Letter Of Sovereign State Citizenship
Eddie Kahn
Letter Of Sovereign State Citizenship
Sat Jan 10 00:40:53 2004

Letter Of Sovereign State Citizenship

If you are an old timer in the “patriot movement”, then certainly you will have heard commentary at one time or
another about Sovereign state Citizenship. Eddie Kahn talked to us about it in past editions of TaxTruth
Newsletter. He told us about how such citizenship status is distinctly different from 14th Amendment U.S.
citizenship. He also told us about how prior to the Civil War there was no such thing as a “U.S. citizen”; there
were only state Citizens.

Last November, Eddie began to explore the expatriation/repatriation process. It was a means to get us back to our
proper citizenship status and shake off the unwanted U.S. citizenship. That process involved expatriating to
renounce one’s 14th Amendment U.S. citizenship, whereas the repatriation process served to reaffirm one’s state
Citizenship. However, the repatriation process still offered no official document from the government identifying
the state Citizenship status of the person repatriating.

This week, however, we have something very interesting to report. Eddie told us about a man born in Nebraska
who sent him a copy of a state issued passport that he got from the Nebraska Secretary of State. The man also
sent Eddie a copy of the letter that he sent to the Secretary, which led him to get that document. In his letter, the
man stated that he and his wife were de jure Citizens of Nebraska state (not State of Nebraska) who each wanted a
Letter of Nebraska state Citizenship. Then he attached a proposed sample of how he wanted the document to look,
which was just a typed letter that he composed himself. Furthermore, Eddie assumed that they sent their birth
certificates along with the letter as evidence of their identity.

Interestingly, the Secretary of State sent them both a certified one-page document that was word-for-word exactly
like the proposed sample. The document also contained the Nebraska Secretary of State’s signature, the Nebraska
state flag and official state seal. This is quite amazing to say the least. People have been trying to figure out how
to get such an official document for years without success. Yet, this man got one and all he did was send a simple
letter to ask for it.

The document that the Nevada Secretary of State issued, dated July 20, 1992, is entitled “Letter Of Nebraska
State Citizenship”. It says, “The Nebraska Secretary of State, Nebraska State, United States of America; hereby
requests all who it may concern, to permit this sovereign Nebraska State Citizen, named herein, to pass without
delay or hindrance and in case of need, to give all lawful aid and protection.” Then it lists the name of the
Nebraska state Citizen and the Citizen’s date and place of birth. Lastly, the Nebraska Secretary of State and the
Nebraska state Citizen to whom it was issued signed the document.

According to Eddie, the couple from Nebraska are not the only people who were able to get a state passport. ARL
staff member, Jay Arr, recently told a man from New Jersey about all of this and sent him the documents referred
to above. The New Jersey man then went to the New Jersey Secretary of State’s office in person and got an
identical state passport in 25 minutes.

The purpose in getting these state passports is obvious; it’s all about your status. If you have a document from
the Secretary of State of the state saying that you are a sovereign state Citizen, then that is officially what you are.
Nobody can ever say otherwise. Such status puts you way above this 14th Amendment U.S. citizenship that the
government currently has all of us in right now.



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