So Patrick Fitzgerald will take down Cheney...For the People
Tue Jan 23, 2007 15:48

So SPECIAL PROSECUTOR PATRICK FITZGERALD has made his choice, and you will ultimately take down Vice President "Elect" Cheney using Libby as the sacrafice....

Well thank you, Mr. Fitzgerald.

For the people are very grateful you come to our side, and agree its time to stop him once and for all.

But if you are going to simply take down CHENEY, LIBBY and in the process watch Rove probably go down then you are only going the distance of what is comfortable.....

Know that "WE THE PEOPLE", expected you to be stronger than this.

You are afraid of the truth, Mr Prosecutor. You are afraid of the Jesuits and you clearly know it.

My family has the greatest respect for your work. But you have before you, Whistleblowers who can bring the entire conspiracy down. Such as Jeff Fisher and Michelle Looney.

They are real, unlike the many false infiltrators in the FBI and other groups who are serving the Vatican.

YOU had a chance to stop Sembler, Goss, Grace and everyone else> IF you had not ignored these witnesses. This is fact.
This is just a reminder to the world of what we really face. If you thought for an instant we were just joking around, after hearing this your minds will be permanently changed.

There is a saying that goes on through-out the scriptures, not just the Bible. The passage states that when that time comes God's first witness will be revealed.
Well, we have no way of knowing proof positive if Michelle Looney is that witness. But she sure is one of the first to be revealed, that's a guarantee. Our purpose of this is to show you if you thought our first whistleblowers were too unbelievable to be believed, then you really haven't seen the truth yet.
Once you listen to this and hear the small-time story of a southern woman, who witnessed over 30 years of the same thing and possibly will know the truth.

Jeff Fisher and Friends expose "The Straights" also called Drug Free America, and its election theft, brainwashing operation.


We pray for the victims of Mel Sembler's wickedness to have justice one day soon, and his Jesuit controlled church programs to be stopped. If you have a story to tell, email us or
Whistleblower Greg Pound, exposes the occult-satanic evil going on in DCF (Department of Children & Families) and how his kids were disappeared. Department of Children & Families is controlled by Drug Free America.
To help our cause, please send Check or Money order on behalf of Legal battles and living costs to the following:
Jeff Fisher
P.O. Box 57 Sarasota, FL 34230

Bill Daniel brushed up against the same corrupt system, that wants to take his family away. Corrupt doctors allied with the same corrupt lawyers, who are serving the Attorney. And the Attorney serves the BAR. And the code of the BAR serves no one but the Jesuits, and the Judges who are servants to the Jesuits, their Church, and their Nobility . It has never served anyone else. Bill Daniel is for the first time, discovering Common Law.
If you can do anything, please contact  immediately or send to
Bill Daniel
P.O. Box 712
Winterville, Georgia 30683
Make subject: "Donation: Living Support" to support their family's cause. Thank you for any help you are able. We will keep these postings regularly updated.
Roger "
They are not afraid of the Jesuits or Zionists, you were.
National Whistleblower Hotline

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