Earthquake/Tsunami Alert to US West Coast
Sat Jan 7, 2006 13:20

Earthquake/Tsunami Alert to U.S. West Coast

Below is the analysis of Ghost Troop, a cyber-intelligence group of former
military officers and enlisted, often compared in military/media circles to "Able
Danger." We are aided by an extensive network of underground journalists and
researchers and, as a search of "Ghost Troop" will reveal, we have been active for
three years, since we formed in response to the media-wide cover up of the Battle
of Baghdad in April, 2003.

Our present purpose is not to accuse or abuse those media employees or military
officials who have kept silence on Baghdad, or any of the other major omissions
that, collectively, comprise the infowar; rather, we issue this alert because of
the transcendent priority of public safety along the West Coast.

As the article below -- written in response to one of our cyber-publishers and now
being republished worldwide -- will explain, the current freak heat wave on the
West Coast and the current spate of tectonic activity around the Pacific Rim (and
recently, off the California coast) are not random events, but are caused
events-in-tandem. Further, they are not going to stop, unless they are stopped by
public awareness. Failing public awareness, we believe another seismic event like
Jakarta is inevitable, and will impact the West Coast.

I am the commander of Ghost Troop, and take full responsibility for the contents
of this communique. My principle officers and NCO's are in the TO line, beginning
with Ambassador Chase Untermeyer (Qatar), who has served as my unit chaplain (at
his request) since September, 2003. They are followed by close police associates
of Ghost Troop, HPD Sergeant John Karshner (CID) and Lieutenant Felix Garcia
(IAD), then by and the New York Times Chief Pentagon Correspondent, Thom Shanker,
who has been involved with Ghost Troop since July 15, 2003.

Captain Eric H. May, MI, USA
CO, Ghost Troop, 3/7 Cybercav+
Mission of Conscience / Patriots in Action

PS: For VIP email bona fides, you can refer to my article at


Eric May wrote: Date: Thu, 5 Jan 2006 21:35:20 -0800
From: Eric May
Subject: Fwd: End Times Earthquakes (King George / Neo Nero Plays HAARP)
To: Fredrick Toben

Here's the improved version -- and what's this about N.O. taking the piece up?
Can you send me a link or a copy? Thanks, CPTMAY

Dear Dr. Toben,

As Ghost Troop commander, folks think that I've become a recent convert to
contrarian analysis and worst-case scenarios, but they're wrong. The fact is that
for five years (1989-1994) I was an intelligence officer with the 75th Division
in Houston, Texas, specializing in just those things! As with most things, the
U.S. Army was my Harvard and my Yale college, and it taught me -- and those
Opposing Forces (OPFOR) experts like me -- to think WAY outside the box, if that's
where the answers were.

All this by way of introduction. Those who want to know more about me and Ghost
Troop to Google "Captain May Ghost Troop," as more and more people (millions, in
fact) are coming to see that our analysis, dark as night, is unfortunately the
best model for understanding current reality.

Now to the matter of the impossible earthquakes you detail below...

Establishing the realm of reality:

To paraphrase Sherlock Holmes, when you've eliminated all other options, whatever
remains, however unlikely, must be the answer. There are only two possibilities
for the cause of the earthquakes: they are natural events, or they are unnatural,
created events.

As you aptly explain below, the natural explanation simply does not account for
what has been happening, so I omit consideration of natural causes. Perhaps there
is a theoretic model that accounts for the collective seismic phenomena since New
Years Day began, but if so it is unknown not only to me, but to the worldwide
geological community as well.

That said, we must turn to the only explanation that remains: these seismic
events are caused by technologies -- probably HAARP, as you suggest below -- that
have been developed in secret, and strenuously avoided by the international media
(which maintains its position by virtue of not meddling with state secrets).

In order to clear the hurdle of disbelief -- the necessary reaction of sane people
to the idea that wonder weapons, like HAARP, might exist, I adduce a historic

Consider the reaction any person not privy to the secret of the Manhattan Project
would have experienced if he had said the following in July of 1945:

"Don't worry that the Japanese, who are defending every inch of their Pacific
Empire with utter tenacity, and are still in possession of every inch of their
Japanese home territory, which they are forecast to defend with even greater
tenacity (if this is possible)! Nope, your fears are groundless, because you
aren't accounting for the ingenuity of modern science and American know-how, which
has devised a new "wonder weapon" called the atom bomb. This new kind of bomb
will be unbelievably powerful! Just one will deliver a blast equal to tens of
thousands of the largest bombs you can imagine! Forget about big "block-buster"
bombs and think of "city-buster" atom bombs! My word on it, there is a new
chapter in man's ability to harness and direct force to destroy, which is the
definition of weapon science, after all, and I predict that the war on Japan that
you think will take years longer to execute will be over in a month!"

