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    well, Jo6pk,
    I recall you were crying how you got rabies, Epstein Barr, hepatitis, and a few other things from contrails. It turned out some quack told you that stuff to take your money. William thomas repeated it, much to his later embarrassment. Way back in early 1999, you said you had collected samples and would release a lab report, I guess that was made up, too.

    I did challenge you to learn about normal contrail conditions for many months, and finally you did some research. You don't seem to understand yet how sporadic those readings are, last I saw what you presented were two balloonsonde readings over your state, nether of which were over your location. additionally, you were still using relative humidity rather than RHw/respect to ice, incorrect parameters. You are also using humidity for clouds to form, while the engine exhaust moisture and soot nucleation yield good contrails because of those additions over and above atmospheric moisture and aerosols.

    What I challenged you next to do, months ago now, was to present your hypothesis to credible meteorologists, and see who follows you. I see none have. I'll be waiting, but I won't be holding my breath. Don't be a fool, sheople.
    Use your head, read my research, ask real pilots.

    Chem-tales are a hoax designed to distract and discredit patriotic people who are worried about their country, and are fed by paranoids, kooks, and liars. Don't be fooled any longer.

    Jay Reynolds 

    Jay Reynolds

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