Two Legal Cases

...which impact greatly on the question of "freedom" in America

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    Two Legal Cases
    ...which impact greatly on the question of "freedom" in America

    Vultures in Eagle's Clothing

    Vultures In Eagle’s Clothing Preface

    It is Ignorance that Forfeits Freedom. Our Ultimate Weapon is Knowledge.
    You Cannot be Both Ignorant and Free!


    By Lynne Meredith

    Just as I was finishing the transcript for this book, the doorbell rang. I opened the door to
    find two Jehovah Witnesses with huge grins on their faces. One exclaimed, "You know
    how you've always been told that the only two things you have to do in life is to pay taxes
    and die?" I just nodded and smiled as she continued, "We're here to tell you that you don't
    have to die!" I responded by exclaiming, "Then there's good news for both of us, because
    I'm here to tell you that you don't have to pay the income tax!"

    You'll have to research your Bible to find the truth about eternal life. However, this book
    will prove, conclusively, that if you are an American Citizen, living and working within one
    of the 50 states, freely exercising your natural and fundamental Right to support yourself
    and acquire property (including compensation) by contracting your labor in an occupation
    of common right, the fruits of your labor (your compensation) is NOT taxable. You are NOT
    any of the "persons," referred to in the Internal Revenue Code, who are "liable for," "made
    liable for," "subject to," or "required" to pay the graduated Income Tax!

    Every year the media feeds the American public horror stories about some well known "tax
    protester" who has been imprisoned and/or who has relinquished all of their worldly
    possessions to the IRS. This media hype is a deliberate (and so far very successful)
    attempt to frighten American Citizens into paying a tax which is, by the Internal Revenue
    Service's own admission, VOLUNTARY. What the IRS does not tell us is that these Citizens
    broke no law but were merely 'presumed' to be "taxpayers." This is because they unwittingly
    volunteered into the purview of the graduated Income Tax system by filing W-4 and 1040 Forms and
    then did not implement the proper legal procedure to "un-volunteer." Further, rather than challenging
    the fact that they were not subject to the graduated income tax, they built their cases around the
    issue of whether or not their non-payment of the tax [which they acquiesced to owing] was "willful,"
    meaning done with evil intent. What the media fails to tell us are the stories of the tens of thousands
    of Americans who have WON their battles with the IRS! These ENLIGHTENED Citizens, armed with
    irrefutable truths, bravely stood, unwavering, against the tyrannical bluffs of the IRS and won! They
    have received letters from the ominous IRS stating; "We agree you are not legally required to file a
    1040 Return!" These Citizens learned and exerted their rights. The IRS had no choice but to agree.

    Educated American Citizens are the Internal Revenue Service's greatest nightmare! They
    have stopped the misapplication of the law by the IRS in its tracks! The IRS is powerless
    over these free Citizens.

    Most Citizens pay Income Taxes out of a patriotic duty to support America. The abhorrent
    truth is Individual tax dollars DO NOT support America! Instead, as this book will
    document, they are used to support a privately owned and NEVER AUDITED banking
    institution Senator McFadden (Chairman of the House Banking and Currency Committee
    for over ten years) once called, "one of the most corrupt institutions the world has ever
    known!!" This is the Federal Reserve which is no more Federal than Federal Express! It is
    owned by eight primarily foreign, private bankers who intend to establish a monopolistic,
    global economy under their control. When you learn the truth about the Federal Reserve
    and the IRS, you'll realize paying the graduated Income Tax is as patriotic as paying
    extortion to the mafia!

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