Understanding 9/11:
Understanding 9/11:
Fri Jan 9 22:03:36 2004

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http://oilempire.us/understanding.html - Understanding 9/11: Incompetence, Pearl Harbor or Reichstag Fire?
Why restoring civil liberties - and dethroning King George Bush - requires exposing 911.

http://oilempire.us/2004.html - the next Presidential selection - a guide to the Democratic candidates
http://oilempire.us/911.html - the Achilles' heel of the Bush regime: a guide to the most credible investigations about the event that changed the world
http://oilempire.us/911families.html - 9/11 families demand answers - 9/11 widow sues Bush for his complicity
http://oilempire.us/911intro.html - introduction to unanswered questions of 9/11, the archeology of 9/11 evidence
http://oilempire.us/911why.html - deep politics: why 9/11 happened (pretext to invade oil fields and create police state)
http://oilempire.us/afghanistan.html - pipelines, poppies, al-Qaeda and control of Eurasia
http://oilempire.us/anniversaries.html - Anniversaries: other 9/11 dates (Bush's 1990 "New World Order" speech, 1973 Chile coup, 1941 Pentagon groundbreaking)
http://oilempire.us/anthrax.html - who sent the anthrax letters to the Democrats in the Senate?
http://oilempire.us/ballot.html - computerized voting machines were used to steal the 2002 Senate race - an honest presidential selection in 2004 would require paper ballots counted by hand
http://oilempire.us/braun.html - Carol Mosely Braun's ties to Nigerian dictatorship
http://oilempire.us/bush.html - the Bush dynasty
http://oilempire.us/bushbinladen.html - the business ties between the Bush and bin Laden dynasties
http://oilempire.us/chomsky.html - Where Noam will not roam - Chomsky's limited dissent. Supports the official stories of 9/11 and JFK
http://oilempire.us/clark.html - General Wesley Clark: war criminal in Yugoslavia, linked to drug money laundering in Arkansas
http://oilempire.us/conspiracy.html - conspiracy fact versus coincidence theory
http://oilempire.us/coup.html - JFK, MLK, RFK, Carnahan, Wellstone: how the empire tampers with elections
http://oilempire.us/cynthiamckinney.html - five term Representative Cynthia McKinney speech - excellent analysis
http://oilempire.us/dean.html - Coward Dean: the doctor for the death penalty, the "peace candidate" who supports Bush's military budget
http://oilempire.us/demolition.html - Demolition theory: what happened to WTC 7? Multiple bombs at Oklahoma City suggest pattern
http://oilempire.us/denial.html - is not a river in Egypt - the "left gatekeepers" and psychological reluctance to look honestly at 9/11
http://oilempire.us/dissent.html - The War on Dissent and the abolition of First Amendment rights
http://oilempire.us/drugs.html - The war on drugs: drug money and covert operations
http://oilempire.us/elections.html - the 2000 and 2002 rigged elections, why Greens didn't install Bush as Resident of the White House
http://oilempire.us/euro.html - petrodollars vs. petro-Euros - the Iraq war and US control of the world economy
http://oilempire.us/fascism.html - Friendly Fascism or Full Strength Fascism?
http://oilempire.us/faketerror.html - Fake Terror: will the unelected Bush regime stage another "attack" during the 2004 election campaign?
http://oilempire.us/graham.html - Senator Bob Graham: met with Pakistani intelligence chief during 911 attacks
http://oilempire.us/homeland.html - civil liberties vs. the Department of Homeland Security
http://oilempire.us/humor.html - laughing at empire for groucho marxists
http://oilempire.us/impeach.html - Oil we are saying, is give impeachment a chance! "Regime Change" begins at home
http://oilempire.us/investigation.html - the official 9/11 investigation is chaired by a business partner of Osama's brother-in-law
http://oilempire.us/iraq.html - Operation Iraqi Liberation (OIL): US / Russian deal for Saddam's exile?, chaos and civilian slaughters
http://oilempire.us/iraqoil.html - Iraq has Earth's second largest oil fields
http://oilempire.us/kerry.html - Senator John Kerry: member of Skull and Bones secret society, just like George W. Bush
http://oilempire.us/kissinger.html - the original chair of the official investigation into the alleged "intelligence failure" of 9/11
http://oilempire.us/kucinich.html - Representative Dennis Kucinich: the peace candidate
http://oilempire.us/limited.html - Limited Hang Out (fessing up to the small crime of incompetence and intelligence failures to avoid the bigger crime of complicity)
http://oilempire.us/media.html - alternative media resources, corporate media collusion with the empire
http://oilempire.us/mediawar.html - US military murder of journalists during the invasion of Iraq
http://oilempire.us/microsoft.html - Boycott Microsoft, support a democratic internet and open-source software
