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Coincidence defying facts
Sat May 19 16:14:00 2001

Coincidence defying facts -- by: Brian Downing Quig

In support of my theory that the OKC BOMBING was intended to lead to the DREAM
BUST OF THE CENTURY I offer the following:

In any court of the land Tim McVeigh's phone calls to ELOHEM CITY directly after
making the call to RYDER to rent the truck and 25 minutes after actually taking
possession of the RYDER truck would have been considered strong circumstantial
evidence of an ELOHEM CITY involvement in the plot. It would have been
sufficient to convict in the minds of the American public. Surely these calls
are as convincing as the photo of Lee Oswald with the communist newspapers in
one hand and the gun used to kill the president in the other that was published
on the cover of LIFE MAGAZINE. In 1963 it did not matter that this photo was a

And a bust of the hate groups at ELOHEM CITY would have been a fulfillment of
the promises FBI Director Louis Freeh and Ron Noble made in Germany in 1993 that
they would do something about the American Neo-Nazi agitators stirring up the
right wing in Germany when Dennis Mahon was the most active person doing this.
Never mind that the leaders there were on the government's payroll. The
public's perception is what counts. Ambrose Evens Pritchard lays this out in
his book THE SECRET LIFE OF BILL CLINTON on page 93.

The implanting of the "2 mid eastern looking men in blue jogging suits running
toward a brown truck" in front of the Murrah building minutes before the
bombing, and the blue jogging suit and electrical tools found in the luggage of
Abraham Amad in Athens, smelled of the same fabrication as the Oswald photo. An
APB was issued and then withdrawn and then discarded just like the trail leading
back to ELOHEM CITY was discarded.

My theory of why the PRIMARY SCAPEGOAT SCENARIO, home grown terrorists in league
with foreign terrorists, had to be discarded is simple. When all the devices in
the Murrah building did not detonate the damage pattern was not believable on
the world stage. The primary concern of the bombers was to destroy the crime
scene as quickly as possible. The overall plan needed to be changed. The plot
needed to be made as small as possible. One man did it alone.

The plot to assassinate President Kennedy started out with David Atlee Phillips,
CIA Director of Western Hemisphere announcing that Oswald had met with a top KGB
assassination supervisor at the Cuban Embassy in Mexico City. Never mind that
that incident was fabricated. Then when Oswald eluded the original plan for him
to be eliminated at the crime scene the plan had to be changed. One man did it

We all know the details in the DENVER POST article below. Now would be a good
time to review them in the light of what I have just written. Are there not
more than a dozen coincidence defying facts in that article alone?


Brian Downing Quig quig@dcia.com

Denver Post, Howard Pankratz
March 11 1996

....At the time of the Oklahoma City blast, Strassmeir lived at a
commune called Elohim City in northeast Oklahoma founded by Robert
Millar, a close friend and spiritual adviser to white supremacist
Richard Snell.

Snell, a member of the Covenant, the Sword and the Arm of the Lord
(CSA), in 1984 killed a black Arkansas state trooper and a Texarkana,
Ark., pawnshop owner he thought was Jewish. He was convicted and
sentenced to death for the pawn broker's killing. Four of Snell's five
death warrants were signed by then-Gov. Bill Clinton.
Snell's highly publicized execution took place 12 hours after the
Oklahoma City bombing. After the execution, Millar took Snell's body
to Elohim City, where it is buried.

Strassmeir said in an affidavit filed in the criminal case against
McVeigh that he met McVeigh at a Tulsa gun show shortly after the Waco
fire. He said McVeigh was selling fatigues and military clothing.
"I sold him a U.S. Navy combat knife with a sheath," Strassmeir said
in the affidavit. "Later I returned ... and bought a shirt, pair of
trousers and a pair of leather gloves from him. During this
transaction we discussed the events that transpired at Waco ...
"As near as I can remember, we both agreed that it wasn't right for
the government to use such force against a religious group or to kill
them for what they believed in." In the affidavit, Strassmeir said he
gave McVeigh a business card belonging to Elohim City and Robert
Millar, and may have told McVeigh that his name was "Andy."
According to the affidavit, Strassmeir said that was his only
contact with McVeigh. Only later did he learn that the FBI and
McVeigh's defense team claimed McVeigh had tried to reach him at
Elohim City.

On the day of the bombing, Strassmeir said he was at Elohim City
mending fences.
According to Hollaway, Strassmeir moved back in with him and brought
McVeigh's Army fatigues with him after he left Oklahoma.
Hollaway said McVeigh's name was ripped from the clothing. However,
the clothing still bears McVeigh's initials and the "Big Red One"
patch identifying McVeigh's Army unit.

While living at Elohim City, Strassmeir met another resident, Dennis
Mahon, the former Oklahoma Grand Dragon of the White Knights of the Ku
Klux Klan. On several occasions, Strassmeir said in the affidavit, he
stayed with Mahon in Tulsa while attending gun shows or traveling in
the area.

Shortly after the bombing, Elohim City became the home of CSA
founder Jim Ellison, whose compound was raided by federal and state
agents on April 19, 1985, exactly 10 years before the Oklahoma bomb

The CSA was closely linked to The Order, the Neo-nazi group that in
1984 killed Denver talk show host Alan Berg. Some members of CSA were
members of The Order. In 1987, members of both the CSA and The Order
were indicted for plotting to overthrow the government.
However, all eventually were acquitted by a federal jury in Fort
Smith, Ark.

Ironically, Ellison testified for the government. Hollaway says
Strassmeir left Elohim City because of his distaste for Ellison - a
"government informant."
In what Hollaway likened to an "Oliver Stone"-like scenario -
referring to conspiracy theories featured in the film "JFK" - he said
McVeigh's lawyers now are raising the possibility that Strassmeir,
Mahon and others may have a link with the Oklahoma City tragedy.
In court documents, McVeigh's attorney Stephen Jones claims that
Mahon told the defense that he was an explosives expert, had bombed
buildings in the past, and had been denied admission to England
because Interpol listed him as an international terrorist.
Hollaway, helped Strassmeir leave the United States early this year
out of fear that the government might jail him.

Hollaway said that to imply that he, Lyons, Mahon or Strassmeir were
involved with Oklahoma City was "ridiculous."



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