Davy Sprockett
Sun Jan 11 17:05:23 2004

In analysing the double talk and "blackfag" operations - one should constantly be asking the question - " CUI BONO ? " [who benfits] ....Does that Make OUR MORON PRESIDENT , (the son of a former DCI) ...a HERO ? WELL ? Who else but a certified moron could coax the "NEOCONJOBBERS" out into the open.....Bear in mind the overarching - AGENDA .. Outlined in the protocols it has proceeded with amazing preciseness and clarity low these last 50 years. Terrorism by ZIONIST socalled jews has been perpetrated in the modern epoch against 1] The French . Eustace Mullins' book The Curse of Cannan details the treachery and MASSMURDER before and during the French Revolution. The Red Schield (Rothschields) prevailed due to extreme ruthlessness ...which is their nature. 2] The "ISRAEL" people - America , the WEST, Christianity...before and during and after the "WAR FOR SOUTHERN INDEPENDENCE"...1850 to 2004 and counting. Knowing the history of the ZIONIST (jews) helps to understand the treachery and extreme ruthlessnes of their METHODS. TERRORISM is a ZIONIST-JEWISH phenomenon. Any people attempting SELF DEFENSE are labeled "Terrorists". Self defense is not terrorism. When an article or piece of "journalism" has "HOT" code words -especially "White Supremacists" ...."NEONAZI" ...."ARAB TERRORIST".... bear in mind that the writer is appealing to emotion rather than logic, and usually is promoting the ZIONIST agenda....Which involves ignoring the ATROCITIES and MASSMURDER of the ONLY TERRORISTS ON EARTH, and labels those attempting to act in self defense as HATE THINKERS, WHITE SUPREMACISTS, NEONAZIS,.....(the Z in NAZI stands for ZIONIST.) Morris Dees is certified human sewage, working covinously with the ADL and the FBI, and the ATF (a botched sting , yeah right!)...somebody (either a zionist agent, or a federal agent, or both if there is in fact an actual distinction between the two) planted bombs in the MURRAH building. How could an IRAQI or a WHITE SUPREMACIST gain access to the building and put the BOMBS in place without being NOTICED ? AND BOB RICKS....A known liar on behalf of the ZIONIST MASSMURDERS at WACO. Let's see... How many of those murderers have been brought to Justice , in These ZIONIST OCCUPIED JEWNITED STATES ? ZIONAZI PSYCHOZOIDS like JD CA$H repeat Jewish lies in print to further muddy the waters, like the skillet likkin' hogjowled ZIONAZI socalled "Christian Zionist Preachers". 3] The Belo or White Russians. Read about a HOLOCAUST by JEWISH TERROISTS called Bolshevicks. 4] The Palestinians. Unless Americans realize the inherent Evil in Ignorance of the facts, they will never understand why there is no such thing as an "ARAB TERRORIST". Self Defense is not terrorism. Read about Der Yassin. Know that the lies of the Jews , that G*D promised them that land, is not a license to be terrorists. 92% of JEWS are not ISRAELITES, they are KHAZARS, Canaanites, KENITES, Jebusites, Hivites, Edomites, and SCUM. The remaining JUDAHITES are not by ORTHODOX JUDIASM supposed to return UNTIL the MESSIAH returns...and even if a JUDAHITE wanted to reclaim some "Family" land they would theoretically only be entitled to the land deeded to JUDAH at Gilgal. Jews are not Israel according to the BIBLE anyway they are JUDAHITES. ISRAEL is a people ---- today they are the WHITE PEOPLE IN THE WORLD....that should be following G*Ds' LAW , but are in fact BLIND to their HERITAGE and IMPORTANCE in establishing Justice...(read the preamble to the constitution) .... IPSO FACTO.....THE ZIONIST JEWS control the CENTRAL BANKS, THE MEDIA, THE GOVERNMENTS of WESTERN CIVILIZATION -white Christian Israelites (this is the "IDEA" BELIEF that makes one a White supremacist, ...please know that the last few months the ZIONIST TERRORISTS have been programming people (sheople) with the TALMUDVISION concerning the NEONAZI-WHITE SUPREMACISTS about to do some horrible thing. LIKE 911, OKC and many other blackfag operations...IT WILL BE AN INSIDE one of their PATSIES. Morris Dees is scum, why should J D CA$H repeat jewish lies like MO SLEAZE ? Are these interesting times or WHAT? See REVELATION 3:9. It ain't over till WE WIN!

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