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The Grand Illusion: Wake Up America
Sat Feb 3, 2007 01:05

The Grand Illusion: Wake Up America
By Curt Maynard
Al-Jazeerah, February 2, 2007

What if we’re all victims of a grand illusion? Has the thought ever crossed your mind? How would that illusory world be presented to us? How could it be maintained in the sense of keeping it relentlessly before our eyes?

I’m not thinking in the abstract, metaphysically, or otherwise, I’m seriously, I’m thinking in the most concrete manner possibly, how would a world of fantasy be presented to the public and then maintained in such a way as to keep the illusion in the forefront of human thinking?
Could it be the media? Well of course it is.

I know what you’re saying, you’re saying that government is more powerful than media. Tell that to Trent Lott, formerly one of the most powerful Senators in the United States government, that is until he made an egregious faux pas during Strom Thurmond’s 100th birthday party by suggesting that the United States might be a better place to live in today if Thurmond had won the Presidential election back in 1948 and become America’s President. The problem of course was that Thurmond ran on a segregationist ticket - thus by saying what he said, Thurmond allegedly also supported segregation.

The Zionist media tore into Lott, forcing him to resign his position as the Senate Majority Leader - quite a coup if you think about it. I’m not defending Lott, I don’t like him, not for the reason that the media wants me to dislike him, but because he cowardly apologized for making a statement that could hardly be considered to be fallacious, look around you, is the United States truly a great country any longer? Before you answer that, consider that we have 20 million illegal aliens in this country, that we’ve outsourced millions of jobs, that we stripped down and sold off our entire manufacturing base in the 1980s, that we are so overwhelmed with debt that we’ll never get out of it, that we have a higher murder rate than most Third World nations, that we don’t trust each other, in fact, we really don’t like each other. Consider that most typically we don’t know our neighbors, we don’t allow our own children to play outside any longer for fear they’ll be kidnapped and subjected to horrors too terrible to even consider. Look at the quality of our television programming, our social issues, gay marriage, abortion, affirmative action, crime, etc.. etc… Sorry to burst your bubble, be this is no longer a great country period. There was a time however when our children could play outside, anytime they liked, anywhere they chose, and they could do so without being molested. There was a time when degenerate concepts like gay marriage weren’t considered important enough to spend more than a second considering. There was a time when America was more of a meritocracy, and minorities weren’t given jobs because they could claim some kind of minority status. There was a time when the networks feared the American people enough that they wouldn’t have even considered forcing us and our children to watch the crap they televise today. That time is gone, so who is to say that the United States wouldn’t today be a better place to live if Thurmond had been elected in 1948, I think it’s safe to say that it could hardly be worse.

The fact is, most Americans really didn’t care about Trent Lott’s claim, but the media did, and that’s why the issue remained before the American people for as long as it was.

Ernst Zundel is a man that is currently about to be sentenced to five years in prison for questioning certain aspects of the holocaust story, it really doesn’t matter what questions he has asked, what matters is that he’s about to be imprisoned for asking them. Zundel was living in Tennessee [That’s in America just in case you didn‘t know, where the First Amendment provides us with the right to question history any way we choose], in 2003, but our Department of Injustice had him illegally arrested [without a warrant], illegally deported to Canada [without due process] where he was then thrown into solitary confinement for two years without being charged with a crime [I‘m absolutely serious - he was NEVER charged with a crime]. He was eventually deported to Germany at tremendous expense to the Canadian taxpayer [The Canadian government arranged for this “dangerous criminal” to be flown to Germany on a privately chartered plane. I checked into this, the cost of this flight was most probably in excess of 100K]. Can you imagine? The Canadian government actually paid 100K to have someone that questions history flown out of the country in the middle of the night to another country that intends to lock him up and throw away the key for the same? Seems a bit excessive don’t you think? I mean, all he did was question some of the details associated with a historical event. Can you think of any other historical event that could result in the same type of persecution? Why the holocaust?

