Boxer throws hard right, puts Condi on the ropes!

Boxer throws hard right, puts Condi on the ropes!
Wed Jan 19, 2005 22:42

Boxer nailed Rice with a hard right, accusing her of selling a war, like a product, based on pure lies! BAM!

Here is the interview on audio, thanks to Information Clearing house.....listen and pass this on to your friends, from the confirmation hearings:  (audio file)

Sen. Boxer to Rice on Iraq Invasion: "Your Loyalty to the Mission...Overwhelmed Your Respect for the Truth"

The most heated exchange in the first day of Condoleezza Rice's confirmation hearing for Secretary of State came with Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA). Boxer chastised Rice for stating Saddam Hussein was close to developing nuclear weapons in the lead-up to the Iraq war.



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