We the People Are the Deciders, Not Bush and his Congress
Fri Feb 2, 2007 15:15

We the People Are the Deciders, Not Bush and his Congress
Fri Feb 2, 2007 05:11

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We the People Are the Deciders, Not Bush and his Congress

By Jim Kirwan

Al-Jazeerah, February 2, 2007

Contrary to what Bush continues to claim, neither he nor the Congress or the courts are the Deciders – we the people hold the ultimate power, over who decides what in the United States!

The chess pieces on the board of government are only appointed or elected officials, and so long as they fulfill the needs and desires of the citizens in this land, they serve us: When that changes drastically as it has since the last elections, then consequences must follow.

The ship of state has become a rusting and sinking luxury vessel riddled with holes: rudderless and captain-less we now float on a sea of corruption and lies. The turbulent waters where that ship is adrift had their corrupt beginnings in the fifty years of war against the Palestinians in the Middle East. The failure by this government to hold Israel accountable for her crimes against those people, and now against the entire Arab world; is the source that generates so much of the hatred and death both ‘over there’ and ‘over here.’ (1)

Congress has more than played a part in keeping these duplicitous policies in force. Having voted, in this first month for the National I.D. Card* that restricts the travel, the privacy and the freedom of all Americans: and for giving Social Security to people-without-papers, while striking down a requirement that would have made English the national language of this country—this is tantamount to the French, not speaking French, or the Spanish not speaking Spanish in their own countries: The public may soon begin to wonder whose country this really is—ours or whichever flavor-of-the-month needs to be courted by Washington? (1)

Today, the Congress is still watering down another version of a non-binding gesture that they want to send to Bush—instead of something that would obligate the Dictator to “own the wars” he started, and get out of Iraq now. Instead of listening to either the voters in November or to the new so-called Congress—the self-professed ‘decider’ has chosen to not only add troops in Iraq, but he is stepping up his efforts to provoke yet another phony war: this time with Iran. He obviously thinks he is secure in blasting his way through his own permanently failed diplomatic gestures, while his thugs continue to churn out the same tired lies and innuendos that he and his criminal cabal generated to get into Iraq in the first place.

The self-appointed one has forgotten that he took an oath to protect and defend Americans first: an oath that would include keeping his promises on Katrina, making sure that Americans had jobs and that their retirements would be protected from government’s unending appetite to steal their benefits that they earned over a lifetime of work. Not-to-mention, a fair and affordable way to obtain medical care (not just access to insurance); a believable education for our children, not just a bunch of slogans with no money that are turning American youth into idiots with no past, no present possibilities, and especially no future! What the hell is going on in this nation—have we no say in anything that this so-called government is doing in any area of our lives?


These things may seem small individually, but collectively they comprise the destruction of the Republic and the end of a way of life! This government obviously sees all of this from exactly the opposite position: some even see this as the birth pangs of a glorious New Empire. But when the celebrations end and reality returns; it appears that all that has been accomplished is the selling of America to the blood-lust of AIPAC, and to the New World Order—as only the latest burnt-offering of yet another failed state to bolster their grip on the rest of the world. “Entitlements” are one thing, but the theft of this democracy, this way of life, and of this form of government are not things that any nation worth the name can tolerate for long. (2)

It’s not surprising that they’ve gotten as far as they have—because so many prefer not to know what’s happening now, or what really happened in the immediate past that created this monstrous nightmare in the first place. But from here on in things must change: or the temporary wounds they’ve inflicted on the limbs of this “democracy” shall soon become gangrenous and need to be amputated. (3)

This is not only about us this is about the survival of the planet. Thanks to our pre-occupations with ourselves alone, we have allowed the global environment to be added to the endangered list. We have only watched while language itself has been turned inside out: so that now war is seen as peace and “lies” are now construed to be “truth.” The very names of government agencies have been upended, to rape and plunder the environment under the aegis of The Environmental Protection Agency. Or in Health and Human Services (HHS), which has become the arbiter over the death and denial of human services to most of those who have the courage to darken their doors.

Under this government’s privatization of even government itself, as well as the military: Great strides have been made - huge strides to add to what they’ve already destroyed while they’ve pocketed the spoils from so many previous ventures into their meticulous dissection of the Prison System, the Educational system, and the Insurance Industries – all privatized for extreme profits to the few, at the expense of everything that these areas of life were created to serve. The head of the Justice System recently was asked to explain torture, and the US use of that, in front of a Senate committee – they got no answer at all, from Gonzalez. There is virtually no area of this nation that is currently functioning for the benefit of ordinary citizens: Why is the public still not enraged?


Of course the public can cite the excuse that: “Hey - nobody told me!” That might have worked, had there not been so many alternative ways to find out exactly what is going on. The media is as complicit if not more so in trying to continue to hide what’s really going on: So many half-told stories, so many half-hearted or incomplete investigations that take a back seat to gossip & games, not to mention all the outright lies. The compact between this government and the people of this nation requires the involvement of the people at all levels—and the government has seen to it that its control over the population is so damned complicated and overarching that it becomes virtually impossible to fight them on all the garbage they continue to shove down our throats daily.

This tactic needs to be fought in another way, because this is not just about money or health, or the environment or the WARS: this is about the very survival of each and every one of us. We need to return to the basics of what is right and what is obviously just more from the “GREED is GOOD” crowd left over from the Reagan years. The US public’s opinions and needs are not represented in government or by government; but are instead twisted by lobbyists and thieves to become “for the criminal government’s designs” regardless of how these decisions will affect those of us that make government possible. This policy has to be stopped!

The infrastructure of this nation is in total disrepair, and there are no jobs that pay a decent wage. The government, if it were a functioning institution, could create programs that could employ virtually all the unemployed in rebuilding the infrastructure of America—by putting everyone back to work on rebuilding this nation: instead of selling off our freeways to foreign governments and letting everything else just go to hell. The same kind of ‘rescue’ could be and SHOULD BE taking place in New Orleans but instead we are told to “just go shopping”! Again: Where’s the OUTRAGE? The USA is spending $8.7 Billion dollars a month in Iraq, and that’s only what we know about. Fraud is running like an unchecked flood through the secretly appropriated funds, at last count nearly $40 Billion was misspent, and no one is even being charged with a crime, what would happen to you or me - if we misspent $40 Billion dollars of the government’s money?


“We are the people who run this country. We are the deciders. And every single day one of us needs to step outside and take some action to help stop this war. Raise Hell… We need people in the streets, banging pots and pans and demanding “Stop it, now.”


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