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Will the Real Howard Zinn Online Please Stand Up?
Fri Jan 14, 2005 14:37


Will the Real Howard Zinn Online Please Stand Up?

Apparently, enthusiasm for Prof. Zinn's works and radical/leftist causes in general is spiraling out of control. Recently another site titled Howard Zinn Online has popped up at The site is a very thorough, complete collection of Howard Zinn-related resources, and is designed remarkably well to boot. Check it out!

Because the new site does such a good job, I will no longer try to keep an updated list of all things related to Zinn on this site. Instead, I'd like to broaden this site's services, by reopening the message boards, collecting educational resources and otherwise serving as a gathering place for people interested in radical history.

I encourage you to email me with other ideas for the "Get Involved" page, contribute to the message boards, send me educational materials, and otherwise help generate more information and ideas for the people who come to this site. I hope you enjoy the new focus.
Get Involved

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After a not-so-brief hiatus, is back online. Special thanks to Eric Ness who started this site in 2001. Please check back often for updates on Howard Zinn projects, writings, interviews, speaking engagements and events.

Here's what's new:

Democracy Now!: radio and TV news
... authors and actors and fans of Professor Howard Zinn, celebrating Zinn's tremendous
achievement ... Amy Goodman on CSPAN's Booknotes Read Transcript. ...

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