Official Investigative Report-JFK Jr. MURDERED!

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    Official Investigative Report-JFK Jr. MURDERED!
    John Quinn / Newshawk


    We at NewsHawk have received the following assessment of the demise John
    F. Kennedy Jr. from an agent connected to an INTERNATIONAL criminal
    investigative organization. This agent has been on location at Martha's
    Vineyard and eastern Long Island and, along with his team, has had DIRECT
    ACCESS to the wreckage and debris resulting from the plane crash, personal
    contact with eyewitnesses to an AIRBORNE EXPLOSION in the area where
    Kennedy's plane was destroyed and contact with air traffic and Vineyard
    airport personnel. For obvious reasons this agent must keep his identity and
    that of his employer confidential.

    The assessment of this highly trained, top-notch international team?
    John F. Kennedy Jr. was murdered.

    Read it and weep, America.

    John Quinn/NewsHawk

    Nature -- Suspect.
    Repeat -- Suspect.
    Case review -- Final -- notwithstanding review.
    Request open Status pending Final.
    Eyes Only -- Chief Bureaus.

    Subject, John F. Kennedy, Jr., left Essex County Airport, Caldwell, N.J., at 8:38
    P.M. Friday, July 16, 1999 in a Piper Saratoga II TC. Aircraft was built in 1995,
    purchased last year by subject. It has been reported to have been in excellent
    condition -- simple and comfortable to fly. Subject did NOT file a flight plan (?)
    and it is suspected he altered his route. We strongly suspect this to be true
    because subject KNEW he was under surveillance.

    Visibility was eight (8) miles -- I say again -- visibility was eight (8) miles.
    Media reports of "hazy" or "foggy" conditions are untrue.

    Subject's flight path took him over the Connecticut shore. After passing over
    the south-Western tip of Rhode Island aircraft banked and began its approach
    to Martha's Vineyard Airport at 9:26 P.M. Subject was expected at airport by
    no later than 10:00 P.M. At 9:39 P.M. JFK radioed the Martha's Vineyard
    Airport giving his location. Subject was completely calm, giving no indication
    of any difficulties, stating that he was making his final approach, no more
    than 10 miles from the shore, and 13 miles from the airport. Subject then
    began his (final) descent. Subject was at 5,600 feet when he headed out over
    the ocean. When he radioed at 9:39 P.M., 17-18 miles West of Martha's
    Vineyard, he was at 2,500 feet. When detected on radar 29 seconds later, he
    was at 1,800 feet, 16 miles West of Martha's Vineyard. He was then lost off
    radar. No MAYDAY was ever heard. Tower personnel at Martha's Vineyard
    Airport verified previous data.

    Within app. 10 seconds of this final radio contact at 9:39 P.M., an aircraft
    fitting the description of the subjects (aircraft) and in that same general
    location was identified on Radar by both Military personnel and Martha's
    Vineyard Airport tower personnel as descending 1,200 feet in 12 seconds -- a
    full, head-long dive, in other words.

    A reporter for the Vineyard Gazette newspaper told WCVB-TV in Boston that
    he was out walking Friday night about the time of the crash and saw a "big
    white flash in the sky" just off Philbin Beach. Luggage, a tire, plexiglas,
    pieces of the cowling have all washed up on Philbin Beach. Said reported
    has now partially recanted his story by stating that "perhaps It was a bright
    light from an explosion, but he just cannot be sure". Reporter has been
    "gotten to", compromised. Unknown as to by who, at this time. Several local
    news reports initially (reported) that several people SAW and HEARD an
    explosion in the air over the ocean South of Martha's Vineyard towards
    Eastern Long Island, at the same time that subject's plane "went missing".
    We have confirmed these reports by speaking with 4 of the witnesses whom
    have asked to remain anonymous. Detected definite fear on their part.

    All evidence at this time indicates that aircraft was in a fiery, head-long crash
    dive within seconds after the 9:39 radio transmission. Aircraft was equipped
    with a radar transponder That transmit a 4-digit ID code and the altitude.
    Aircraft contained a 406 MHz satellite distress beacon which would have
    notified the FAA of exact lat. & long. Device was NOT Activated. Believe
    reason as aircraft disintegrated instantly. Coast Guard claims of an
    Emergency beacon thought to belong to this aircraft being activated and
    heard, by the Coast Guard at 3:40 A.M., Saturday, in Long Island, New York,
    are as yet unsubstantiated.