Do you believe the “official version” of what happened on 9-11? Believe it or not, most people don’t. A CNN Poll gathered on Wednesday, November 10, 2004 revealed that 89% of those polled believe there has been a “cover up”, of the events surrounding 9-11. Believe it or not, if you doubt the “official version” of what happened, you are NOT in the minority as the media itself would like you to believe. The CNN poll results didn’t remain on CNN’s website for long - they mysteriously disappeared not long after they were posted. This is because they didn’t jibe well with the world that CNN and other media outlets seek to create for us - they contradicted the illusory. Needless to say, CNN has never again presented a similar poll to the American people, they already know the results, they just don’t want you to know them.

The long and short of it is that people question the holocaust for exactly the same reason they question what really happened on 9-11, there are many legitimate questions, and NO forthcoming answers. In the case of the holocaust, they’ll throw you in prison for even asking questions. Does this seem like something modern democracies like Germany, Austria, France and Spain should be doing? The reality is that they do it all the time, there are thousands of people in prison in Europe today for refusing to accept a history they aren’t even allowed to question. Imagine that. But you won’t hear much about these cases in the media, primarily because these governments are embarrassed about what they do, they don’t want the truth to get out. How come?

Back to Ernst Zundel. Not a single mainstream article has been written that details the facts associated with his case, all they do is smear him with labels, I.e. anti-Semite, holocaust denier, etc… Not a single article has broached the idea that it’s anti-Democratic to throw an old man in prison for questioning history, not a single one. But the entire media apparatus jumps on the bandwagon when it comes to sentencing, they don’t want you the viewer/reader to know anything about Zundel, other than he’s allegedly evil, that he has been charged, and that he has been convicted, they want to put the fear of God into anyone that dares to question their carefully choreographed fantasy world.

It’s the very same with the occupation of Iraq, the media keeps drumming into the head of the American public that our troops are wanted by the Iraqi people - that they want us to establish order, that they want us to show them how to form and maintain a functioning Democracy, etc… etc… ad nauseum. The fact is, the vast majority, over 90% want us to leave immediately, not in six months, immediately, we’ve killed enough of their women and children, and they’ve figured out something most Americans haven’t, the American version on democracy is a fantastic lie. Believe it or not, Iraqis don’t want a world where their women can receive abortion on demand, where the murder rate in our own nations capital is higher than it has ever been in Baghdad prior to the American occupation, where Zionists are allowed to monopolize the media, where issues like gay marriage and adultery are common and approved topics for discussion on the television, where rapists are let off with a few years probation, where business and making the almighty dollar overrule all other thoughts and concerns, can you imagine that?

Our media constantly lies to us, most recently it has been foisting the erroneous idea that the President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said that he’d like to see “Israel wiped off the map.” This is nothing more than a blatant lie, but the Zionists want America to use its children to attack Iran, thus they will continue to perpetuate this lie until our treasonous President George Bush does its bidding and attacks Iran like a good little boy. The fact of the matter is, Ahmadinejad said that there must be a “regime change,” in Jerusalem, he uttered no word whatsoever that could have been mistranslated as “map,” but that’s what the Zionist media wants you to believe, thus they made it up, right out of thin air. How comfortable do you feel encouraging your child to enlist in the military, to go fight a nation whose leader has been intentionally misquoted for the sole purpose of deceiving your child into enlisting in the first place?

