The Lie's the Limit? WHERE DOES IT END?
The Lie’s the Limit? WHERE DOES IT END?
Sun Jan 25 15:56:44 2004

The Lie’s the Limit? WHERE DOES IT END?
Posted January 25, 2004
By: Ted Lang

Those Americans not dumbed-down by media propaganda are already more than up to speed regarding the extracurricular activities of the Bush administration and the lies told by President George W. Bush to engineer an unnecessary war against a defenseless Third World dictatorship. If human rights are an issue, where was America relative to the cause for world justice as regards Rwanda?

The denizens of talk radio and FAUXNews justify the unjust war by the interventionist question: Aren’t the Iraqi people better off without Saddam? Frankly, I cannot answer that question – I simply don’t have enough information on the matter. Neither does anyone else in Amerika. To be certain, the media hasn’t shed enough light on the matter. In fact, the media is still in arrears as regards information on TWA 800, JFK, RFK, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., 9-11, Halliburton, Bechtel, Enron, and on and on. So how could anyone in this nation of propagandized news know what’s going on anywhere at anytime?

Take Halliburton for instance. Any employee of the United States government that is in any way connected to acquisition operations relative to government purchases and procurement contracts is acutely aware of that which is most basic in avoiding violations of the Federal Acquisition Regulations, or FAR. The basic admonition warns federal employees to “avoid even the appearance” of collusion and wrongdoing. Even the “appearance!” Yet, massive billion dollar contracts were awarded by the Bush administration in the aftermath of the Iraqi invasion without the required open bidding process. I dare not imagine the legal implications if such FAR violations were uncovered involving a government GS-15 middle manager.

Even now, after the liberal interpretation of the strict FAR bidding process by the Bush administration favoring Halliburton was glossed over by the media, allegations of price gouging by Halliburton on gasoline sold to the US Army in Iraq are being amplified. And of course, we all know that fuel purchases, as well as any procurement activity relating to the United States military, is paid for by the American taxpayer. Now additional malfeasance on the part of Halliburton executives has been uncovered, which of course, is most assuredly one of the reasons for the higher gasoline prices paid for by the American taxpayer.

Why haven’t our representatives in Congress thoroughly questioned President Bush and members of his administration, not only concerning the price gouging by Halliburton, but also as concerns the now-reported corruption exposed on the part of its executives? When will an explanation also be demanded for the originating malfeasance regarding the unlawful sole sourcing of Halliburton and Bechtel? Failure to vigorously prosecute wrongdoing guarantees its progression.

And an inattentive media, either via intellectual lethargy or engineered disinterest, turns its back and sanctions this? Need we remind the reader of Vice-President Dick Cheney’s connection to Halliburton? Could this account for media and congressional disinterest? Considering the grounds for the impeachment of President George Bush, corruption wasn’t previously high up on the list of this administration’s betrayal of the public trust. It is now!

Are the people of Iraq better off now that Bush has gotten his most sought-after “regime change?” Here’s a better question: Are we the American people better off? Are we better off now that Bush, Ashcroft and Ridge have abolished the Bill of Rights? Are we better off for all the paper fiat money Bush and his Fed are pumping out to pay for this stupid war? Are we okay with our increased debt that financed the war and the transfer of untold wealth to Bechtel and Halliburton? It appears the only ones better off are the big corporations and the subcontractors receiving the downward cascading wealth generated by Bush via the Iraqi war. And that wealth is not coming out of the ground in Iraq, but out of our family budgets via the tax gouging of the Bush administration.

What? We have a tax cut? How secure is that considering Bush’s huge deficit spending and a skyrocketing national debt? The only ones who have benefited are Bush and Cheney’s oil cronies, and the state of Israel. And if that’s not enough, consider the billions of American tax dollars that are being diverted to Israel in foreign aid. When will the Bush administration prove an Iraqi connection to 9-11? How about never? That is not to say that some CIA spookology techniques won’t be employed to somehow justify the invasion.

