Bush Betrays America, Part II: Condoleezza Rice
Saturday, 10-Feb-01 18:16:55 writes:

    As I began to investigate Condoleezza Rice, the first irony that I noted was an almost complete absence of original writings. Her important books and papers are almost always co-authored. In fact, almost the only original "work" by Condoleezza that I could locate was her Class Day Speech 12-Jun-99. Some revealing "condi-isms" from that speech follow:

    “Reflect not on what you have learned but on how you have learned it ... You were not admitted to Stanford for what you had already achieved. You were chosen because of your potential to contribute from here on.”

    “This is, I believe, the greatest challenge that we, the human race, faces in the century to come: building multiethnic democracies that work --”

    “We need a more inclusive notion of culture and identity -- one that does not make culture a barrier, where the price of admission is origin and blood. I am one who believes that cultures can be adopted.”

    “To be multicultural is not just to have many cultures represented within an institution -- it is to recognize that individuals can be and often are multicultural themselves. In some sense, multiculturality is at its best when it is within each and every one of us.”

    “We need to find forms of governance that permit people of different races, ethnic backgrounds and creeds to live together and push toward a common goal. I know that the American concept of citizenship is not universally shared. But it does have its advantages. That you can be American not by virtue of blood but by acceptance of a set of values and beliefs is so much the story of this country's success. And it is a model that is spreading -- delinking citizenship and territory and ethnicity. Even in Germany, a country for which the iron link between blood and nation has caused so many woes, universal citizenship is finally coming into being. Often it is pointed out that this is not natural. But I ask you, what is the alternative? If every group must rule itself, there is no end to the chaos that self-determination will bring as borders are drawn and redrawn.”

    “Are you really committed to living in accordance with all that you say about the value of diversity -- are you just tolerant of them, or are they among your friends?”

    Remember, this is the President's National Security Advisor. I think we can presume that she sees no threat whatsoever from the millions of Mexicans who are invading our country, and that she is in complete accord with Colon Powell's statement:

    “Our common border is no longer a line that divides us, but a region that unites our nations, reflecting our common aspirations, values and culture,”

    For background on Condoleezza, see the Stanford Feature: "She gave up on a career as a pianist midway through, and eventually wound up falling under the spell of Josef Korbel, a former Czech diplomat best known for being the father of Madeleine Albright. Rice sometimes dined at the Korbel home, along with the future secretary of state -- but emerged with views much more in line with Korbel's than Albright's."

    So she's friends with Korbel & Albright. Josef Korbel was a Czech Jew Marrano who converted his family to Roman Catholicism to further his career, and his daughter later converted from Catholicism to Episcopalianism for much the same reason. What we have here are people who willingly change their "deepest" beliefs like a suit of clothes. To them, religion is a stepping stone. That tells me they are atheists at heart.

    Another interesting article about Strobe Talbot at sanford highlights how easily Condoleezza moves among other Democrats as well. She is also a member of the CFR, if anyone should ask.

    Her position as Stanford Provost makes Condi something of a MC for Multicultural Events -- a job which must have kept her very, very busy. That's why she needs so many co-authors, I suppose.

    From another Stanford Bio, we learn that Condoleezza has a long-standing relationship with both the NSC and the "Dubya" Bush team:

    She began, in 1989, as director for Soviet and East European Affairs at the National Security Council, where she reported directly to National Security Adviser Brent Scowcroft. After a year on the job, she became Bush's principal adviser on the Soviet Union ... Rice first met Scowcroft in 1984, during a dinner at Stanford's Center for International Security and Arms Control (Part of the Institute for International Studies). "I had two bosses whom I adored, both in President Bush and Brent Scowcroft. And the people I worked with - Cheney, Powell, Scowcroft, Baker - it was a magnificent team,"

    The picture that begins to emerge is that Condoleezza is not a scholar, but a spokesperson / liason for the
    Stanford International Institute Programs. Please visit this site, and check the Project on Sovereignty and Governance.

    Also, just above that, on the same page, check the Comparative Democratization Project, which focuses on "Development of theories about democratization that can apply both within and across different regions."

    Now, recollect what Colon Powell had said about the U.S.-Mexican border: “Our common border is no longer a line that divides us, but a region that unites our nations, reflecting our common aspirations, values and culture.”

    Are you beginning to get the picture?

    The Bush nighers Condo and Colon are like Frick & Frack ... and their agenda is clear.

    I told you so: "Don't vote for anyone who cannot answer the Six Questions to our satisfaction, and to boycott the elections until those questions are asked. Now it's too late. You voted for it. You got it. America is dead.

    Grugyn Silverbristle


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Bush Betrays America, Part II: Condoleezza Rice (Grugyn Silverbristle) (10-Feb-01 18:16:55)

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