I Survived Mad Cow Disease
William Forrest
I Survived Mad Cow Disease
Sat Jan 10 15:44:57 2004

I Survived Mad Cow Disease
William Forrest

Everybody who ever caught mad cow disease has died a horrible
death. There is no cure for it. Their brains get spongy; they
fall down and can't recognize their mother-in-law. Then they
can't move and they just waste away in a vegetative state.

I always think my deepest thoughts while my eyes are unfocused,
staring off into space, and my lower jaw hangs slack. So, most
people who know me believe that I have already reached the
vegetative final stages of this disease. But they are mistaken.
Mad cow disease is to me no more dangerous than a sniffle. And I
am going to tell you my secret so that you, too, can become
immune to this terrifying illness that has created panic in
Europe and has now arrived in the United States this past month.
But fear not!!!

To cure any disease, you must, of course, understand its
causative agent and remove that cause. The scientists all claim
that the causative agent is a microscopic speck of protein called
a prion -- which is neither a virus nor a bacteria but is nasty
never-the-less and multiplies uncontrollably. But they are
incorrect. True, a prion causes mad cow disease IF a cow eats a
prion. A cow doesn't get mad cow disease unless it first eats a
microscopic prion. So, the causative agent is not the prion but
the EATTING of the prion by the cow. Do you see the reasoning
here? No?

Okay, where does a prion come from? First, ask yourself when was
the last time you saw a cow chase down a dog or a cat and eat it?
Were there any cows in your neighborhood recently laying in
ambush for a deer so that they could run it down, surround it,
jab it with their horns, rip it apart and devour it? Of course
not, Silly! Even a child will tell you that! Cows don't do those
kinds of things! They eat grass and hay and grain. Cows are
ruminating vegetarians. They don't eat meat. If you offer ANY cow
the choice between a bale of hay or a nice, juicy steak, they
will eat the hay every time without fail. It is safe to say that
COWS NEVER EAT MEAT. Can we agree on this?

That is, they don't eat meat except when cows are raised by Jews.
When Jews raise cows, then and only then do cows eat meat. And if
the meat is infected with prions and the cow eats it, then the
cow catches mad cow disease. And if you eat that infected cow,
then you too can get the disease. And so, when you boil it all
down to the causative agent in mad cow disease you will find that
it is caused by Jews. Do you see the logic? You don't? Okay, then
let's take a look at the clues to the puzzle.

Everybody in the agricultural industries is being squeezed and
pushed by the Jews in banking and finance. Farm loans, where the
farmer gives as collateral his farm and his equipment, push the
farmers into fits of hysteria every year. A loan payment of money
is set by a Jewish banker and falls due at precisely the same
time every month and every year -- come rain or come shine
without fail. This Jewish timing can be changed in any way the
Jewish banker chooses. But the crops and livestock are living
creatures who have no sense of Jewish timing and either flourish
or dwindle in response to Nature's Decree. And Nature runs on her
own time and there's nothing anyone can do about it.

A bank loan that must be repaid at precisely 9:00 AM on October
31, may not be possible if hail or snow or rain or drought or
fire or insects or disease or predators or blight or a hundred
other things have taken away that year's crops and livestock. And
so, whenever a banker loans money or gives credit to a farmer,
then it is a type of swindle using loaded dice. Time and weather
are always on the banker's side and against the farmer. The
banker sits in air conditioned luxury with the clock ticking and
pares his nails while the farmer labors long days and nights and
sweats under the sun and freezes in the snow in an effort to make
a crop profitable enough to feed his family plus pay back the
banker for mortgages and crop loans. And if he doesn't pay back
the banker, the banker seizes the farmer's land and goods and
auctions them off to the highest bidder.

It may surprise many people to know that farmers love animals.
Even the cattlemen who raise their beeves for the slaughterhouse,
have a fondness for their cattle and try to make their lives as
comfortable as possible. They want them to be healthy and they
know how to make them healthy. But they also have the constant
pressure from the parasites at the bank to produce a profit every
year to pay back the loans every year. And if they don't pay back
the loans, the farmers and ranchers can no longer do the kind of
work that they love doing. They can no longer be farmers and
ranchers so off they go to the cities to work in factories and
mechanic shops as wage slaves of the Banking System.

Therefore, over the years, the farmers and ranchers have done
everything that they can to cut overhead and reduce costs so that
their farms produce first and foremost - not food - but money.
Suffering under the parasitic debilitation of the Jewish bankers,
today's farmers have degenerated into producers of a profit,
first and foremost, and producers of food to feed the people of
the world, as a distant second. They have been forced to farm for
money and not to farm for food.

Meanwhile, in the slaughter houses, the Jews wanted to save money
from the cost of disposing of the bones and cattle scraps from
their slaughtering operations. So, rather than pay to have it
hauled off and buried, they sold it to the Jewish feed mills to
be ground up and put into the cattle feed. Thus, the Jews began
to feed meat and bones to the cattle not because the cattle like
to eat meat but because the Jews like to make money! And when
this meat by-product is infected with prions, the cattle catch
mad cow disease which they can pass on to you if you eat them.

Because the Jews control both the meat industry and the grain
industries, they can manipulate prices so that the farmers are
always on the brink of ruin. While trying to sell their cattle
when the price of grain is high and the price of meat is low, the
farmers began looking for ways of squeezing even more savings out
of the cost of fodder.

In an effort to cut costs, the farmers noticed that their
chickens didn't completely digest their feed grain. They would
crap out some undigested corn and grain in their droppings and
spill some out of the feeding trough. So, the ranchers began to
sweep up the chicken shit, feathers and loose straw, mixing it
with silage and hay and then feeding it to the cattle. Imagine
that! Cows fed on chicken shit and feathers! Mmm, what delicious
and healthy steaks they must make! Such cows were being raised by
ranchers desperate to save their farms from financial ruin.

