PETER KAWAJA replies to Kaminski on :'Power Hour' blocks
John Ray
PETER KAWAJA replies to Kaminski on : 'Power Hour' blocks
Wed Jan 14 17:17:28 2004

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Subject: PETER KAWAJA replies to Kaminski on : 'Power Hour' blocks Kaminski
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  "Dear John" - WELL FINALLY, you got your reality check.
  If this wasn't so funny I would be still rolling on the floor, but
  YOU like so many have been DUPED all these years.
  Everyone claiming to investigate and expose 9-11 still don't get it,
  but maybe now YOU, after first-hand experience with the madame, per
  your email below, have seen the light.
  Enemies of freedom for years have spread the lies that I have a
  "personal" issue with Riley, why does he go after her they say?
  YET YOU ALL have failed to UNDERSTAND or listen to me.
  The Perpetrators of 9-11 are the same of Gulf War I and II, and these
  are your enemies, not just mine.
  If you read on my website what ATTORNEY (lawyer) Linda
  Thompson (WACO) stated about Riley: (quote excerpt below)
  To: Wes Thomas
  From:  (Linda Thompson)
  Subject: Re: Joyce Riley
  You can publish it all day long. Every indication is Joyce Riley is not
  only a paid whore, I have other information that the people she works
  with are (1) military intelligence and (2) were involved with some major
  terrorism in this country.
  end excerpt.
  AND SO John Kaminski and all of you: WHO do you think the LAWYER
  Thompson was referring to when she wrote and published that Riley is
  working with people involved in MAJOR TERRORISM IN THIS COUNTRY
  WHY do you think Riley has NEVER authored any document about the U.S. or
  I have tried to explain it to you people: WHY do you think Peter Kawaja
  who is also Habib Peter Kawaja, who got the goods on the enemy HAD TO BE
  REPLACED? and Because I did not marry Riley and move to some land and
  GIVE HER my evidence - they used her to replace me to bring YOU the
  alternate storyline on GWS. Gulf War I like II were made up lies about
  Saddam and his WMD, and WHO and WHAT CAUSED GWS PLAGUES. Her storyline
  about the Riegle Report shifted the crimes to Saddam and A-rabs,
  Muslims, and away from the real perps.
  There are so many stories about how she has stolen money from widow's
  and veterans families, some of this aired on Clay Douglas shows, but
  there is MUCH MORE you do not KNOW. IT IS MUCH MORE THAN MONEY !
  Riley has LIED about who she is and what she is doing and I have called
  her many times on this. Chuck & Julianne Hamden (he was NSA) wrote a
  letter to Riley asking her to deny she was on the FED payroll to
  identify patriots and others at $1K a head, their daughter was
  mysteriously threatened by a man to be raped/murdered, and some of this
  is on audio that I did with Jackie Patru.
  COINCIDENCE? Of course it is. But then, why haven't you read much more/
  The Hamdens who used to write for my Veterans website - disappeared.
  You have been fed a LIE about the first Gulf War and why WACO, MURRAH,
  WTC/93 and WTC/9-11 are all tied together.
  Judeo-Kristan-Zionists are behind her support and even though a criminal
  investigation into her was initiated in Texas it was squashed.
  She has been used to keep Veterans from hearing what Peter Kawaja had to
  say to them and from supporting my Law Suit in which I charged the Bush
  Administration with Treason and War Crimes, and Crimes Against America.
  ALL the stories about IRAQIS was a LIE. The P.I.T. Plant was not owned
  by Iraqis, but a US/ISRAELI black operations. Their lawyer was a
  Israeli/Mossad agent and on and on.
  I will not take the time or space here to tell you what you should have
  known, except that there has always been recourse, evidence to show who
  was behind GW I, and how it ties to all these crimes against humanity.
  ALL THOSE WEBSITES where you see a LINK to The Power Hour, and ALL those
  Radio Hosts who praise her ARE treasonous Anti-American WHORES.
  Jackie Patru exposed Riley many years ago on her own. ALL Radio Hosts
  FAILED America. This is a RELIGIOUS war and sadly many who believe in
  THE CHOSEN ala their BIBLE, have prostituted themselves and sold out
  You all thought I am after Riley because it is a personal issue, NO - I
  am after her because it is a CRIMINAL ISSUE.
