Sob story...
Sob story...
Mon Jan 5 11:07:29 2004

You know, it looks like all is to blame for Ron's ( I think its Ron) problems. Could Ron's situation, along with thousands of others, if not millions, be all our fault. Is it our responsibility to help Ron and others like him. I have been there (where Ron is) and I agree that it sucks, but it was my responsibility to get out of that situation and I did. Millions of people do it all the time. I consider myself lucky because I learned how to do many things in my life so I could always fall back on something if my efforts failed me. I learned to do what it took; carpentry, electrical mechanical, sales... like I said whatever I could. I also know of people who have trades and work for cash outside of the system. Persistence and perseverance will prevail. SO let me ask Ron, What do you want, a handout? What is your plan to get back on your feet? Do you think the government is responsible to take care of you? If so then you are a socialist, if not a communist, not a free man. You are the captain of your destiny, Yes even when times are tough. Day labor wont cut it for you huh? So lets see, what are you looking for, a $20.00/hr job with benefits? provided by who? The government? an agency that produces nothing. Where is all the money you should have saved in preparation for the "rainy day"? Why didn't you look into bettering your career before it all collapsed? Couldn't you have taken some college courses instead of getting drunk, watching sports, or whatever it is you did to waste more time. I have a family too Ron, and I provide for my family, they are my responsibility. You are not. I do not want to provide for you, nor do I have a social responsibility to do so! Especially if I am a free white Citizen and non participant in this Socialist Society. My advice to you is to pull yourself up by your bootstraps and start dealing with it. You know, I even make money roaming the alleys on garbage day and finding trash, and then selling it on eBay. I sell at flea markets. Maybe shovel some snow, since your in it anyway. You know I have really had it with sob stories, especially if you are not physically or mentally disabled. However, even then there is non governmental help available. Salvation army, Catholic Charities and some other organizations, but again, it may require extraordinary effort from you.
As a matter of fact, I have a small vacant house, just remodeled, in Michigan City Indiana, that I would work some rental agreement with you in exchange for some labor and rent. What do you know how to do? What kind of work have you done? So there, I am offering you an opportunity...What are you gonna do?

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