The Horrors of Drug Free America: Jeff Fisher special hour!
Thu Jan 18, 2007 18:05

The NATIONAL WHISTLEBLOWER HOTLINE is pleased to present, as sponsored by The Arctic Beacon and RBN Live Radio an hour that you will never forget.

Jeff Fisher, like similar in his shoes, has witnessed crimes so horrific it takes a minute to even digest it. And everything is on tape.


Jeff Fisher and friends, expose live on the Greg Szymanski program and RBN the horrors that happened inside Baypoint School and across america.

Baypoint School and Growing Together were drug programs, born and bred by "The Straights", a controversial drug-treatment center that later became Drug Free America.

Drug Free America employs absolutely horrific methods on its victims, it receives funding for its projects from AIPAC, and has criminal leaders and players extending to the very top of the Catholic Church of Rome.

The Jesuit order; especially its Zionists, control and operate Drug Rehab Programs which are used for crimes so horrific that only seeing the evidence makes you know they exist.

For over 50 years and counting, the Jesuit order and Catholic Guardians have covered up Mel Sembler's knight-hood in the Knights of Malta as well as his vicious and terrible crimes against innocent children and victims all over the schools.

When justice is served, they will all be put behind bars. Taking down the DEA-sponsored Drug Free America Foundation would totally destroy the Jesuit order, it has all their worst witches and priests in Authority positions from the bottom on up.

Joe Klock is just a taste of the horrible people that have taken over drug-rehabs, destroyed society and corrupted every part of the electorate. Dark students of the Synanon Church, Charlie Crist, Joseph Klock, Father Cassian and Father Sheridan are among the most evil people in America who are alive today and in positions of authority.

Cardinal Eagen continues to help them cover it up. Further research and study will leave you left with no doubt in your mind, that this is the Anti-Christ. And the Pope leads the Anti-Christ church of the damned. For even bringing these terrible crimes up, Jeff Fisher, David Sanders and other witnesses were arrested and beaten.

Well, we have no way of knowing proof positive if Michelle Looney is that witness. But she sure is one of the first to be revealed, that's a guarantee. Our purpose of this is to show you if you thought our first whistleblowers were too unbelievable to be believed, then you really haven't seen the truth yet.
Once you listen to this and hear the small-time story of a southern woman, who witnessed over 30 years of the same thing and possibly will know the truth.

Jeff Fisher and Friends expose "The Straights" also called Drug Free America, and its election theft, brainwashing operation.
To help our cause, please send Check or Money order on behalf of Legal battles and living costs to the following:
Jeff Fisher
P.O. Box 57 Sarasota, FL 34230

NOTE: Our other whistleblowers can always use your help also! Nadia Sindi, David Chans and many others have been tossed aside by the system and witnessed immensely serious crimes.

Today a very interesting court case has been officially filed, and uploaded into court for review and further to include trial by Jury.

That court-case is based on common law, not the CODE OF THE BAR. In the United States Code of the Constitution, under Articles 2 and 4 it is to remind the world of real due process. And so Code 18, U.S.C Title 18 under the law of 1964 goes into effect.

The Racketeering clause underneath the RICO act. And this time, the future of voting and civil rights may hang in the balance and be restored to who it belongs.

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