What really happened at the Danziger Bridge ?
Sun Jan 7, 2007 00:11

What really happened at the Danziger Bridge ?

Just after Hurricane Katrina, police shot and killed 2 people wounding others. Then they lied about it.
heres the story
(making headlines in New Orleans today)

What really happened at the Danziger Bridge ?

It looks fairly clear, that at least some of the people were just in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Police came to a report of an incident, and shot people who were just crossing the bridge.

In the days after the storm, no one knew who was in charge, and if you had a badge then YOU were.
officers came from all over the US, not just police, but ATF, FBI, and anyone with a badge.
hava look…

Now, im glad that most of the NOPD decided to stay, but the problem with this incident, is that they LIED about it.
These were trying times for everyone including the police, but if you do something wrong, then, tell the truth,
and let the chips fall where they may.
The LYING seemed to be part of the whole essence of government thinking.
Get away with what you can, and if you get caught, lie about it.
Thats what FEMA did too.
Bush said he would help the Citizens,
but a total of 37 people (as of Jan 5th 2006) have actually recieved money !@?

Here are the first few reports about this incident.
It seems every report that came out was different.
Trying to cover things up, then when busted, changing the story.
First they were contractors, then they were looters, then something to do with the Corps of Engineers…
None of that was true.

I also have to REALLY wonder why the Corps of Engineers was originally in the middle of this,
and now it seems that they have nothing to do with it ???

First, ill post what i read at in Dec 2005, they summed up the different stories.
Then, further below, is the account of what REALLY happened.
Blackwater USA New Orleans hurricane katrina
FEMA, the government, levee's response and failures at all levels

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