Stephen M. St. John
Mon Jan 12 03:47:24 2004

For at least two decades now Admiral Thomas H. Moorer has openly supported the families of the deceased as well as the survivors, their families and friends in their noble quest for truth and justice concerning the Israeli attack on their ship, the USS Liberty. For this I know he has their deepest gratitude and respect. I have personally witnessed a number of their meetings. It is a pity that the mainstream press has ignored these emotional and dignified reunions. Wolf Blitzer was invited to the first one at the Washington Hotel next to the Treasury Building in 1982 but he didn't show up. Not a career-enhancing move for you, Wolfie? Twenty-one years later Wolfie finally broached the subject of the USS Liberty by entertaining a despicable Chief Judge of the Federal Bankruptcy Court in Miami, Florida who has since been shown to be a less than masterful deceiver in his shameful efforts to "debunk" the USS Liberty survivors in their hitherto fruitless attempts to petition the Government for redress of their grievances. Maybe the reason for the press blackout (there are some notable exceptions I must confess) is that the attack on the USS Liberty is all about the Golan Heights, which our Zionist buddies want to keep even though such retention violates the letter and spirit of United Nations Security Council Resolution 242 as well as our own Constitution's provision (Article VI) that "all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land." The taking of the Golan Heights 1 2 3 occurred just hours after the Israelis tried but failed to sink this electromagnetic surveillance ship, the USS Liberty, which could drink in any message in the airwaves and record it and relay it back to the NSA at Fort Meade for analysis. What did the Israelis have to hide? What was the big risk in letting the USS Liberty go unmolested and functionally attentive as the Israel Defense Force made its move on the Golan? You see, in the three days before the attack on the USS Liberty, Israel had already captured the Sinai penninsula, the Gaza Strip and the West Bank including East Jerusalem; the only remaining objective point on 8 June 1967 was the Golan Heights. Now don't get me wrong. The Israelis have a great military that with the help of the Almighty could conquer from the Yangtze to the Rhine. But all of this would take some time. Even Genghis Khan would agree to that. And it certainly would take some time to take the Golan Heights, a well fortified high ground with concrete reinforced bunkers one behind the other. Some called it the "Little Maginot Line." So only after the Israelis effectively neutralized the listening capability of the USS Liberty did they proceed to take this impregnable high ground in less than 24 hours. I repeat: in less than 24 hours! Think about that. With its troops stretched and thinned out across the newly conquered Sinai, Gaza and West Bank the Israel Defense Force overwhelmed the valiant defenders of the Golan Heights in less than 24 hours! By stark contrast, fifteen years later it took many weeks for a fully concentrated thrust by the Israel Defense Force to take Beaufort Castle in Southern Lebanon, defended by Palestinians armed with rifles, pistols and mortars. So how could the Golan fall so quickly? And why would the Israelis find it necessary to maintain secrecy concerning the Golan operation to the point of assaulting an American spy ship? Well, the answer to this question is the answer to some other questions. How is it that the Syrian Minister of Defense at the time of the Six Day War, Hafez al Assad, two years later became president of Syria, the only man in world history to become leader of his nation after losing in less than 24 hours a significant portion of his nation's sovereign territory? Think about that! How is that possible?!? How is it that a man belonging to an unpopular minority offshoot sect of Islam, the Alawites, rose from humble circumstances to lead a nation composed mostly of Sunnis? How is that possible? How could a man of such background establish a dynasty and leave his son, an engaging British-trained ophthalmologist with a beautiful English wife, in charge in Damascus? How is it that such a leader could play along with the UK/USA good cop/bad cop diplomacy so well for more than three decades? And all the while the Zionists, the ones who just happened to find the presence of the USS Liberty on 8 June 1967 a threat to their national security and neutralized its "Big Ear" right before taking the Golan 1 2 3 are now adding more illegal settlements on the Golan in 2004 and still making wine sold in the USA in bottles labelled "Produce of Israel." Think about it! How can this be explained? The answer: Collusion between certain Zionist and Syrian elements brought about a deal that would facilitate Israel's taking of the Golan 1 2 3; the USS Liberty just happened to be in listening range when this deal was about to be consummated and in order to maintain required secrecy the USS Liberty was sacrificed. Otherwise, the USS Liberty would have picked up messages revealing a less than vigorous command and control structure in support of Syrian forces atop the Golan.

Difficult questions eliciting equally difficult answers are best avoided by ignoring men like Admiral Thomas H. Moorer. Were it not for men like him, and like the men of the USS Liberty, I should think the ostrich a national symbol more apt for these times than the American Bald Eagle.

I have written an article on this subject, "Appendix C" of my Eight Part Peace Proposal for Greater Jerusalem, which was published in the March 1991 edition of Liberty News, the official newsletter of the USS Liberty Veterans Association. This article can be accessed by going to and then clicking onto "March 1991" and then clicking successively onto pages 48, 49, 50, 51 and 52 which brings up each page in the Adobe format. Also, I will make available free copies of this article to whoever requests it by either sending a self-addressed stamped envelope (37 cents postage is sufficient) or providing a fax number (in North America only). Stephen M. St. John

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