    Subject has been reported by all interviewed, including 3 flight instructors, to
    be an excellent pilot who did not take chances. Subject had logged many
    hours and had acquired an abnormal amount of expertise for an individual
    holding a pilots license for only 15 months. In fact, it has been reported that
    JFK, Jr. had logged enough hours, and acquired enough expertise to qualify
    as a Commercial Pilot! He had passed instrument checks with no reported
    difficulties. Although subject did not like Flying at night, all information
    indicates he did so efficiently. Media's reports of "pilot error", "failed
    instrument test and checks" and "scared to fly at night" are patently untrue.
    Standard American Media disinformation.

    When SK Alpha team began investigating weather anomalies and any
    possible phenomena, (weather), Radar images/data that have proven useful
    in such investigations, to include the observations of Electromagnetic/ radio
    frequency phenomena, where discovered to be missing from the archives for
    the Eastern Long Island/Martha's Vineyard area during the two (2) critical
    hours in which JFK Jr's Plane apparently crashed/disappeared. This is/was
    more than suspect. After demanding said data from air control personnel, and
    receiving stammering, red- faced explanations as to it's whereabouts, team
    notes data has been intentionally "misplaced", or in fact lost. This indicates
    that the subject's aircraft was indeed "shot out of the sky", with either a C4
    charge, placed aft the cabin, a bomb, activated on descent by a barometric
    switch or a Particle Beam Laser, fired from Montauk Point.

    Agency is quite familiar with the evil legacy of Montauk Point. Technology
    reputed to be null and void is in fact known to be in existence there, and
    being employed against the American public. This includes not only this
    Laser, but (MK-Ultra) mind-control, Remote Viewing, the infamous "Montauk
    chair", and so on. We strongly suspect one of the technologies was used
    against subject's aircraft. Currently, evidence points to the Laser, although
    this cannot be completely substantiated.

    Intrigue Assessment is based on following facts:

    A bright light, or explosion was observed by app. 10 people in the area of the
    aircraft's disappearance.

    The headrest, steering yoke, pieces of the cowling, plexiglas and carpeting
    where literally torn apart from/off the plane, floating up on Gay Head Beach.
    This indicates a mid-air explosion not a stall and crash. Debris from the crash
    have also been washing up on the West end of Martha's Vineyard, creating a
    very wide spread area of destruction (in other words, the remains of the
    aircraft are spread out over a very large area of space on the Ocean,
    indicating a mid-air explosion, not a stall and crash).

    Team has examined all recovered physical evidence and corroborates
    damage assessment. Recorded conversations with air traffic control all
    indicate a calm, relaxed pilot in full command of the flight, with no difficulties
    in the final approach. Seconds after the last transmission, the explosion was
    observed and contact was lost with subject's plane. Previously mentioned
    weather and electromagnetic/radio frequency data has been lost, or
    misplaced. Since this typically NEVER happens, a cover-up of some sort is
    strongly suspected.

    The wings of the aircraft where NOT torn off, which they would have been
    had subject's plane gone into uncontrollable dive, as being reported by the
    American press. If aircraft had had engine trouble, as reported, it
    should/could have simply gone into a slow glide and made a soft-water

    No MAYDAY was ever heard, indicating catastrophic occurrence. No satellite
    distress beacon was activated, indicating pilot did not have time to do so.
    Forensics and physical evidence thus far in regards to suitcases, pieces of the
    aircraft, etc., indicate a violent explosion of some sort, but not that of a C4
    type device.

    The aircraft plummeted from the sky at Terminal Velocity. All reports from
    subjects flight instructors indicate a very good pilot, who did not take
    unnecessary chances or risks. Qualified for all aspects of flight for the
    particular aircraft being flown. The chances of him losing control and
    plummeting in the manner now being described by the mass media is almost

    We have learned that subject was preparing to either run against Hillary
    Clinton in the New York Primary, or for the Presidency in 2000 (which we
    believe he would have won). Knowing Clinton's methods of political intrigue,
    and the app. 300 murders he and his wife are guilty of, it is possible this is
    three more to add to the tally. Also, knowing the saga of the Kennedy
    bloodline, and the Illuminati's obsession with this bloodline issue, the
    Kennedys certainly being a member of this organization, it is entirely possible
    that these murders where ordered by (the Illuminati) because of a reported
    feud between the Kennedys and the Rockefellers or the Cameron's. The
    Kennedy's have long been very unhappy with the (Illuminati) due to the
    murder of JFK, Sr., having been threatened and blackmailed into silence.

