Saturday, January 27th – March on Washington
Fri Jan 26, 2007 22:15


Military Families Speak Out is an organization of people opposed to the war in Iraq who have relatives or loved ones in the military. Our membership currently includes over 3,000 military families, with new families joining daily. If you have family members or loved ones in the military and you are opposed to this war, JOIN us by sending an e-mail to us at >>>>more

Support Our Troops: De-Fund the War
Military Families Speak Out is calling on Congress to end funding for the war in Iraq, save what is needed to bring our troops home quickly and safely. Funding the war is not supporting our troops. The way to support our troops is to bring them home now and take care of them when they get here. Click here to find out more and to download a postcard to send to your Congressional Representatives.
Tell the New Congress:

Act NOW to Bring Our Troops Home!
Saturday, January 27th – March on Washington
Members of MFSO will be marching in a contingent of military families, Gold Star families, and veterans, including members of Veterans For Peace and Iraq Veterans Against the War. If you are a military family and would like to join us on the 27th, please contact us at

Families Will Also Visit Senators and Members of Congress Jan 25, 07
Over 150 military families, members of Military Families Speak Out, are traveling to Washington, D.C. from 31 states to join Saturday’s national march and rally organized by United for Peace and Justice. Military families will be calling on Congress to vote against the upcoming appropriation request that would allow the war in Iraq to continue. read more

When Will We Know That Enough Americans Have Died? Jan 23, 07
What's the magic number for the American people? It wasn't 249. My son was the 249th American killed. He was killed in July 2003 when over 70% of the American people still supported the invasion and occupation of Iraq. Since Evan was killed 2,806 more American men and women have died in the "war on terror," according to the conservative estimates of the Department of more

Watching the State of the Union Jan 23, 07
It was such an emotion provoking moment to watch the president walk down the aisle in preparing to give the State of the Union amidst so much joviality among our members of government ... the very same government who has sent so many of our men and women to their deaths or to lives which have been shattered and more

Call for Surge of Troops Meets Surge in Opposition from Military Families Jan 22, 07
"I became politically active mostly because I was stunned when it was announced that we would go to war in Iraq," says Gilda Carbonaro, a member whose son and only child, Sergeant Alessandro Carbonaro, died in Iraq last year. "At the beginning it was not because of my son, it was because I was shocked when I heard that we would go to war with Iraq." Carbonaro says she became even more active after her son's death, joining the group's campaign urging Congress to terminate funding for the more

Kucinich receives petition signed by troops opposed to Iraq war Jan 17, 07
Magruder said he was recently promoted and respects the military but does not believe in the war because he believes the United State's presence in Iraq is only making things worse. "I cannot allow my fellow serviceman to continue to have to fight in Iraq when it's in no way winnable," Magruder said. "This might come at a great moral cost to me, but I'm willing to do that so they may be able to come home."read more

Letter from MFSO Member to friends encouraging them to ACT NOW Jan 17, 07
You might hear about the Democrats pushing for a resolution to stop the escalation of the war, but a resolution would be vetoed by the President. The Dems would look like good guys, but the troops would still go to Iraq. I belong to a national organization called Military Families Speak Out. As parents and loved ones of soldiers and Marines, we would never, never, never call for the defunding of the war if it would put our children at risk. Defunding would bring them home where they can begin to more


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