Cindy Sheehan-Ought to be-women of the Year
Tue Jan 10, 2006 14:36

Here is a email from her to me and me to her. My heart goes to her-wonderful lady--yes your son and many others won't come back--but why not try to send Bush's Chenny's Dean's Libermann's kids to Iraq--on patrol only and see how quick the slaughter would end.

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i am telling moms the one told me the truth
so i am trying to save them since i can't save casey
(hillary is despicable)

On 1/10/06, archers> wrote:
Cindy--I know you work so hard on this issue.I recall ,my mother telling me--when she was given a gun and forced-threatened to give me up , a 6 month child, for adoption- instead ,she strapped me up on her back and hid in the mountains until Trumen's bombing and killings stopped. The fools that hid under bridges,most of the women lost their kids and lives-but my mother saved herself and me.Rivers and streams flowed with blood and dead bodies.One mistake you did was attack- Jewish Icon Hillary.Keep away from her-she is dangerous with her media pals. Now that Germany, France are siding with USA on Iran-we got to get to the mom's--hide your boys-in the hills.
I'm a lonely voice in Toronto and Canada does not care .No draft dodgers allowed. Sad, in a election meeting last week--I was booo--ed.
It is getting worse.
Get some rest,the media ain't going to change or any government--unless moms-either hide their boys or cut their boy's trigger fingers. In canada in WWI WWII--some brave men shot into their foot-not to be sent--Ya!-the gun went off on parade.-but it worked. My dear mother rests in an old grave yard-surronded by hundreds of young men who dead in WWI--17 year olds. And who was behand the WWI WWII?-England/ America.
I suggest you read on Ben Freedman's assey back in 1953---now if only moms knew the truth!
I used too listen to NPR radio--the network has changed, and they are winning-did you get to read this;
Cheers from George!

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i do tell moms not to let their boys sign up
i have been since casey died and i realized they were dying for the military industrial war complex
you get off of your toots and start doing something..i work 18 hours a day on this.
cheers from cindy

On 1/9/06, gada.2004 archers wrote:
IF ENOUGH MOMS,Just got wise,When the Boys want to enlist,they should get tough with the boys--lock'em up. How stupid are you moms-for allowing your boys to get killed and be killers for the Israelies .And for the moms that have boys alive in Iraq--have you told them to---jump ship or start frgging? On the 2nd rounds-are your stupid boys that dumb to go back--unless they are whacko killers.What stupid Americans--you let your boys get killed or mental case-for a FKN eduaction--that most never apply.
So Casey's Mom-please get of your toots and start telling the Moms----lock up your boys--better to flood the USa jails instead of the grave yards.
Sorry Cindy-but I'm burning made after reading your post.--Cheers from George

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