    Every indicator points towards JFK, Jr. having "had enough" of this
    humiliation and planning on turning his magazine "George" into a true
    political vehicle for change. For the American public, not for the New World
    Order. In fact, he had already begun this process by publishing factual
    exposes on George Wallace and the Rabin assassination. This alone is
    enough to have gotten him killed.

    Subject had begun looking into his Father's murder, and had developed plans
    to slowly expose those involved (in his magazine). Also; subject was
    preparing to interview Attorney General Janet Reno for a fall issue of his
    magazine, focusing on women in politics. Kennedy requested the interview
    by telephone and letter several weeks ago and, to help advance his request,
    had made sure that Justice Department officials had copies of previous issues
    in which he had interviewed well-known public figures.

    Among those Kennedy previously interviewed were Secretary of State
    Madeleine Albright; former White House press secretary Mike McCurry; Nation
    of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan; evangelist Billy Graham; and Richard Mellon
    Scaife, a wealthy contributor to conservative groups. After an introduction by
    Kennedy, the interviews were published in question-and-answer format.
    Information we have received indicates that there was concern over the
    nature and content of some of the questions subject intended to ask (Janet
    Reno). Apparently, in a change of venue, the format of his questions had been
    (changed), deciding instead to broach such subjects as Waco, the failed
    impeachment of Clinton, the refusal to indict Gore for campaign contribution
    abuses, Johnny Huang and so fourth. It would appear that these questions
    were too "close to home", in a sense, requiring Reno to either tell the truth
    concerning her failure to do her job and fulfill the oath she took to uphold the
    Constitution, or once again commit perjury in a public (format). This fits with
    the known change in political awareness and direction of the subject.

    Subject's wife may have been pregnant. Again, the bloodline obsession of the
    Illuminati, not wanting to risk another JFK (for the people) and his offspring,
    had them killed instead. There has long been rumors from this evil entity that
    it was considered a mistake that when in 1963 JFK, Sr. was killed, that the
    remaining family were allowed to live. Perhaps they decided to "rectify that

    The American Press/mass media are now releasing news reports that are far
    from factual. In fact, they can be considered, at best, to be (classic)
    disinformation, if not outright lies.

    In the initial reports that where released, the essential truth of the situation,
    the facts were there. However, what is now being reported is (essentially)
    leaving out the essence of truth and simply glossing over what actually
    occurred. Again, what we regard as standard American Press procedures,
    disinformation at best. This strongly indicates a cover-up, or else the truth
    would still be reported.

    Although requested onsite by Federal agencies, team has been coerced to
    "back off", albeit subtly and quietly. This particular tactic speaks well for
    itself. We have not "backed off", nor will we.

    Kennedy family will NOT comment, other than a prepared speech by
    Caroline. End of prepared statement definitely indicates full knowledge and
    awareness of events surrounding JFK Jr's murder. We attempted to interview
    her, but there were 6 other individuals surrounding her, rendering meaningful
    dialog almost non-existent.

    Subject was a qualified pilot, in control of his flight, flying a reasonably new
    aircraft, in excellent condition. Visibility was 8 miles. Wind, calm. All
    indication from Forensics and Physical evidence investigations lend
    themselves to a violent explosion, either from an altitude or barometric
    pressure device, or from a Particle Beam Laser. Aircraft "broke up" in mid-air,
    as evidenced by widespread debris gathered from the ocean and several
    different beaches, and the nature of collateral damage to recovered aircraft
    parts, and items on board or from (the aircraft) such as the headrest, foot
    pedals, steering yoke carpeting and so fourth. All showed signs of violent
    damage, having been "ripped" or blown from their normal
    positions/locations. This can only be caused by an onboard explosion, or an
    attack by a missile or Laser.

    Considering the nature of current political leanings of subject, and today's
    political atmosphere in America, and the before mentioned facts, there is
    little doubt that subject was assassinated. In fact, team considers this a
    Political Assassination of the highest order. It was meant to alleviate a
    potential threat to the ruling elite. And it succeeded.
    ohn, where have you been?? ...John Kennedy Jr WAS
    murdered. ALL the info surrounding his death was
    contrived. If you search your heart AND your memory..the
    culprit becomes obvious. There WAS NO Fog that night...the
    VFR was over 50 miles! (NO FOG) The LASER canon at Montauk
    fried his plane and all in it. The NAVY found their seered
    bodies...cremated same...and re-buried them in the ocean!
    This was when Hillary was runing for the Senate even
    though JOHN devried his try for same! Need I say more??



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