Luckovich: Bush Unveils Iraq Strategy
Sun Jan 14, 2007 14:44

Luckovich: Bush Unveils Iraq Strategy
Posted on Jan 4, 2007

By Mike Luckovich

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Comment #45782 by Ben Takin on 1/05 at 1:46 pm

Is that a volcano or a money pit?

Comment #45763 by Moe Hare on 1/05 at 12:42 pm

What do Bush’s brain and a volcano have in common, they both are volatile, and have holes at the very top.

Comment #45684 by vet240 on 1/04 at 9:40 pm

If history is any measure of the potential for success of bu$hes “New Way Forward” it is bound for complete failure.
I think one of the best known “New Way Forward” champions was another war hero named Adolph Hitler.

Hitler knew better than his military leaders, after all he had achieved his glorious war experience where-in he achieved the rank of a lowly Corporal. In his time as “The Decider” in Germany, he fired and exacuted many General Officers who didn’t agree with his “Stradgedies”.

Bush on the other hand achieved the rank of 1st Leiutenant even though he went missing Nine months before the termination date of his obligation. No he didn’t go missing in Vietnam, he went missing in the good ol US of A.

Bush, in his Magnificance has now fired his top two Generals in Iraq. It seems they don’t believe “Send more troops” george is any more right now, than he (Bu$h) was when he signed off on the “We won’t need hundreds of thousands of troops” policy to prevail in Iraq at the beginning of his war.

Rather than a depiction of his ego as being a valcano, I think a flacid male member would have been more accurate.

Comment #45663 by Quy Tran on 1/04 at 6:43 pm

The devil shows his way leading to...HELL !

Comment #45655 by Polly Ester on 1/04 at 6:15 pm

Watta-ya-gonna-do--when you can’t find a virgin to sacrifice.

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