USA creating a base for war on the people
Mon Jan 31, 2005 13:53


USA creating a base for war on the people
of South America and Venezuela


Jan. 31st - 2005 - The US for many years has been active in Colombia in assisting the government against FARC, the narco-terrorist group. As there was in Vietnam, there are military advisers in country-accompanied by US Special Forces and
Colombian military.

Considering the actions of the US, in both Colombia and Venezuela recently, and the oil war now in progress, we believe the Bush administration wants
to do the same thing in Venezuela as they have in Iraq and they are using Colombia as a springboard. In fact, it‚s surprising that they did not pursue Venezuela first.

The oil is a short distance away, they already had a force nearby, and logistically it is a much easier target than Iraq. Be as it may, it is a safe bet Venezuela is next.

That is why Petrosur or PetroAmerica is being used as an energy alliance and that is why the South American community of Nations was created in December.

The first victim of these moves was FTAA. That is why the Granda affair was created.

PlanColombia and the domination of the region by the US has begun .... our government was not able to overthrow the Chavez government so the next move will be to bring about warfare.

Venezuela had best expedite their defense because their timeframe for outside interference is the next two years.

The Bush neocons cannot unseat the Chavez government legally, so before the next election, two years hence, they have to move to invade the country
under the guise of rooting out this government, which they will accuse of helping the narco-terrorists.

The elitists want to steal Venezuela‚s oil now that they do not control it anymore. Yes, we will hear administration officials saying Venezuela is undemocratic. The next we will hear is that Venezuela is aiding the narco-terrorists. It is the view of the elitists that once Venezuela is subdued, the remainder of South America will fall into their hands like ripe fruit.

There are currently more than 400 US 'advisers' permanently in Colombia and most of them are mercenaries. Colombian police are being militarized
and US$1.3 billion in the latest military equipment is being moved into Colombia.

We see a Colombian army of 200,000 and when you add in support, it's 320.000 people ... the US is creating a base for war ... this is war on the people of South America and, particularly Venezuela.

Once the South American countries are defeated, the US will have a permanent residence on the continent. Stopping drugs will be the cover for the operation, whose real intent is to control the entire region.

All of this would not have been necessary had the Venezuelan elitists been able to maintain power, but they became so corrupt that the citizens removed them from power.

It is easy for the elitists to manipulate Colombia ... it is a country with 20% unemployment, and 40% of those who work have to depend on the underground economy. All the money in the country is in the hands of elitists or drug producers and the national economy is run by the IMF. ( a.k.a. ''International Misery Fund'' - HR)

The people have an uncaring elitist government and the alternative is just as bad. Behind the scenes all America wants in the name of free trade, globalization and transnational corporatist control is the further subjugation of the people.

There is now no question that there will be no budget cuts and the Bush administration will continue to add mounting debt and the Fed will continue to resort to debt financed growth via M3 and the repo pool.

This means further US financial dependency as we stand and watch the decline of a once great empire.The plug will be pulled by foreign US asset holders. It is only a question of when.

This is compounded by imperial overreach in Iraq and
Afghanistan and possibly in Iran, Syria and Venezuela.

Iraq is a deepening quagmire. Oil prices remain between $45 and $50 a barrel reflecting a continuing premium as violence spreads across the Middle East.

All we need is one untoward event, a catalyst, and everything could break loose ... the event will occur ...the only question is when.

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