Legality of Income Tax Conference video
Mon Jan 29, 2007 14:13

Legality of Income Tax Conference video
Marcella Brooks Talk

"Every once in a while I come across a good video that helps explain what I've known for years but find it very difficult to explain without hostile or judgmental reactions from friends and family. If you accept my challenge to view this video you will learn of a little piece of history you were probably not aware of. (For those of you who already know this please excuse this preamble.) A few years ago Galen (Whitey) Harold was charged with willful failure to file and income tax return. His reply from the very beginning was, "Show me the law." Well, the IRS never showed him the law and Mr. Harold went to his jury trial asking the same question. This video is a public forum at the National Press Club. One of the jurors is about to be introduced to describe what happened in that trial and in the jury deliberation. It is priceless!" -- Rick


Update on the Ed Brown vs. IRS Standoff 1/28/07
Keene Free Press, NH - Jan 28, 2007
Plainfield - A couple more long-term supporters of Ed Brown showed up at his home. A young man from upstate New York is staying at the house until further ...


Caleb Johnson visited yesterday:
my update on the situation:

I visited Ed Brown yesterday (Saturday, Jan. 27). I took some camping gear, because I didn't know if it would be advisable to spend the night. I did not spend the night there, because it did not seem necessary.

On the way up, I was mulling over in my mind what I would do if the feds came while I was in the house. I am a pacifist, and thus am unwilling to oppose evil with violence. I decided in my heart that if the feds came while I was there, I would sit in front of his door to block the entrance, not budging unless they forcibly removed me or shot me. I figured that maybe if I placed myself in the line of fire, I would be able to prevent bloodshed on any side. I told Mr. Brown of my intentions, and he seemed fine with that approach.

Mr. Brown was a little hoarse when I arrived, the toll of speaking to numerous reporters, government officials, and well-wishers taking a toll on his voice. But his spirits remain high, and he remains extremely talkative. Still surrounded by a small group of loyal friends, Brown remains optimistic that his legal maneuvering will provide a way out of his predicament. His close associates confided that they were cautiously optimistic that they would be able to overturn the guilty conviction. Overall, spirits were incredibly high.

If anyone would like to support Mr. Brown, it might be well to bring food supplies. Although Mr. Brown has a large storehouse of dried provisions, the dried provisions aren't necessarily the most flavorful delectables. I brought soup with me. Mr. Brown also has a fondness for ice cream and pie.

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