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    To whom it may concern,

    Hey, it is enough! Iím tired of this fantasy that Gore won the popular vote, because it is not true, and Iím sure it will not be long before everyone in the country knows about all the massive vote fraud that has been taking place in America, probably since the Great Depression era.

    Most people do not register to vote, and most of those who do, donít bother to even vote, because many folks donít trust the government with information about our political views.

    I ran for Congress, personally handed my vote to an election official in the election office, and my vote was thrown out; I voted for Bush.

    So stop complaining that Gore won the popular vote, because the majority does not even vote for the corruption running our nation, and those in the countryís election offices change the vote the way they like if they can get away with it; they did it on national TV and still act like they were done some injustice because such a overwhelming majority of voters are sick of this Godless socialism, that hides behind Christianity and evolution, but could steal enough votes to keep them in power. If they donít like the Republic that protects minorities, why do they use the class struggle strategy to gain power without working for it? Iíll let you figure that out; maybe if you look at China you could find a clue.

    Congressional Candidate Bob Todd District 2 Northern California

GORE LOST POPULAR VOTE TOO!!!! (Congressional Candidate Bob Todd District 2 Northern California) (14-Jan-01 23:23:27)

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