The media did exactly the same thing with Iraq, don’t you remember, hint, weapons of mass destruction, ties to Al-Qaeda, connections to 9-11? Are you waking up yet? More than 3000 Americans have already died as a result of those lies. Fortunately, many Americans have woken up, enlistment rates have plummeted, reenlistment numbers are way down, even applications to the prestigious Military Academy West Point have dropped off so significantly that West Point is no longer honestly reporting what they are. However these facts don’t concern the government [Democrats and Republicans alike] because they‘ll just initiate a draft to appease their Zionist masters. Do you feel a draft yet? You will, just as soon as another fake terrorist incident is fabricated and carried out - the media will drum up its propaganda machine and start anew, “Islamo-Fascists,” this, and “Muslim radicals” that.” Will you believe them this time? I like to point out to friends of mine that there isn’t a single television network in the western world owned by Arabs, despite all of their collective wealth, and that it isn’t Arabs that force all this degenerate television programming down our throats, that it isn’t “Islamo-Fascists,” that are lying about the actual number of Americans that are against Amnestying 20 million illegal aliens, that it isn’t Muslims that encourage our children to seek abortions, that it isn’t Mohammed that comes into our homes in the guise of a social worker to take away our children for spanking them when they need to be punished. Nope, these ideas are propagated by an entirely different ethno-religious group - the truth is, the entire media apparatus is owned by ethnic Jews. When you understand this, you can see how and why our news is slanted towards Israel’s perspective and how and why that has literally brainwashed us, the American people, into accepting the many lies put forth by the media today.

An excellent example of how the media and academics conspire against the majority is the idea, propagated in most Universities today, that “violence is always irrational.” This is a common theme in social science programs throughout the western world today - sure, they never emphasize this when it comes to serving in the illegal occupation and/or bombing of another sovereign state that jus can’t bring itself to accepting America’s perverse concepts of morality and democracy. But in any case, the idea behind convincing young minds that “violence is always irrational” is to essentially neuter them, to make them accept this fallacy without hesitation - to convince them that violence is never beneficial. Think about this - does it REALLY make sense? I mean seriously, does it?

From my point of view, the decision to engage in an act of violence may in fact be the most “rational” decision we ever make in this otherwise meaningless existence - is it not rational to violently oppose anyone attempting to kill you or your family members? Is it not “rational” to engage in violence if someone is attempting to unlawfully eject you from your home, and/or dispossess you and your family of its property? Of course it is, but that doesn’t stop highly paid academics from forcing the idea that to engage in violence is always [that’s the key word] irrational. These fools shouldn’t be listened to, they should be tossed out on their ear. They are the ones that are irrational, not us.

The long and the short of it is that the media, with the collusion of government, academics and various social institutions has created a fantasy world for us that is based on nothing more than illusion - the media creates spokespeople to usher in these fanciful ideas and then provides a platform for them to spew their lunacy right in our living rooms every night, they’re the ones that tell us most Americans sympathize with the 20 million illegals in this country, that are dispossessing us of our jobs, they’re the ones that tell us by shipping our jobs overseas we’re actually helping our economy, they’re the ones that tell us “nobody with any brains or sense questions what happened on 9-11,” and/or what really happened with the holocaust sixty-five years ago. They are the ones that tell us, Barack Obama and/or Hillary Clinton are the favorites among Democrats [total horseshit], and/or John McCain and/or Rudolph Giuliani are the frontrunners among Republicans. Why do they tell us this? All of the above are ardent servants of Zionism, that’s why. None of the above are in reality admired by Americans, Clinton is universally despised, [Don’t believe me - go outside and start asking people], nobody knows anything about Obama, McCain is a traitor that long ago sold his soul to Israel, as is Giuliani, who by the way is suspected by the vast majority of New Yorkers to be one of the many behind the 9-11 cover-up, but somehow we‘re to accept the idea that Americans love these people and want them to lead our nation. Please!

Wake up America, you are being deceived.

"Do not separate text from historical background. If you do, you will have perverted and subverted the Constitution, which can only end in a distorted, bastardized form of illegitimate government." --- James Madison.

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"On every question of construction [of the Constitution] let us carry ourselves back to the time when the Constitution was adopted, recollect the spirit manifested in the debates, and instead of trying what meaning may be squeezed out of the text, or intended against it, conform to the probable one in which it was passed." --- Thomas Jefferson

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"Someday the status quo will be more painful and difficult than changing and then America will change." "America Needs a Regime Removal, Not a Regime Change."

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