But what is most curious considering all the corruption, lies, falsehoods and fraud employed by the Bush administration to trick US into an unjust war, a war marked by death and destruction in Iraq, a conflict that has every indication of igniting a major civil war and revolution against America’s colonial forces, is that we have ourselves imposed and accepted limitations on the Bush administration’s lies. When will Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s question on the Senate floor be honestly answered by someone in the Bush administration? “What did President Bush know before 9-11, and when did he know it?” Sounds like a good place to start!

Why do we, the American people, accept the lies told to US by a president that has devised a fraudulent strategy costing tens of thousands of lives, including a mounting death and injury toll on the part of our military? Why haven’t the media reported on the shoddy and horrible treatment of our wounded and maimed service personnel, dumped in shoddy decrepit stateside “hospitals” and holding stations, sometimes awaiting adequate medical attention for months? Why haven’t the media reported on the small arms ammunition shortages faced by our fighting men and women? Why haven’t the media emphasized the pay debacle that precluded some of our fighting personnel from even receiving their pay? Why have soldiers’ families had to buy bulletproof vests for their loved ones instead of these combat items being supplied by our military? Why haven’t the media spent more time reporting on the continuing arrival of caskets bearing our military dead? By the way, where the hell is the media?

Considering the absence of the media on these issues involving the smoldering and volatile situation in Iraq, is it too much to ask one to believe, that in all likelihood, they were AWOL as well on the specifics regarding the relevant issues surrounding 9-11? And if that’s the case, why should we the people allow ourselves to be limited in our curiosity as regards all the possible ramifications of 9-11? Is it because we are just too good to imagine the possible worst? Is that because the media would never allow US to go there? Is it because to think the worst would be unpatriotic? And if unpatriotic, what precisely constitutes patriotism? Would it be considered unpatriotic towards our president who lied US into an unjust war? Would it be unpatriotic to a nation of, by and for the people? Why are we limiting ourselves in imagining precisely how far a proven liar would go to justify an unjust war?

Where am I going with all this? If Bush lied about Iraqi involvement, now confirmed as having been planned long before 9-11, Senator Hillary’s question begins to take on new meaning. Ha’aretz, the Hebrew newspaper, published an article indicating that Bush’s PNAC cabal, when counseling former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu regarding possible methods to involve the United States to serve Israel’s interests, flirted with treason relative to America’s interests. Can these PNAC actions be regarded as patriotic? Recall how agents of the Israeli government were detected in New Jersey viewing the Twin Towers on 9-11 through telescopes and celebrating their destruction. What did they know, and when did they know it?

Is it so hard to imagine, therefore, considering all these isolated facts, including the National Security/CIA briefing delivered to Bush one full month before 9-11 concerning a potential al-Qaeda threat, that perhaps, just perhaps, Senator Clinton was right? Why did that story break in the New York Post, a newspaper usually defined as “conservative” and normally in Bush’s corner? Why did they release it thereby giving ammunition to his political foes?

We have placed a politically correct, inquisitorial limitation upon what is safe to assume, appropriate to imagine, and what is not. Those that make a reasonable effort to inform themselves, in spite of the intellectual stonewalling and political bias on both sides of the media, realize now that liberal versus conservative, or Democrat versus Republican, will never ever serve to get US to the truth. What will?

I have made the case that the unconstitutional transgressions of the Bush administration, now to include corruption in addition to betrayal of the public trust, abuse of power, and so on, justify impeachment. Why isn’t the Congress, the representative of the people, pursuing this? Why isn’t the media, especially a media that has always been characterized by talk radio and FAUXNews as leaning left? Is it because George W. Bush is now leaning further left, or is it merely because the administration is considered to be squeaky-clean constitutionally because they are Republican and have a vast majority in Congress? We report, you decide!


Copyright THEODORE E. LANG 1/24/04 All rights reserved. Ted Lang is a political analyst and a freelance writer.


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