http://oilempire.us/michaelmoore.html - Michael Moore, Mumia, Fahrenheit 9/11 and the US Invasion of Saudi Arabia
http://oilempire.us/mlk.html - Martin Luther King speeches on militarism and the Vietnam War
http://oilempire.us/moveon.html - MoveOn.org's "Uncovered: the whole truth about the Iraq war" urges peace activists to support the "War on Terror"
http://oilempire.us/movies.html - important movies: Fahrenheit 911 (Michael Moore's next film), Aftermath: Unanswered Questions of 9/11, The Great Deception
http://oilempire.us/museum.html - Destruction of Iraq's historical treasures - the "Krystallnacht" of Bush's empire
http://oilempire.us/northcom.html - Northern Command (NORTHCOM): The Pentagon's Homeland Defense Agency (chaired by the General who managed the 911 stand down
http://oilempire.us/omnicide.html - the killing of everything (toxins, nukes, fossil fuel, habitat destruction)
http://oilempire.us/parallels.html - 9/11 parallels -- Operation Northwoods, Pearl Harbor, Oklahoma City, JFK assassination
http://oilempire.us/peace.html - how to stop World War Four: investigate 9/11, support international peace keepers in Iraq, withdraw US troops, and delegitimize the empire
http://oilempire.us/peakoil.html - the peak of petroleum production, a turning point for civilization
http://oilempire.us/pentagate.html - what hit the Pentagon (remote-controlled Flight 77 or a Global Hawk pilotless robot plane)
http://oilempire.us/plame.html - Bush vs. CIA - The case of Valerie Plame
http://oilempire.us/pnac.html - the "Project for a New American Century," the "Mein Kampf" for Bush's world war
http://oilempire.us/powell.html - General Powell, the empire's "good cop" - fake evidence used to justify Iraq attack
http://oilempire.us/psyop.html - 9/11 was a "Psychological Operation" Orwellian Mind Control
http://oilempire.us/qaeda.html - al-Qaeda: background on the boogeyman, CIA, Pakistani and Saudi connections
http://oilempire.us/quotes.html - quotes on war and peace
http://oilempire.us/rapture.html - religious fundamentalism
http://oilempire.us/redalert.html - Martial Law, FEMA camps, full strength fascism
http://oilempire.us/reichstag-fire.html - parallels with Nazi Germany
http://oilempire.us/remote.html - the Pentagon attack and evidence that remote controlled planes were used to minimize casualties (the Pentagon was hit in the nearly empty, recently strengthened section and the Towers were hit near the top, before everyone had arrived at work)
http://oilempire.us/saddam.html - US support for Saddam Hussein and America's Frankenstein foreign policy
http://oilempire.us/saudi.html - The "Saudis Did It" theory - a pretext to seize the world's largest oil fields (the Saudis weren't in charge of air defense over New York and Washington on 911 - and the BBC has reported that several "hijackers" are still alive, victims of identity theft)
http://oilempire.us/sharpton.html - Reverend Al Sharpton's campaign
http://oilempire.us/shift.html - paradigm shifts for a sustainable world: renewable energy, democracy, non-violence, permaculture
http://oilempire.us/standdown.html - the "stand down" of the Trillion Dollar Air Force proves 9/11 was not an "intelligence failure"
http://oilempire.us/syria.html - is Syria next on the hit list? (Israel's major military foe, pipeline route from Iraq)
http://oilempire.us/torture.html - US use of torture
http://oilempire.us/unpatriotic.html - the U.S.A.P.A.T.R.I.O.T. police state decree and its sequel(s) - the "enabling act" for the police state
http://oilempire.us/warcrime.html - war crimes in Desert Storm and Operation Iraqi Liberation (OIL)
http://oilempire.us/wargames.html - 9/11 "War Games" by the US military and CIA before and during the attacks -- intentional confusion of air defenses that enabled the stand down?
http://oilempire.us/warnings.html - prior warnings of 9/11
http://oilempire.us/water.html - water shortages, climate change and weather warfare
http://oilempire.us/worldnews.html - International news services (useful for bypassing US empire controlled news)
http://oilempire.us/worldwar4.html - the war of terror that "will not end in our lifetimes" (according to President Cheney)

"The only conceivable hope of stopping their militaristic global ambitions is for the rest of the world to oppose them. There might then be some hope that the American public would wake up to what sort of a government they currently have. The reawakening of American democracy is the only hope for a future world that is not ridden by terrorism and global warfare."
- Terry Jones was a member of the Monty Python's Flying Circus comedy troupe http://www.counterpunch.org/jones03182003.html

"Every government is run by liars and nothing they say should be believed." - I.F. Stone

"World War III will be a guerrilla information war, with no division between military and civilian participation." - Marshall McLuhan


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