Better Comparison: Boston Tea Party against Fed Taxation
Fri Jan 14, 2005 23:35


This article had me warmed up, reciting history, to fight the despotism of the Federal Leviathan, and the Masters of the "Federal Reserve", who tax Americans into slavery, while erecting tyranny over their heads. The Bank of England is at the head of the Federal Reserve (, and Americans are back in the same fix while believing to be free. As long as their deception continues, no Boston Tea Party will occurr, which would be impugned as an act of "coercive intimidation"--"terrorism"--the reason the Patriot Act was passed.

But, as usual, this NewswithViews author plays the minor chord when it comes to concert action, which makes one wonder why this path of distraction on a much, much, much lesser (though important) item is pushed to the fore of the agenda. After this good build up they call for citizen patrol of the Mexican border? And compare that to the Boston Tea party? What would Paul Revere or Samuel Adams say to that, given the Federal usurper that requires its "taxation without (real) representation today"! Is illegal imigration the heart of the problem, or a tool that is being used for manipulation?

The tyranny is not the illegal imigration, but the Federal Master that makes citizen's slaves (soon to be complete with national ID cards, and internal checkpoints, limiting driving our own cars freely) while letting foreign nationals have more space....which also gives them excuse to increase "security", by demands like this, which increases tyranny over Americans constitutional rights even more. It is all part of their game, and this author has fallen into it, or is misdirecting others perfectly into their trap. Every year about this time a decoy agenda comes up, until April 15th.

April 1st is indeed appropriate for this ruse--an April fools joke launched to distract patriots! They will laugh all the way to the bank (literally), when on April 15th the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Chase, Solomon, et al, will be in their counting houses counting all the COERCED AND FRAUDULANT TAXES PAID TO THEM BY PEOPLE WHO DARE TO CALL THEMSELVES "PATRIOTS"! Can anyone picture Patrick Henry paying the Stamp tax for the King, a few pennies, let alone over 20 to 30 percent of his income?

If things go as normal, as in past years through April 15th, without another 'Tea Party' to resist King George's taxes, Patriots will again be a laughingstock to the Federal masters who have again scared everyone into compliance (using "intimidation"--terrorism) "paying the tribute" money for slavery under the U.S.A., Inc.--and 20 to 30 percent of their income, and 6% to social security, plus phone taxes, property (lease) taxes, sales taxes, business taxes, car taxes (registration), etc! HAS ANYONE HAD ENOUGH OF FUNDING TYRANNY AND GLOBAL WARS FOR THE NEW WORLD ORDER, AND PAYING FOR THE OVERTHROW OF THEIR OWN TATTERED REMAINS OF CONSTITUTIONAL GOVERNMENT, BY SECRET SOCIETY ELITES? How can anyone say they want liberty, while they are willing to pay for tyranny! The least that everyone could do is begin to starve it!

Since numbers matter, especially in defense, why not another TAX REVOLT, TO SEND THE ZIONISTS A MESSAGE? Watch them panic! And do not fall for the Flat Tax, or National Sales Tax, "reform" methods, either of which "feeds the hand that bites us"! Why pay tribute to a government that kills its own citizens, complicitly, for political leverage, and deception, like Operation Northwoods proposed, as was done on 9/11, or sacrifices its own sons and daughters, claiming to "defend freedom", while advancing despotism? Will Americans obey the Federal tyrant absolutely, forever, without ever resisting, again this year, in 2005? "Tax withholding" should take on a whole new meaning!!

It is your money, and property, from your labor, not the government's!! If they would defend our constitutional and Christian liberty, and restrain themselves from global tyranny as well, then we could talk "tax reform" for a fairer system. But not under this! Is anyone weary or angry yet in making bricks for the new Pharoahs' Egypt, or feeling the warning of the taskmaster's whip? The same Obelisk is in Washington D.C. you know, as was in Egypt, and there is a reason.

Leviathan has an unbelievably large appetite, and he weakens and becomes provoked when deprived of just a little (believing he is starving), and has a more difficult time putting forward his "kinder-gentler" face and asking for your pretended vote (a clever trick to render submission). But at least you would know that you are not bowing to him. It is amazing the strength of many when they stand together in defiance of such a Monster, and it does not take a majority, but a very determined minority. Why not now? If not now, when? It is long past the time to face the Federal Beast down, and the States and their "Corporate businesses" are not friendly either, being puppet governors and merchandisers for Washington's throne, who feeds them "federal grants" and "tax breaks", respectively, to bribe their obedience.

Some of us have already made New Year's resolutions for 2005, and one of those is to starve the Beast, and avoid the taskmaster's whip. Americans began to drink coffee instead of tea from England, remember. It could happen again, if enough are willing to shift their lifestyles from "the passing pleasures of Egypt", as Moses did when he began to resist Pharoah. It led to a liberation that made history.

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