HELP: Publisher of Thunder Riders and the Free American
Mon Jan 9, 2006 23:31

HELP: Publisher of Thunder Riders and the Free American

From the Desk of Clay Douglas

Publisher of Thunder Riders and the Free American

Host of the Free American Hour
Interviews and Politically Accurate Commentary

Soon to be broadcast live again. Hear archived shows here!

I published the Free American for ten years. It went down after I was hit and unconscious for three months last year. We are looking for courageous individuals and groups to help continue to inform the American People to the plans for one world government and alternative health issues. I have the opportunity to revive it in conjunction with my other magazine for Motorcyclists, Thunder Riders. I can get back most of my 4000 subscribers back and have the potential for getting a large percentage of my 15,000 motorcyclists readers to subscribe after they have had a chance to exam the real thing. I invite you to check out the two novels in my Trevor Cameron, Terrorist Hunter series on my website. I am told I write just like the very popular John D. MacDonald and my series started out as a continuation of that series. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call me. My cell # is down below also. At the very least, consider advertising in the new launch.

CRD Publishing
3833 W. Pollack
Phoenix AZ 85041

602-626-8320 - Fax 602-626-8197

Order Line 888-678-1444

Guest Caller Line 877-423-3250

Cell # 817-313-2571

Donations Will Help Restore the Free American Magazine.

Get Clay’s Three Videos or DVD $25 each including shipping.

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