Economic Depression Leading to Worse
Mr. Nothing
Economic Depression Leading to Worse
Mon Jan 12 01:28:57 2004

In the recent couple decades over 80% of ALL jobs have been
provided/created by small businesses -
a small business being GOV-defined as <500 emps.

Now - all LARGE businesses are now shipping jobs to China, Bangalore, eastern europe - wherever at an increasingly huge rate.

Having been a small-business person myself - AND knowing a lot
of small-business people (current and recently former) - I can tell y'all that the small business sector is being wrecked - ongoing over the past 2.5 years.

December's job report (as of Friday Jan 9) listed a NET LOSS of 309,000 jobs in the US.

So, by all means, bring in the illegals. As many as possible.

Bloody wonderful.

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