  I took it into the courts for all of you. They could not fight the case,
  and so I am after the weakest link, because one day enough people will
  listen to what I am saying and wake up - and the house will come down,
  because the enemy is truly inside the gates.
  To elaborate here on WHY the significance now of my evidence and what it
  means to 9-11 researchers is not possible. KNOW THAT - you now
  understand just one more piece of the puzzle and how sweet it is to see
  I do not have to convince you - many others have stories like Kaminski,
  the difference is, they kept quiet, they were threatened, see the info
  on my website about Abbie Bakaric, and there is MUCH MORE.
  Jackie Patru's radio show WAS PULLED several years ago when she had me
  on her show because I talked about who owned WWCR and about Zionist and
  You can listen to some of the 6 shows Jackie did, in excerpt form on my
  website, but understand, as Jackie herself explains, this is not to show
  you a personal discredit of Riley, it is to help you understand that
  there is MUCH MORE you need to know, and Peter Kawaja's information on
  Gulf War is NOT the same, it isn't that she is telling you what I should
  have been telling you else I would go away. SHE IS LYING TO YOU and YOU
  DO NOT KNOW the truth, but now you can tell WHO SHE IS PROTECTING, and
  WHY she cannot talk about ZIONISTS.
  Time has a way of making things come around.
  I am going to be doing my own Radio Shows on all of this, not on Riley,
  but on the perpetrators, stay tuned to my website for more information.
  Jackie Patru has been threatened and NOT allowed to have me on her show
  else I would have continued a series with Patru. I do not fault her for
  remaining on WWCR, at least she can say some of what needs to get out,
  but aparently even years later, they will NOT allow Peter Kawaja on her
  And now you know, just a little more of - THE REST OF THE STORY.
  Truly, there is a God of Justice and I have not given up on America. It
  will take a lot of shed blood but the bastards - our oppressors, will
  one day face world justice.
  Habib Peter Kawaja -
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  Free Vermont
  Subject: 'Power Hour' blocks Kaminski at last minute
  'Power Hour' blocks Kaminski at last minute
  Host objects to author's plan to speak about Zionist media influence
  By John Kaminski
  So there I was, waiting on the telephone, ready to be interviewed
  Wednesday morning (1/14/04) by Joyce Riley and Dave Van Kleist on their
  show, "The Power Hour," a radio webcast on the Genesis Communications
  It was to have been my third appearance on this network, having
  previously been a guest on shows hosted by Tom Valentine and John
  Stadtmiller. In addition, Stadtmiller has rebroadcast that interview. At
  three minutes of nine a.m., I called the number and was told by a polite
  voice to wait. A few minutes later, the voice came back on the line and
  said, "Uh, John? ... Joyce said she's going to have to reschedule you
  .... "
  Stunned, I said, "Huh?" The voice repeated his message. I stammered,
  "I've notified thousands of people to listen to this show. Well, this
  really tells me a lot about your program ... " and hung up, as my mind
  wandered back to the conversation I had with Riley the night before,
  when she asked what I would like to talk about.
  "I really only have three issues," I replied. "I usually talk about
  the same things all the time."
  "Well, what are they?" she queried.
  "The significance of 9/11 and the continuing coverup is the big
  one," I responded. "I believe 9/11 was the most important event in
  American history, and has significantly affected all world political
  events ever since. The attacks and subsequent coverup have literally
  changed the way the world works, and given carte blanche to a small
  group of rich and evil men who have totally subverted American democracy
  and are busy making money off the murder and misery of others and
  stealing large amounts of money from the American people themselves."
  "Um, OK ...." Riley said. "What else?"
  "Well, the second most important issue I talk about is Jewish
  Zionist control of the media. It is impossible for people make informed
  decisions about anything when they don't get the facts from those they
  rely upon for information ...."
  "Oh, I don't think we want to get into that much," Riley retorted.
  "We've gotten the word from our network people that they don't want too
  much of that subject."
  "Oh, really," I said, my eyebrows arching as if she had told me I
  was going to be replaced on the show by Dick Cheney. "Gee, that's funny,
  I talked a lot about this subject when I was on with Tom Valentine and
  John Stadtmiller on the same network. Do you suppose my appearances had
  something to do with the word you got from your bosses?"
  Riley didn't respond coherently; she just repeated this was a
  subject she didn't want to get into. I tried to resuscitate the issue.