And the farmers began to buy the cattle feed that the Jews
produced that used the bones and scrap meat of slaughtered cows
ground up in it. After all, the Jews sold this demonic cattle
feed composed of bones and meat and grain to the farmers more
cheaply than they could buy ordinary grain, so the farmers -- out
of monetary pressure -- were forced to buy the demonic cattle
feed from the Jews. Like it or not, they had to stay out of the
foreclosure threats of the Jewish bankers. And if the Jewish
grain merchants and meat merchants offered them demon cattle
feed, they bought it for the cheaper price.

Of course, there is no law against such practices because the
Jews who control Congress want their relatives in the banking
business, the grain business and the meat business to make money.
And they can only make money if they can keep the farmers
working, working at saving every penny they can by turning their
cattle into garbage disposals. And when the cattle become
diseased, filled with abscesses and tumors caused by a diet of
hormones, chicken shit, feathers and slaughterhouse wastes,
that's nothing to worry about because the Jews have their own
kosher butchers picking out the healthy cattle for themselves and
shunting aside the diseased cattle to be sold to the non-Jews. It
is against Jewish law for them to eat a diseased or a dead animal
but their rabbis have taught them that selling these sick animals
to non-Jews for food, is a profitable business. And if the
non-Jew catches a disease from eating demon meat, then the Jewish
physicians step right up for their own share of the swindle.

Incidentally, if you ever wondered why you don't find more
internal organs at the meat markets anymore such as kidneys or
livers, it's because there are so many tumors and diseased
sections on these organs that they don't pass inspection. The
drugs and hormones that the Jewish pharmaceutical companies have
introduced to the farmers combined with the chicken shit and meat
scraps that American cattle are given to eat, produces a high
percentage of cancers and tumors in the animals. So, the Jews not
only betray and swindle the non-Jews but they betray and swindle
the innocent animals as well.

The sick cows that cannot stand up because of illness or injury
are called "downers". These downer cows are moved by bulldozers,
chains and forklifts when they fall. The dairy industry, Farm
Bureau and other agricultural interests have fought attempts to
ban the use of downed animals for food because the goal of modern
farming is profit above everything. If a downed cow is conscious
enough to respond to a hard kick, then it is considered healthy
enough to be slaughtered for its meat and sold to the non-Jews.

In addition, by selling sick cattle for food, the Jews are able
to send 73,000 Americans with E. coli infections and 1.3 million
with salmonella infections to the Jewish doctors every year. Both
infections kill over 600 people per year but are very profitable
for the physicians and the Jewish pharmaceutical companies. So,
these despicable practices have been followed because kosher Jews
don't have to worry about getting sick from bad meat.

"We work very hard to treat animals humanely," said Rosemary
Mucklow, executive director of the National Meat Association,
based in Oakland, California. "A happy animal is going to make
better meat. If an animal is disturbed or upset when it enters
the slaughter plant, the pH level in the blood changes and the
meat isn't as good." [San Jose Mercury-News, 12/25/03, 15A]

Ms. Mucklow is talking about the tastes that normal people have
for meat, not the tastes of the Jews. Because the blood-thirsty
Jews demand their bloodlust through the suffering of innocent
victims, most of the cattle today are slaughtered kosher-style.
That is, they are hoisted into the air with chains around their
back legs while they kick and bellow in pain and fear and then
their throats are cut so that they slowly bleed to death while
twitching and struggling. The Jews like it this way. It adds a
special flavor that they relish when the meat is suffused with
pain and fear and suffering. The higher pH levels and the
hormones released out of the pain and terror of the slaughtered
cattle, are called by the rabbis, "kosher" which -- loosely
translated from the Hebrew -- means, "fit for either a Jew or
a devil".

It has been illegal since 1997 to add slaughterhouse scraps to
cattle feed. A lot of people had to die of mad cow disease before
action was taken. But it is still legal to save the Jews on the
cost of disposal by feeding these slaughterhouse scraps to pigs,
chickens and other animals. And it is still legal to take the
debris, the feathers, and chicken shit from poultry farms and
feed it to cattle. It isn't natural or normal or healthy but it's
legal, according to the Jewish lawyers. These same Jewish lawyers
fight for any advantage they can get for their relatives in the
meat industry. Time is money. If they can keep sanitary laws from
taking effect or can build loopholes into new laws then that
gives them more time to make more money.

American inspectors have tested for disease fewer than 30,000 of
the 300 million animals slaughtered in the past nine years.
Testing slows down the production of profits. But if it was to
protect the Jews from disease, then American inspectors would be
like the Japanese who inspect and test every single one of the
1.2 million cattle that are slaughtered in Japan each year. But
American animals have not been required to be inspected so as to
protect the American meat-eaters because the Jewish kosher
butchers hand pick the best cattle for themselves before the
leftovers, the diseased or the downers are slaughtered for the
non-Jews to eat.

The meats with the highest chance of carrying prions and giving
you mad cow disease are sausages, hamburgers, pizza toppings, and
taco fillings. And since these are all cooked in fast food
restaurants here in California by Mexican cooks who spit in the
food if you are a white man, I never eat any of these things.
And so, I suppose the spit of the Mexican cooks has been a sort
of preventative of mad cow disease for me since I avoid
restaurants where they work. That reason plus the fact that I get
my protein from peanut butter sandwiches on whole wheat bread or
an occasional thick juicy slab of tofu on brown rice, is my
method of surviving from mad cow disease.

No one -- not man nor cattle -- can catch mad cow disease unless
the Jews give it to you. So, eat your peanut butter sandwiches
and let the cattle go back to eating grass. Peace in the world
is easy to find -- if first the actual causes of disease, warfare
and strife are identified and removed.

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