Okay, Fine so Hustler's hip to 911 Truth
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Subject: Okay, Fine so Hustler's hip to 911 Truth
Date: Tue, 9 Jan 2007 23:49:37 EST
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Anyone who knows me can bet that I detest pornography. And that's true.

However, the smut filled rag, Hustler, has redeemed it's self just slightly by putting out this article on 911 Truth. It's simplistic at best (consider the audience), particularly when it comes to the Alex Jones comments. Yet it makes an effort without being openly condescending. Also, truthfully, Alex has a way of making complex global politics sound howdown/cartoonesk, painting the real threat of Globalization, Martial Law and The New World Order as your neighborhood cop in a Darth Vader mask. I'm in no way saying that Mr. Jones is not brilliant. He is. He just has, you know, that Alex Jones way of expressing himself. To me, it sounds better than it reads.

That being said, here you go-

Oh, and all contents is "G" rated ;>)



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