Sun Jan 11 20:08:12 2004

What Enron Wants

As the General Accounting Office prepares to go to court to force Vice President Cheney to turn over to Congress an account of his secret meetings with energy industry executives, an interview with FRONTLINE last May shows Lay acknowledging that he told Cheney about Enron's advice regarding the government's new energy program. In the interview by journalist Lowell Bergman, Lay claims that he was unaware that he was the only CEO of a major electric energy company to confer privately with the Vice President as he formulated his national energy strategy.

KENNETH LAY: "I'm flattered that he decided to meet with me and hear me out as to some of the things that I thought were pretty important that should be considered for his report."

Lay also confirms that Enron submitted to the White House a list of nominees that the company wanted considered for a key federal agency overseeing the energy industry.

KENNETH LAY: "I brought a list, we certainly presented a list, and I think that was by way of letter, I mean as I recall I signed a letter which in fact had some recommendations as to people that we thought would be good FERC commissioners."

NOW WITH BILL MOYERS tonight at 9:00 on PBS also includes an interview recorded last spring with Vice President Cheney that explores what the Vice President knew about Enron's role in advocating a replacement chief for the regulatory agency.


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