Escapees Arrested in Colorado Springs Hotel Transcript of television interviews between 11 News anchor Eric Singer
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    Escapees Arrested in Colorado Springs Hotel
    Transcript of television interviews between 11 News anchor Eric Singer

    Escapees Arrested in Colorado Springs Hotel

    11 News Anchor Interviews Suspects Before Surrender

    (Colorado Springs-AP) -- Patrick Murphy
    Jr. and Donald Newbury emerged from
    the hotel where they were negotiating
    with authorities after police honored their
    request for an interview with 11 News
    anchor Eric Singer.

    Colorado Springs police Lieutenant Skip
    Arms said police got a
    tip during the day that the men were in a
    Holiday Inn that is two
    blocks from a motel parking lot where
    their van was found earlier
    on Tuesday.

    Arms said police were in telephone
    contact with the two men who
    claimed to be 39-year-old Patrick Murphy
    Junior and 38-year-old
    Donald Newbury.

    Police negotiated by phone since about
    10 p.m. Tuesday night.

    Newbury is a 38-year-old armed robber
    and Murphy is a
    39-year-old convicted rapist. They were
    believed to have assault
    rifles and shotguns with them and may
    also have bulletproof vests.

    The men spoke for five minutes each with
    Singer before walking out into the cold
    morning air without shirts. Police
    handcuffed them and put them into
    separate patrol cars that slowly rolled out
    of the
    parking lot of the Holiday Inn.

    Murphy, Newbury and five other
    dangerous convicts escaped
    Dec. 13 from a south Texas prison. Four
    were arrested Monday in nearby
    Woodland Park, while a fifth killed himself
    in a motor home as authorities closed in.

    Authorities believe Murphy and Newbury
    split from the other five
    men last weekend because they wanted
    to obtain more money.

    24 Jan 01 15:34:55 -0600
    "Ike Harley"

    This past weekend Ray Caruth, a former NFL football player,
    was found guilty of Conspiracy to commit murder in the
    brutal shooting death of his pregnant girlfriend last year.
    This same jury found Caruth not guilty of first-degree
    murder charges.

    The conspiracy laws of this country state that if two or
    parties have a meeting of the minds and set about a plan of
    action to commit an offence then they have committed the
    offence of conspiracy to commit the crime in question.

    The facts of the case as revealed during the trial
    indicated that Caruth hired a hit man to do the shooting,
    drove the shooter to the scene and watched as the shooter
    shot and killed the girl. By the way, the girlfriend was
    pregnant with Caruth's un-born child who survived the
    shooting. The elements of the conspiracy were met, Caruth
    and the shooter met to discuss the killing, and then did
    it. GUILTY as charged!

    First-degree murder: When someone premeditates the taking
    of another person's life and does it. Now don't you think
    that if you sit down with a hired killer and discuss the
    crime, pay the killer to commit the crime, and then drive
    him to the scene and watch as he does the crime that you
    had premeditation to kill someone? The shooter in this case
    testified to the facts of the case. Not guilty of
    first-degree murder?

    It is no wander that so many people today take their
    chances with a jury of their peers! Does that mean that
    the peers have to be as dumb as the criminal?

    Caruth is only facing a maximum of 25 years in prison
    because he was not found guilty of the first-degree murder

    Too smart to serve on a jury.

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Escapees Arrested in Colorado Springs Hotel Transcript of television interviews between 11 News anchor Eric Singer (Eric Singer) (24-Jan-01 19:33:13)

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