I respectfully disagree with the author's belief that Clinton will cook up some way to stay in power. I have two main reasons:
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    I respectfully disagree with the author's belief that Clinton will cook up
    some way to stay in power. I have two main reasons:

    1. The CIA backed Bush in the election. The CIA has had a hard-on against
    the Democrats since the "Halloween Massacre" of Jimmy Carter, when he
    fired the entire covert action division. It took them years to rebuild,
    under Republican Reagan/Bush.

    2. There are rumblings that Clinton has higher aspirations after leaving
    office, namely getting the job of Sec. General of the United Nations.
    If this happens it will set a new political precedent for ex-Presidents.

    One last thing. Don't forget that only the CIA has the power to keep
    something as big as Cheney's prior heart attacks a secret from the
    public. Americans don't vote for infirm candidates, they want healthy
    men with steady fingers on the buttons, not shakey ones.

    There seems to be a never-ending supply of "oh shit" theories and guesses --
    and even outright hallucinations as to what's going on in America. Whenever
    you find yourself saying "oh shit!" after reading some email, ask yourself
    if it seems A) possible B) intentional disruption/distraction. If the enemy
    can keep you distracted, or provoke someone to a violent act, it is in
    their interest.

    Best regards,
    CAFRs Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFR), state government

    Texas State 1997 CAFR - It lists under the "local Government Investment
    Pool" $5.5 Trillion.

    California State CAFR 1997, lists total investment assets of about $3
    trillion "BUT" in the notes it will direct you for the complete accounting
    to the "Legal Basis Comprehensive Report" showing $12 trillion under

    Just so we don't miss the most basic point here, composite government has
    amassed in total liquid assets, $60 trillion dollars plus. The total net
    worth of the private sector is $25 trillion.

    There are 10,000 cell operations that make up the whole. The principle of
    operation is: Through trickle down economics, just enough revenue is
    released to the public to keep the chipmunk running on the treadmill
    chasing the carrot, as they, the composite government boys, tap off 80% of
    the energy from the treadmill, thus keeping the public working at optimum
    efficiency. Why do you think Gorbachev went democratic?

    Composite Government funds ( this is our tax money, folks ) , listed as
    institutional fund, own 71% of Xerox Corp., 41% of AT&T, 57% of Motorola,

    Insurance company equity participation, (mandated federal law 1968 enacted
    1978 fully in effect, for 1/3 of the value of the insurance policy, to be
    on deposit and held by the insurance industry as a major catastrophe fund:
    New Jersey State 1998 CAFR is $34 Billion dollars, California is $1.2
    trillion dollars, Federal is $3.6 trillion. The revenue in the catastrophe
    fund, 86-90% is provided by composite government investment funds. That's
    about $8 trillion. Do you know what the annual interest income is on $8
    trillion at 4 to 5%? Undisclosed tax through enactment of law on the
    insurance industry for the creation of the fund, where they, composite
    government, provided the revenue to meet the revenue requirements. Ever
    wonder why auto insurance rates are so high and payment is enforced by
    armed force? Well, lets see, Arizona, minimum coverage is $30,000 1/3 =
    $10,000, 5% annual interest on $10,000 = $500. Typical insurance is $658
    per year - $500 = $158 to the insurance company.

    FOREST... Look at THE FOREST...
    Composite totals show the clear and unequivocal financial take over of the
    wealth of this country from the people.

    Composite government pension funds = $28 trillion. The entire private
    sector will never realize that amount. Get the point?

    The CAFR has been hushed through cooperative nondisclosure to the
    public. Immediate disclosure OF THE NAME of the report to the public is
    paramount. As of 1998 large sums of revenue, fiduciary and trust funds,
    are not listed and are accounted for in other documentation noted in the
    CAFR. Prior year reports 1997-1975 are imperative to be looked at when
    following the money trail.

    The NAME OF THE GAME is composite totals which shows the degree of the
    financial takeover. Government has turned into a virus and the public is
    the host for that virus. The problem is that the virus is now
    substantially bigger than the host..

    Please get the word out today so that the public can see the forest for the
    first time.

    Special thanks to:

    Walter J. Burien, Jr.

    PO Box 11444
    Prescott, Arizona 86304
    email: cevi@aol.com 


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