Anyone predicting this reality of science and history a bare month -- or for that
matter a day, an hour, a moment -- before it became reality would have been
dismissed by the vast majority of people as insane. This doesn't mean that the
vast majority is insane, but rather that it is deliberately kept in ignorance by
the military-industrial complex that compartmentalizes and protects information
efficiently. Only the rare folks who habitually think "outside the box" have any
inkling that reality is not merely the sum of what has happened (the common,
necessary misconception), but the sum of what has happened plus what is about to

I think this historic case of mass deception -- via state secrecy, supported by a
cooperative state media -- explains the current inability to recognize the only
possible scientific explanation of these freak earthquake occurrence: They are
manifestations of the "state of the art" of destructive technology! For every
nay-sayer who protests that no one but God can split surface of the immensely
large earth, it's only necessary to reply that, less than a lifetime ago, in
August, 1945, nay-sayers said that only God could split the core of the
infinitesimally small atom!

The realm of reality -- especially in modern, technological times -- must
encompass new technologies, which inherently fly in the face of common sense
(which, as I've said above, is merely the sum of past "reality").

Establishing the reason for the earthquakes:

"Cui bono?" -- Latin for "Who benefits?" is the foundation of investigation into
any caused event. Clearly, if an advanced weapons system -- like HAARP, based in
Alaska -- is to be used, then there must be advantages for those who use them.

There are two benefits -- one abstract, one material -- which I believe explain
why it is that the Bush Regime has employed the catastrophic HAARP technology to
create freak earthquakes worldwide, beginning with the Jakarta quake (and ensuing
tsunami) of late December, 2004 and continuing through the New Years Day series of
quakes throughout the Pacific, from Japan to California.

Abstract benefit: political power

In the abstract, the quakes demonstrate a destructive weapon tantamount to a
"natural nuke," meaning that the accumulation of energy able to be focused on a
military target (i.e., a region or nation) is every bit as deadly as a series of
high-yield nuclear weapons. The destruction of Jakarta had no particular,
immediate military reason, but in the realm of geopolitics, it aptly demonstrated
what the new "wonder weapon" of HAARP could do to any who resisted the will of the
Bush Regime. Jakarta was the latest unfortunate victim of yet another
manifestation of what was meant by the early Iraq War phrase, "shock and awe,"
which was merely another way of saying "winning through intimidation."

The same desire to intimidate also accounts for the Pakistan earthquake of
November, 2005, which was, I believe, a land-targeted employment of the HAARP
weaponry that was, in the case of Jakarta, an ocean-targeted employment of HAARP.

To those of us who have seen the reality of the self-inflicted 911 attacks, it is
no stretch to impute mass homicides like Jakarta and Pakistan to George Walker
Bush, who attacked his premier city of New York with pre-set explosives -- no more
than it is a historical stretch to impute the same to Tiberius Claudius Nero, who
attacked his premier city of Rome with pre-set fires. Tyrants are not only
capable of such crimes, but (history demonstrates) actually delight in them as
ways of shocking and awing those who might resist them!

To Bush the Neo-Nero, the current demonstration of HAARP power against the East
Coast of Asia, and the West Coast of America, is the ultimate megalomaniac
display. He is not the more-and-more pressed dictator of a republic that is now
deconstructing his regime for its domestic legal abuses (indeed, high treason!)
and foreign military failures; no, he is the master of the world, capable of
destroying hundreds of millions whenever he wishes. He has a gun to the head of
the world, and the world must back down -- or else!

Material benefit: economic opportunity

The material benefit of catastrophic weapons -- like HAARP -- is easy to
understand, if horrible to imagine: When you genocide a city, a region, a nation,
you get to make money on it! Close conspirators make money on the immediate
insurance payoffs and investment consequences.

Consider Larry Silverstein, the Jewish investor who "miraculously" doubled his
investment in the World Trade Center -- which he purchased two months before the
911 Event, due to his "good luck" doubling of insurance on the WTC one month
before the 911 Event. Lucky Larry!

