Bill Moyers: "This is the moment freedom begins"
Tue Jan 16, 2007 22:16

Bill Moyers: "This is the moment freedom begins"

"Big Media is Ravenous. It Never Gets Enough. Always Wants More. And it Will Stop at Nothing to Get It. These Conglomerates are an Empire, and they are Imperial."

"Virtually everything the average person sees or hears outside of her own personal communications, is determined by the interests of private, unaccountable executives and investors whose primary goal is increasing profits and raising the country's share price. More insidiously, this small group of elites determine what ordinary people do not see or hear. In-depth coverage of anything, let alone the problems real people face day to day, is as scarce as sex, violence, and voyeurism are pervasive. "

Broadcast - 01/16/07 - Democracy Now! - Audio Runtime 50 Minutes




Murtha proposes bill to choke funding for surge

By Eric Pfeiffer

Mr. Murtha said that he doesn't think Democrats can stop Mr. Bush from instituting the first wave of a troop surge, but that his panel will be able to pass legislation to stop further waves within a month. "I don't know how many troops they can get in the field before we get our bill up and passed in the Congress," he said.

John Murtha: “It’s a whole new Ballgame”

By Mike Whitney

Murtha is demanding that the administration “stop extending tours of duty, stop depleting our strategic reserves, and retrain returning soldiers so they can be ‘recycled’” according to the normal procedures. He knows that the military is gravely over-stretched, so he’s trying to derail the war with bureaucratic red tape.

President Bush: Meet Walter Jones

By Patrick J. Buchanan

I don't believe it. If tomorrow Bush took out Iran's nuclear facilities, would a Senate that lacks the courage to cut funds for an unpopular war really impeach him for denying a nuclear capability to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad? Bush's lawyers would make the same case Nixon made for the 1970 "incursion" into Cambodia – and even a Nixon-hating Democratic House did not dare to impeach him for that.

Where's the outrage?

By Gary Kamiya

A real antiwar movement would end our Iraq disaster. But the middle class doesn't care enough to protest, so the kids who go to community college will keep dying.

Escalation Against Iran

The Pieces Are Being Put in Place

By Col. Sam Gardner

The pieces are moving. They’ll be in place by the end of February. The United States will be able to escalate military operations against Iran.

More Blood for Oil

By Carl Bloice

Forget about all that stuff about Ethiopia having a 'tacit' o.k. from Washington to invade Somalia. The decision was made at the White House and the attack had military support from the Pentagon. The governments are too much in sync and the Ethiopians too dependent on the U.S. to think otherwise.

Chalmers Johnson: Republic or Empire

Audio Interview By Jeff Blankfort

Chalmers Johnson, author of Blowback and Sorrows of Empire, discusses the build-up of the US empire based on Keynesian military spending, its conflicts with the concept of the US as a republic, and its inevitable downfall.


Bomb blasts in occupied Baghdad leave 109 dead :

An explosion outside a Baghdad university as students were heading home for the day killed at least 65 people on Tuesday, in the deadliest of several attacks on predominantly Shiite areas.

Another 38 killed as U.S. occupation grinds on:

A total of nine bodies, including a policewoman, were found shot dead on Monday in different districts of the northern city of Mosul

Four U.S. occupation force soldiers killed in northern Iraq:

Four U.S. soldiers were killed by a bomb in northern Iraq on Monday, the military said in a statement on Tuesday.

UN : 34,000 Iraqi civilians killed during U.S. occupation in 2006:

Gianni Magazzeni, the chief of the U.N. Assistance Mission for Iraq in Baghdad, said 34,452 civilians were killed — an average of 94 per day.

US, Jordan, Syria Must Open Doors to Iraq Refugees:

The administration should significantly increase the number of Iraqi refugees it will resettle this year and contribute quickly and generously to the UN refugee agency's appeal for financial assistance, Human Rights Watch said

Spain seeks US soldiers' arrest :

Spain has issued an international arrest warrant for three US soldiers accused of causing the death of a TV cameraman during the Iraq war.

Officials cagey on driver shot in Iraq:

Foreign Affairs officials have refused to say whether the American contractor who was shot and killed by Australian troops in Baghdad on Saturday had an appointment at the Australian embassy.

Iraqis will never accept this sellout to the oil corporations:

The US-controlled Iraqi government is preparing to remove the country's most precious resource from national control

Saudi Arabia skeptical about Iraqi government:

President Bush's new plan to save Iraq got a skeptical reception from Saudi Arabia on Tuesday, as Washington's close ally questioned whether Iraq's weak government can rein in sectarian tensions and stabilize its neighbor.

MSNBC: Saudi Arabia mulls sending troops to Iraq :

NBC News' Andrea Mitchell reported on MSNBC that Saudi Arabia is mulling whether or not to send troops to Iraq, to "protect their interests" there.

Iraq vets' suicide rate soars:

While over 3,000 American soldiers have died in hostilities, a growing number have taken their own lives, often because of the horrors of fighting the war.

Service members join war protest:

Several dozen service members joined peace activists today to call for an end to the war in Iraq, part of a nationwide effort that links a growing group of active-duty protesters to the peace movement.

