Arizona, 1986-now.

FAMILY: Wife, Cindy Hensley; five sons and two daughters.

NOTABLE: McCain co-authored legislation banning soft money donations to national political parties. He ran against President Bush for the Republican nomination in 2000.

NAME: Richard C. Levin.

AGE: 56; born April 7, 1947.

BIRTHPLACE: San Francisco.

EDUCATION: B.A., Stanford University, 1968; bachelor of letters, Oxford University, 1971; Ph.D. in economics, Yale University, 1974.

EXPERIENCE: Chairman of Yale University economics department, 1987-92; dean, Yale University graduate school, 1992-93; president, Yale University, 1993-now.

FAMILY: Wife, Jane Ellen Aries; two sons and two daughters.

NOTABLE: Levin is the longest-serving president in the Ivy League.

NAME: William O. Studeman. (CFR)

AGE: 64; born Jan. 16, 1940.

BIRTHPLACE: Brownsville, Texas

EDUCATION: B.A., University of the South, Sewanee, Tenn., 1962; student, Defense Intelligence School, 1966-67; M.A., George Washington University, 1973; Naval War College, 1973 and 1981.

EXPERIENCE: Advanced through ranks to admiral, U.S. Navy, 1992; commanding officer, Navy Operational Intel Command, 1982-84; director of long-range planning, U.S. Navy, 1984-85; director of naval intelligence, 1985-88; director, National Security Agency, 1988-92; deputy director, CIA, 1991-95.

FAMILY: Wife, Gail Diane Jeans; two daughters and one son.

NOTABLE: Recipient of the President's National Security Medal.

NAME: Lloyd Norton Cutler. (CFR)

AGE: 86; born Nov. 10, 1917.

BIRTHPLACE: New York City.

EDUCATION: A.B., Yale University, 1936; LL.B., Yale University, 1939.

EXPERIENCE: Private attorney, New York City, 1940-42; private attorney, Washington, 1946-now; partner, senior counsel, Wilmer, Cutler & Pickering, 1962-79, 1981-now; secretary, co-chairman, Lawyers Committee on Civil Rights Under Law, 1963-65, 1971-73; chairman, D.C. Committee on Administration of Justice on Under Emergency Conditions, 1968; executive director, National Commission on the Causes and Prevention of Violence, 1968-69; visiting lecturer, Yale University, 1973-79; presidential counsel, 1979-81; senior counsel, President's Commission on Strategic Forces, 1983; visiting lecturer, Oxford University, 1983; member, U.S. Group to Permanent Court Arbitration, the Hague, 1984-93; co-chairman, Energy Department Task Force on Nonproliferation Programs in Russia, 2000-01; member, National Commission on Election Reform, 2001.

FAMILY: Wife, Rhoda Winton Kraft; previously married to the late Louise W. Howe; three daughters and one son.

NOTABLE: Cutler was named last year to an oversight board set up to monitor Pentagon anti-terrorist technology.

AP-ES-02-06-04 2119EST


The White House's retraction of the uranium claim in the president's State of the Union address is the only time it has admitted a flaw in its case for war with Iraq. It came after former Ambassador Joseph C. Wilson undermined the Iraq-Africa connection, saying he was sent to investigate the claim a year earlier and found no credible evidence. A short time later, the identity of Wilson's wife as a CIA operative was leaked to several journalists. The White House denies being the source of the leak, and the Justice Department has opened a full-blown investigation.

This White House Scandal Finally Tips the Scale
Marie Cocco

Intelligence Identities Protection Act of 1982 (50 U.S.C. 421 et seq.)
(governing disclosures that could expose confidential Government agents)

White House Counsel Alberto Gonzales sent a notice Friday to all White House employees instructing them to turn in copies of numerous documents for the ongoing probe into who leaked the name of a CIA operative to a newspaper columnist.

From top advisers to junior staff, nearly 2,000 White House employees were ordered to come forward by Tuesday with any documents that might help the criminal investigation into the leak of an undercover CIA officer's identity.

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