Mon Jan 8, 2007 13:03

In the spring of 1999, while I was living in the Phoenix, AZ, area, there was a news article about 600+ mexicans rushing the Border Patrol area south of Tucson, AZ.

It took the Border Patrol by complete, unexpected shock. The mexicans evidently had no weapons; the Patrol shot up into the air and the 600+ mexicans stopped, turned and ran back into Mexico.

I feel for the people living on the U.S. side of the mexican border; their live stock are getting killed, their land is getting trashed from the debris left by the illegals, if it's not bolted down, it disappears, etc.

This has been going on for YEARS and NOTHING has been done to stop it. In the 1999 newspaper article, a Tucson farmer/rancher who lives south of Tucson was interviewed and stated THEN that the local residents were taking turned doing night patrol on everyone's property to try to stop some of the vandalism, etc., that was going on.

EVERYONE should be concerned about what the Americans who live by the mexcian borders ALL along the southwestern states are having to live with; it is insane and should have been stopped YEARS AGO.

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