Mike Whitney: “When will this Nightmare End?”:

The war in Iraq is not an “ideological struggle against Islamic extremism”, as Bush avers, but a brutal colonial war aimed at Iraqi civilians; the rest is merely smoke and mirrors.

Selective Amnesia:

The pundits who sold the Iraq War change their tune and bury their records.

Iraq edges closer to Iran, with or without the U.S.:

The Iraqi government is moving to solidify relations with Iran, even as the United States turns up the rhetorical heat and bolsters its military forces to confront Tehran's influence in Iraq.

Dilip Hiro: Cords that cannot be broken:

Several months before his declaration in a televised speech on January 10 that the Pentagon would go after the Iranian networks in Iraq, President Bush signed secret orders authorising military action to counter Iran's ambitions in Iraq and the broader Middle East.

Iranian troops shoot down U.S. spy drone: report :

Iranian troops have shot down a U.S. pilotless spy plane, local Fars News Agency reported on Tuesday.

Allies 'go after' Iran as beefed-up naval force sails for Gulf:

Britain is joining an American military campaign to blunt Iranian influence in Iraq and the Gulf.

Russian missiles delivered to Iran: Ivanov:

Russia has delivered new anti-aircraft missile systems to Iran and will consider further requests by Tehran for defensive weapons, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov said on Tuesday.

Exiles train to overthrow Tehran :

>From their base the fighters cross the porous border into Iran to carry out attacks. Al Jazeera witnessed a group of highly motivated men carry out a mock attack on Iranian forces.

AP: Iran Gets Army Gear in Pentagon Sale :

A Pakistani arms broker convicted of exporting U.S. missile parts to Iran resumed business after his release from prison. He purchased Chinook helicopter engine parts for Iran from a U.S. company that had bought them in a Pentagon surplus sale.

30 "militant" killed in Pakistan :

Pakistani security forces Tuesday killed at least 30 "militants," including some foreign fighters, in the South Waziristan tribal district bordering Afghanistan, a military spokesperson said.

President dubs alleged Pearl killer MI6 spy:

Pakistan President General Pervez Musharraf has disclosed that Omar Sheikh, who kidnapped and murdered American journalist Daniel Pearl and is now facing death penalty, was actually the British secret Agency MI6’s agent and had executed certain missions on their behest before coming to Pakistan and visiting Afghanistan to meet Osama and Mullah Omar.

Israeli, Syrian representatives reach secret understandings :

In a series of secret meetings in Europe between September 2004 and July 2006, Syrians and Israelis formulated understandings for a peace agreement between Israel and Syria. The main points of the understandings are as follows:

Turkey plans to extend gas, oil and water pipelines to Israel :

Turkey and Israel have tentatively agreed on building a network of pipelines to ship oil, natural gas and water from Turkey to Israel, the The Turkish Energy Ministry said Tuesday.

Palestinians harassed by Jewish settler in Hebron cage :

Video obtained by B'Tselem shows just one example of suffering Palestinians endure on daily basis from Jewish settlers

Prof. Ilan Pappe: The Cleansing of Palestinians:

Audio: Prof. Pappe recounts details of the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians and the implications for today. This is a must listen

Olmert to face corruption probe :

Israel's justice ministry has said its chief prosecutor has ordered an investigation of Ehud Olmert, the country's prime minister, over his alleged role in the privatisation of Israel's second-largest bank.

Castro prognosis 'very grave' after failed surgery:

Fidel Castro is in a "very grave" condition after three failed operations, a Spanish newspaper reported today in the first detailed account of the Cuban leader's illness.

Bolivian governor calls off autonomy plans:

The governor of Cochabamba in central Bolivia said on Monday he will stop pressing for a referendum on regional autonomy, the issue that sparked deadly street clashes last week

U.S. guns pour into Mexico :

Arms race among drug cartels, end of ban in America result in flood of high-power weapons over border

Italy to give green light to U.S. air base expansion:

Italy will not object to U.S. plans to expand one of the largest American military bases in Europe, Prime Minister Romano Prodi said on Tuesday, despite divisions in his centre-left government over the Vicenza air base.

Democrats in Senate Fail to Block Bill on Ethics :

After campaigning for months on a promise to tighten ethics rules, Senate Democratic leaders tried unsuccessfully Thursday to block a measure that would shine a light on the shadowy practice of earmarking federal money for lawmakers’ pet projects.

Libby perjury trial will drag in Iraq policy :

The biggest US political court case for decades opened in Washington today when Lewis “Scooter” Libby, the former chief of staff to vice-president Dick Cheney, went on trial for perjury.

Passenger wins discrimination case :

John Cerqueira, a US citizen of Portuguese descent, charged that he was removed from a 2003 flight at Boston's Logan International Airport because he appeared Middle Eastern, and was denied service even after police determined he did not pose a threat.

Big Brother's new toy:

It will be powered by solar energy, and will stay in a geocentric orbit for up to a year, undetectable by ground-based radar. You can't see it from the ground. But it can see you.

Cold Snap Destroys Most Calif. Citrus:

Three nights of freezing temperatures have destroyed up to three-quarters of California's $1 billion citrus crop, according to an estimate issued Monday as forecasters warned the weather could continue.


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