  "Well, maybe we could just talk about how mainstream media doesn't cover
  many important issues," I mumbled, instantly hating myself for backing
  down on such an important issue.
  "We'll see," she answered. And the conversation wound down amiably,
  with no hint that my stated agenda had already queered the deal.
  As it happened, I had another radio chat last night, with the
  cheerful Jackie Patru on her shortwave show, "Sweet Liberty." And in the
  course of our chatter, I mentioned the exchange I had had with Joyce
  Riley, and that I was to be on her show the following morning. Jackie
  laughed knowingly. "You won't have any trouble talking about that
  subject on my show. It's way too important to ignore."
  So once again, my freedom of speech had been blocked by people who
  had initially sought me out, but then declined to broadcast what I had
  to say once they found out what it was. The first occurrence of this
  happened with Fox TV, which scheduled me for a midnight appearance with
  Alan Colmes to discuss my book and aspects of 9/11. Shortly before that
  was to occur, I received an e-mail saying I would have to be
  "rescheduled." Of course, I have not heard from them since. The second
  sudden cancellation came after a producer from the CBS AM radio
  affiliate in Seattle called me and scheduled a 7 a.m. Saturday morning
  gig. But after I e-mailed my acceptance of the offer and my curriculum
  vitae, I never heard from him again.
  To date, my only mainstream media appearance has been a hastily
  scheduled appearance on WLW-AM in Cincinnati, for which I had time to
  alert many other 9/11 activists, some of whom actually called, providing
  for a very productive blast of information about the coverup that was
  broadcast to 10 million people in 38 states. The host of that show, Bill
  Boshears, is still carrying on with his unobstructed pursuit of the
  truth, a rarity in this fetid age, especially on Clear Channel radio.
  So what did Power Hour listeners miss? What would I have said?
  Because the United States is run by a criminal syndicate that has
  merged the financial influence of the petroleum and pharmaceutical
  industries with the lawless behavior of the government, America is now a
  criminal nation, and all Americans, hiding in their self-centered,
  consumerist ignorance, are accessories to an awesome array of crimes
  against humanity.
  Our daily murders of innocent people in Third World countries have
  always been a blatant part of American foreign policy (that's the great
  blind spot of all U.S. citizens), but this carnage has been greatly
  accelerated by the general acceptance of the 9/11 myth, which focuses
  hatred outward onto brown-skinned Arab peoples even though the actual
  crime of 9/11 was devised, executed and continues to be covered up by
  rich white men in Washington, D.C.
  The Zionist takeover of the collective American mind has been more
  than a century in the making. Through the planned deterioration of the
  American educational system, the production of harmful and needless
  medications, products and services that keep the public anesthetized and
  disoriented, and the endless stream of xenophobic propaganda spewed
  forth by media which have absolutely no interest in either the health of
  individuals or the morality of political issues, the United States has
  become a robotized killing machine, spouting pre-programmed invective
  that vilifies all opposed to its crimes, an out-of-control monster that
  sickens and kills all those who come in contact with its demonic
  military might, including even those misguided souls who plan the
  atrocities and wield the weapons.
  Back in the late 1960s and early 1970s, public horror at the
  unnecessary butchery in Vietnam was able to put an end to an injust
  American invasion of an innocent country, primarily because the
  totalitarian consolidation of mass media had yet to be accomplished.
  Today, the story is different.
  No one in public life is willing to recognize that America is
  committing heinous crimes much worse than the alleged depredations of
  Hitler and Stalin. Our rationale for invading Iraq has been exposed as a
  total lie, and yet the American people stumble on, refusing to confront
  the shameful truth that we are the invading army, killing people for no
  good reason. Worse, no one in public life has the courage to explain how
  those people who died when New York City skyscrapers collapsed were
  killed by plans concocted by the same people who seek your votes on
  election day, and still talk about freedom and justice while they pocket
  checks from large corporations intent on profiting from rebuilding the
  faraway cities we reduce to rubble.
  I would have told "Power Hour" listeners that America's criminal
  behavior is rapidly coming home to roost, as behavior exhibited
  outwardly inevitably turns inward, and those reduced to bleeding poverty
  in other lands are actually the blueprint for what is going to happen to
  us, because those who wield power without restraint, those who crave
  conquest without moral purpose, will keep killing and robbing until
  there is no one left to kill and rob

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