Break down fractional reserve banking
Break down fractional reserve banking
Sat Jan 15, 2005 23:59


I've heard of Ken Vardon berfore. You can't be at my level of Federal reserve activism, and not have heard of him. But its my first time on the website. I'm really glad to see how high you are ranked on yahoo, when you typr in the words " federal reserve facts". I'm also happy my own site ranks high, using the same words.
I read through your federal reserve material. I not only agree with the accuracy of the content, but I like the way you break down fractional reserve banking. It is incredibly important for Americans to understand how it works.

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I shall let other websites deal with possible Federal Reserve conspiracies. My goal is getting hardcore facts out to all Americans. Information is, by far, the most powerful tool a people can have to remain free.

What is the Federal Reserve System?

Where did it come from? Who designed it? And why?

All these questions are the first steps on a long road to understanding the true nature of money, banking, and real power within our world.

FED critics say it is nothing more than a banking cartel/cabal or a very powerful federal agency. I think critics in both camps are 100% correct.

College professors galore will sing the praises of an "elastic currency" and how it benefits our nation and the whole world. Regardless of how unconstitutional it is.

All of that is for further discussion and debate. A forum I would gladly take active part in.

For now, I give you the FEDERAL RESERVE FACTS BOOKLET. All the essential information on its creation, intent, and possible future for America. Enjoy the read. Its a lot of "FED FACTS" for only $4.

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