My first encounter with Chemical and Biological Warfare.
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My first encounter with Chemical and Biological Warfare.

Many years ago (around 1969) I planted a tree outside Ft. Detrick (a military laboratory that creates chemical/biological weapons) dubbed the “Tree of Life”, alongside others we held hands and sang “Just like a tree that’s planted by the Arsenal, we shall not be moved”. We repeated this at Edgewood Arsenal and participated in a week long march for the CBW Project (Campaign against Chemical and Biological Warfare). Archived by the Quaker Peace Movement in “Box 27″.

I interviewed troops from Ft. Detrick, Maryland over the period of 2 years for “The Pawn” an underground newspaper dedicated to revealing the truth about what was going on at Ft. Detrick and in Vietnam. These young soldiers told us stories about how those who were afraid of going to Vietnam were being coaxed into becoming test subjects for biological warfare to avoid being deployed into battle. One soldier interviewed was given an injection of “Rocky Mountain spotted Fever”. Over 2,300 “volunteer” servicemen from 1954 to 1973 were infected by a host of exotic diseases such as Q fever, yellow fever, anthrax, tularemia, black plague and rabbit fever.

It was an interesting time for a 13 year old who was privileged to listen to lectures given by professors, doctors and scientists about the harms of Napalm and other chemical and biological weapons being created and used in Vietnam. We marched for what seemed like weeks from town to town, sometimes getting nods of approval but many times getting rotten foods thrown at us and spit on.

When I reflect back on that time, I realize that we were portrayed as people who were subversive or Anti-government. That was totally incorrect! We were PRO-troops and PRO-everyone’s health. No group of people respected or loved our troops more than us because we knew how they were being manipulated and we had their best interest at heart.

Oh yeah, and to the “lifer” from Ft. Detrick that tried to run me over with his station wagon (with his wife and kids in the car).

….. What say ye now my friend? Now that you know how many leaks and toxic agents have been exposed to the population of Frederick, Maryland.

All I did was put a CBW leaflet under your windshield wiper to warn you about the toxic poisoning you were exposing yourself, your family and the world to. All you wanted to do was run over a 13 year old girl that weighed all of 70 lbs when wet.

By the way, how did you manage to turn that station wagon around in an alley and come at me a 2nd time? Whose freedoms where you fighting for? Certainly not my right to an opinion and certainly not for the soldiers you were exposing to toxic chemicals.

I wonder what your kids were thinking as you floored your gas pedal while screaming obscenities at me as I dodged behind light poles and into doorways to avoid you! Good times, good times…. well wherever you are today, I do hope that you and your family are well

“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.”
- George Orwell -

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