Consider the "phantom investors" who made personal fortunes from, in effect,
betting heavily -- in advance -- that the airline industry would experience a
negative macro-flux in the wake of 911. Clever Crew!

Even beyond these immediate economic payoffs are the long-range development
opportunities. The powerful connected who support the Bush Regime -- and they are
both foreign and domestic allies -- stand to make fortunes far larger than Lucky
Larry and the Clever Crew in the long-range redevelopment of the devastated

With a wrecking ball like the HAARP-induced earthquakes, one could remake the
whole world... Which is, I fear, the deep reason for the HAARP seismic attacks.

The Christian Crusade & the Jewish Jihad:

The most nefarious part of all is that King George and his presstitutes claim that
the HAARP "miracle weapon" is actually a miracle! The entire "Global War on
Terror," a threadbare promise of "World War Three," is as much a product of
Christian Zionist insanity as Jewish Zionist insidiousness, and the earthquakes
are taken by the Christian Zionists as reinforcements of the "End Times"
apocalyptic predictions of those prophetic portions of the Old and New Testaments
that they use to prop up the "Christian Crusade" and "Jewish Jihad" in the Middle
East and beyond.

Like the mantis, we are most adept in killing when we have prayed. Every time
the pseudo-Christian (anti-Christian, actually) George W. Bush unleashes
incomprehensible power of HAARP technology on a new target, he drives the
Christian Zionists back to the altar of Armageddon. In their simple, deluded
view, the worse things get, the better things get, since every catastrophe is a
new "sign" that Jesus is coming again to straighten out the world -- after the
Jews are allowed to rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem, that is.

The Jewish Zionists are wholly in line with the political aspirations of the
Christian Zionists, of course -- except for the Jesus part, that is! Accordingly,
they provide the fabric of deception through the mediawhores whom they own and
control. Where the Christian Zionists provide votes for elections and bodies for
war, the Jewish Zionists provide disinformation (called "news") for daily
reinforcement and entertainment (movies, television, etc.) for deep "programming."
A broad examination of the kulturkampf they proclaimed well before the 911 Event
will show that they persuaded America well in advance that it would be part of a
worldwide "tribulation." It's no mistake that the selection of motif for public
consumption is called "programming!"

An Apocalyptic afterward:

Dr. Toben, in your email extract below, you mention that HAARP technology can be
used to create weather patterns. This is a matter that Ghost Troop investigated
strenuously during the series of "Category 5" hurricanes that struck the U.S. Gulf
Coast this summer: Katrina, Rita and Wilma. I don't propose to present the
evidence, gathered by Ghost Troop, that took me from rational skepticism (I
believed Bush would do it, but couldn't do it) to informed acceptance (I now
believe Bush could and did do it). The mission log for our summer/fall infowar
missions is accessible at for those who are
interested in exploring -- and improving upon -- our work in this area.

Hurricanes, of course, represent "divine punishment" and "end times signs" in the
Christian Zionists (mental dupes of Jewish Zionists), and therefore entail all the
political advantages of seismic events. At first, the Christian Zionist community
judged that the "divine wind" that hit New Orleans was "divine judgment" against
that sinful city's lifestyle, making New Orleans the Sodom of the South!

If there is a super-tsunami against the US West Coast (something the Zionist media
has been setting up recently -- before the New Years Day seismic series), bet on
it that it will be attributed to divine wrath against the sinners!

Going a bit further, plagues are another sign of the End Times, and those appear
to have been pre-programmed and pre-arranged via the so-called "Bird Flu," which
Ghost Troop and others have taken to calling the "Jew Flu," believing that the
more anxious that particularly active group is about what will happen if it comes,
the less likely it will be to come at all! Here's a link to a bit of our analysis
on that matter:

Finally, I encourage anyone who wants to catch up on the Ghost Troop analysis to
refer to our open archives -- and consider joining us -- at

Best Regards,

Captain Eric H. May, MI, USA
CO, Ghost Troop, 3/7 Cybercav+
Mission of Conscience / Patriots in Action

Adelaide Institute wrote:

From: A.Hancock [
Sent: Thursday, 5 January 2006 4:30 PM
Subject: Fw: Worldwide techtonic event occured at 56 seismic stations moments into 2006

Anyone heard about this? this is an unreferenced email I have just received

Several minutes into the year 2006, a worldwide tectonic event occurred that
defies what is understood as normal earthquake activity.

Since then there have been three 7+ quakes....nothing if not totally surreal.....

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