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Scholars for 9/11 Truth and Justice, they don't seem to be too interested in Justice

I will stay here
with the first group of Scholars whose site you stole.
their site is

Steven Jones’ Contributions to Science, Humanity and the Planet http://www.911researchers.com/node/125
his ties to the DEO and Los Alamos is so nice eh?

Tell Fred Burks he isn't the decider. and Jones Heavy on Watergate the war on cold fusion was enough for me to get the picture of who he really is. you guys shouldn't have done that, you outed yourselves. Tell Fred to spill everything about what he knows about Bush and Clinton since he was their translator.
OH BTW not all of us are Jones Worshipers, we go where the science leads us.

your GUY Georgewashington aka Dane Alexander Floum on 911blogger.com sinks too to high heavens too. DOE and Los Alamos.
they have turned 911blogger into a stooge playground. with the Help OF DZ aka peters

OH yeah
A solid-state, low-temperature, non-radioactive nuclear reaction that fuses two heavy hydrogen nuclei into a helium atom and releases enormous amounts of heat. These reactions have also been called Cold Fusion , Low Energy Nuclear Reactions, and Chemically Assisted Nuclear Reactions, as well as the nation's last, best hope to end oil & coal dependence and skyrocketing energy prices


Damn where have we seen this before???

Cold-fusion proponent Eugene F. Mallove was found murdered in Norwich, Connecticut, on Friday, May 14, 2004. The Norwich (Connecticut) Bulletin reported on May 17 that "News of the death of a prominent scientist from New Hampshire in Norwich Friday has spread across the country, prompting a flood of condolences--along with some conspiracy theories."

Few details were released immediately about circumstances of the death of Mallove, 56, formerly of Norwich. Mallove lived in Pembroke, New Hampshire. His body was discovered shortly before 11 P.M. at a family-owned home in Norwich, which he was at one time renting to tenants, according to neighbors. His death was ruled a homicide by blunt-force trauma to his head and neck, according to the report by the Office of the Chief State Medical Examiner. Police said the assault occurred during a suspected robbery.

Mallove, an MIT graduate, was an outspoken proponent of the reality of cold fusion. He was associated with the New Energy Foundation (www.infiniteenergy.com), publisher of Infinite Energy: The Magazine of New Energy Technology, which championed cold fusion (which it called "new hydrogen physics") and other energy schemes (such as vacuum or zero-point energy) it considered to be neglected by mainstream science.


Oh yeah the bio scientist and the other free energy people dying.

Special Collections
BARC Studies In Cold Fusion
This site features a library of papers on LENR, Low Energy Nuclear Reactions, also known as Cold Fusion. (CANR, Chemically Assisted Nuclear Reactions, is another term for this phenomenon.) It features a library of more than 500 original scientific papers in Acrobat format, reprinted with permission from the authors and publishers. The papers are linked to a bibliography of over 3,000 journal papers, news articles and books about LENR. Click on the CONTENTS listed on the left to see:


The gov stooges love to control all movments in the US this one is no different.
and if the other get inflitrated I will speak out too.

Have a nice one Big guys.


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