YES! the Jury has power.
Fri Jan 26, 2007 20:46

YES! the Jury has power. The reason most juries do not do as this jury has done is because the courts are allowed by Defense to instruct the jury and suppress exculpatory evidence. All lawyers help the courts. In this case the Jury SAW the evidence on the video made by Defendant! People are advised that the case is the DEFENDANTS CASE not the lawyer’s case. Defendants must take responsibility for their defense and never allow a Lawyer to run the case alone.
There are many cases lost that can be re tried or reversed on Appeal because of in competent counsel. All that have been convicted must search their record to find the path to REVERSAL and fight for appeal. Of course it would be better to ensure the record before conviction. That is What Mr.Harrell succeeded in doing. Well DONE Mr. Harrell!

Newbies should view the video of the Jurors telling how they determined their Harrell “Not Guilty” verdict:



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On 1/26/07 1:12 PM, "N. English" wrote:

> The JURY found Mr. Harrell not guilty.
> The prosecutor and the court were too arrogant, and
> did not compy with the requests for clarification so
> the jury rendered "not guilty"....
> The court did not want to expose "the law" because to
> do so would possibly alert one or more of the jury
> members to the fact that 'U.S. Citizens' are the ONLY
> ones required to "gift" the federal government with a
> "privilege tax" AKA "income tax".
> So, the court denied the requests. This particular
> jury was incensed that their legitimate requests were
> arbitrarily denied without reason and almost in
> retaliation agred upon a 'not guilty' verdict.
> Most juries would have done differently. Mark my
> words. And most juries DO differrently.
> This is not a "WIN" for the average "U.S.Citizen"...
> this is a fluke. Had the defendant chosen to "trust
> the judge" for the verdict he would be in jail.
> Nancy.
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"The Law"

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