U.S. Tests Show No Traces of WMD in Iraqi Shells
U.S. Tests Show No Traces of WMD in Iraqi Shells
Mon Jan 19 00:55:06 2004

Sunday, Jan. 18, 2004 9:20 p.m. EST

U.S. Tests Show No Traces of WMD in Iraqi Shells
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A fourth round of tests conducted on mortar shells found in Iraq 10 days ago by Danish troops has determined that they did not contain chemical weapons, contradicting field tests by British and Danish experts last week.

The results of the latest evaluation by the U.S. Department of Energy's National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory in Idaho were announced Sunday by the Danish Army Operational Command.

The results mirrored findings late last week by a U.S.-led Iraq Survey Group, which was dispatched to the site in Basra after the British and Danish tests indicated that the shells contained a form of mustard gas.

The Danish troops initially found 36 shells, exposed by rain, in the ground outside a village near Qurnah on Friday. They were leaking a liquid deemed suspicious, since mortars usually contain solid explosives.

"This was a stash. They were stacked and ordered and wrapped in plastic," Danish spokesman Capt. Kim Vibe Michelsen told the Associated Press.

Michelsen said the 120 mm shells "don't look like any known" mortars in the Iraqi arsenal.

Villagers in Qurnah told the Danish troops that they had found about 400 or more shells some years ago and threw them in the Tigris River.

The area was the scene of intense fighting during the Iran-Iraq war. The villagers told the Danes that one 1984 battle fought there lasted seven days.

When local residents retuned to Qurnah after the battle, all their cattle were dead and the area was littered with human bodies, Michelsen said he was told. None of the dead bore gunshot wounds, but all were bleeding from the mouth and nose - symptoms consistent with the use of mustard gas.

Some villagers also complained that they were coughing blood for some time afterward, and local livestock continued to sicken and bleed from the mouth.

"This is a clear indication of chemical weapons use," Michelsen told the AP.

The Danish Army Operational Command said it would try to determine the nature of the liquid that was in the Iraqi shells, why it tested positive for mustard gas and whether there was any link to past chemical weapons use in the area.

Who is really stupid here?
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the WMD issue alienated me. ... And how about Iraq and the Middle East? ...

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My, How Those Dam Cracks Have Grown!

By W. David Jenkins III

Al-Jazeerah, Jan18 ,2004

So then, when we last checked in with our fearless leaders they were still wiping the slime from their paws after successfully putting the Valerie Plame "situation" back in the Pandora Box ญญ- for now. The throng of TV zombies was back to caring about nothing, seeing as how Hussein had been captured while the world around them continued to disintegrate. All seemed well in the American La La Land - and then came that dang interview about that book!

"Okay, everyone, listen up! Time to get our dancing shoes out again and whip up a new batch of slime! C'mon, let's look alive here!"

So now the Keystone Krooks are back in overdrive to discredit one of their own. In the 72 hours since the 60 Minutes broadcast and the morning that I write this, the discrediting of former Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill is proving to be a little more difficult for the Rove Slime Machine. Oh sure, they've managed to threaten him into doing the I wish I'd never said that routine on a few morning shows and O'Neill did say he'd vote for Bush in November - but the damage is already done.

The only question is: Will the Bush Gang get away with this one too?

By now almost everyone knows - except for Fox News watchers - that O'Neill revealed some nasty news that took even Bush critics by surprise. Many thought that it wasn't until post9 / 11that Bush got serious about putting Iraq in the crosshairs. Now we find out from a former insider it was mere days after sneaking in the back door of the White House that Saddam became an endangered species. We've learned what many of us suspected all along -9 / 11was nothing more to Bush Inc. than a useful tool to achieve their goals. And now there is confirmation from the inner circle that, regarding all things Iraq, Bush and the gang lied to everybody - including themselves. Granted, it's no big surprise to many but it does help make those cracks in the dam a bit bigger.

Almost immediately, the slime machine in the White House started looking like a popcorn popper without a lid. Statements were made concerning O'Neill's mental stability and how "nobody listened to him way back when - why start now?"

Then, when that route didn't seem like quite enough, they decided to announce that there would be an investigation into the possibility that O'Neill possessed stolen classified documents. Nothing "political about it," they lied, "Just business as usual in these cases." Said it with a straight face, too. Of course they failed to recognize the fact that by making such a statement, they were lending more credence to the accuracy and severity of those documents rather than discrediting O'Neill. On top of all that, the speed at which an investigation into O'Neill's possible treason was implemented as opposed to the continued sloth in initiating an investigation into the identity of an earlier White House leaker wasn't lost on many people either.

It was apparent that they needed something tried and true.

Blame Clinton.

That's right, they just couldn't help themselves. Only two days after O'Neill's interview, the White House admitted that all they were doing was "continuing the policy of regime change in Iraq started by Clinton." Now, the fact here is that a Bush White House assertion of continuing anything started by Clinton is laughable! The ABC Rule (Anything But Clinton) embraced by this administration is one of the worst kept secrets in "DeeCeeVille." But so what? There is some serious Bush Booty to protect here!

So the Rove Patrol began to look like so many moths around a light bulb with spin going every which way. They were in the Conquer through Confusion mode - just keep throwing stuff out there and pretty soon everybody will tire of it and won't be able to separate truth from fiction. And when that fails - just lie about the lies.

One of my favorites came from White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan when he stated - in an effort to sway focus from the issue - that Bush "exhausted all possible means to resolve the situation in Iraq peacefully." See, Bush didn't really want to invade Iraq but Hussein left him no choice.

Now, maybe McClellan didn't see the profile on Condi Rice published in The New York Times days earlier. The article depicted a scene that had taken place in July of 2002 between Rice and then Director of Policy Planning at the State Department, Richard Haass. Seems Mr. Haass expressed some misgivings on the propriety of making the ouster of Hussein such a priority. Rice cut him off saying, "Save your breath - the president has already decided what he's going to do on this." Remember, this conversation took place before Bush even took the subject of invading Iraq before the public!

Think about it. In a very short time we've heard somebody in the administration, Bush included, backtracking away from the lies and deception they used on the American people concerning Iraq. From WMDs to Iraq/Al Qaeda connections, everything they said has turned out to be a lie. And now we find out they were planning to invade Iraq from the word "go" - they just needed to find Bush a "way to get it done." And people wonder why these Bozos are thwarting every inquiry into exactly what happened, not only in Iraq but on9 / 11too?

Well, it's only been a few days and the Rove Machine appears to have done its job yet again.

The O'Neill story isn't the big news it ought to be, but I don't think the dance shoes and slime should be put away just yet. It seems as though White House terror expert, Richard Clarke, has a little book due out soon as well and rumor has it that he's more ticked off than O'Neill. And I also hear that the9 / 11commission wants more time for its investigation due to the uncooperativeness of the White House. Then there is the report of the DOJ adding four more prosecutors to the LeakGate case.

I think I'm beginning to understand why Bush is so interested lately in getting a man back on the moon again. My guess is that the Bush Gang figures they're going to need a safe place to hide soon.

We can only hope.

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