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9/11 Whispers: Washington Defense Shield Deactivated
Thu Jan 6, 2005 04:07

9/11 Whispers: Washington Defense Shield Deactivated Due To Wargames?

Liberty Think | January 4 2005

FLASHBACK: Wargames Were Cover For the Operational Execution of 9/11

Cloak & Dagger Internet Radio, kicked off an AM blowtorch station due to its inordinate amount of truth-telling, had some remarkable claims in its Dec. 28 edition. Tom Heneghen, a regular guest on the program who claims an intelligence network ranging from Gore to France, made several stunning claims about 9/11 and related issues, to wit:

According to Heneghen, a missle shield over Washington, DC was deactivated several weeks before 9/11, the reason given being preparation for upcoming 'wargames'. The Office of Naval Intelligence, which has never been on particularly good terms with the NSA, the CIA, or its offshoots, is investigating this angle and emails on the CyberNet system that can prove this. This is a wide-ranging JAG investigation that includes ONI agent Delmart "Wildcard" Vreeland, now also using the code name "Dragonfly."

Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz, former National Security Advisor Sandy Berger, and National Security Advisor Condoleeza Rice were all key in ordering down this aquatic-based missle shield. Joint Chief of Staff Chairman Gen Meyers, then the head of NORAD, had moved most of the planes to West Coast.

Purported Flight 77 passenger Barbara Olson is alive and well in Europe, living incognito. She may even have been involved in the standdown scheme.

Meanwhile, up in New York a railroad gold heist, spiriting precious metals from the basement of the World Trade Center up to Canada was taking place before the buildings were collapsed. The plot was just like that seen in the Hollywood film, Die Hard 3.

In Paris, the French superme court is investigating Salem bin Laden for perjury in re: questions about Munich Reinsurance's options taken in July 2001 on the Chicago Board of Options. The French and a related German investigation both dovetail with an investigation by the US Securities Exchange Commission. G. W. Bush may have had to cancel a planned visit to Germany and France on account of these investigations.

New York Attorney General Elliot Spitzer has these documents and more on 911 shenanigans, including the Swiss bank transfer numbers in question. But Spitzer is dodging the issue and citing the SEC investigation, because he is running a coverup to blackmail his way into the governor's office.

Heneghen urges Manhattan DA Robert Morgenthau to seize papers. seconds that notion for all WTC-related 9/11 truth investigators who have been focusing on Spitzer.

How Long Did The Planning of 9-11 Take?

Presenting The Theory Of „A Decade Of Overthrow“

Stefan Grossmann,
June 17, 2004



Have the many Americans who disbelieve the official „Osama bin Laden did it“ theory considered what this means? No, definitely no!

It means the truth: Say farewell to Bill Clinton and any notion that America has an independent political left. To my knowledge, Clinton put the 9-11 mastermind in place, Leon S. Fuerth (see below), on behalf of the Illuminati/aristocracy for whom he was a willing stooge.

Some people are helped by pictures. Here is a documentary photo, followed by an artistic rendering:

Estimates go into the years. The government information places the early start of the planning stage of 9-11 somewhere in the middle 1990s. A New York FBI source divulged to an associate of mine his estimate of at least four years. German and French intelligence estimates are between three and five years, some say less (but at least one year, and even those tend to estimate the planning time more towards three years). Such attacks on the U.S.A. are part of an „old plan“, see Christopher Bollyn at

The first known blueprints of such „self-provoked“ war-trigger operations date from ancient Roman times. In U.S. history, notorious such events are: the bombing of the U.S.S. Maine in the Spanish-American war, the sinking of the Lusitania, Pearl Harbor, Tonkin Bay, the plan for Operation Northwoods (1962, nixed by President Kennedy), the „April Glaspie surprize“ (1990, triggering Gulf war, pulled through by President Bush Sr.) and the first bombing of the World Trade Center (February 1993). Another instance are Bush Jr.’s and Tony Blair’s lies about alleged weapons of mass destruction of Iraq in late 2002 and early 2003 (triggering the recent U.S.-Iraq war).

Peter Finn in the Washington Post sees the January 2000 Malaysia terror „summit“ as a time when the planning of 9-11 was already well under weigh. See report by Chaim Kupferberg at

The Uday Hussein letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin (summer 2000) already knew that attacks against the World Trade Center in Manhattan would take place specifically on September 11, 2001. Such detail marked a late planning stage where years of preparation had gone ahead. Details about the Uday Hussein letter:

- scroll down to the audio clip named „Click Here CLIP 2“, read the explanatory text and listen to the audio clip with Lenny Bloom, Tom Heneghen and Sherman Skolnick;

much detail on the „Wildcard“ story by an interviewer of Delmart Vreeland:

(with links to documents and to parts two through nine of the story).

The FBI was watching Arab alleged participants since no later than 1995. The related FBI-assisted first bombing of the World Trade Center took place in February 1993. The latest time when the operational planning for 9-11 started is January 2000.


Before George W. Bush, America’s great snake-oil vendor WILLIAM JEFFERSON CLINTON was President (January 1993 to January 2001). Clinton and his team were up to their ears into all sorts of criminality and abuses of power, including many leads to

- treason and selling-out America,

- the murder of Vince Foster for helping an attempted arrest of Marc Rich,

- using AIG chief Maurice Hank Greenberg as chief of the New York

Federal Reserve branch to fly billions of dollars in cash to Russia,

- stealing U.S. nuclear hightech secrets and selling them to China,

- cooperating with Iraqi mercenaries in the Oklahoma City mini-nuking and cover-up,

- supplying top-secret military technology to Saddam Hussein in Iraq,

- having Russian mercenaries in a Soviet submarine shoot down TWA800,

- covering up for TWA800

- covering up for PanAm103 and holding a mock trial against „Libyans“,

- taking up to $2 billion for not including Qaddhafi personally in the Lockerbie trial,

- letting control over the Panama Canal slip to China,

- generating huge black funds through trade missions,

- stealing $1.3 trillion in Pentagon funds,

- drug dealing since Mena, Arkansas with Daddy Bush,

- rigging elections,

- destroying all criminal culpability of high politicians,

- etc.

It is very clear today that there is no link between Osama bin Laden and the mass-murder of the multitudes on 9-11. This has been described elsewhere. See my book „T MINUS 9-11, An Insiders’ Attack On America“ for download at

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