The ex-Patriot Act of 2004 is Officially Launched
Eric Bochene
The ex-Patriot Act of 2004 is Officially Launched
Mon Jan 5 09:14:18 2004

The ex-Patriot Act of 2004 is Officially Launched
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January 01, 2004 –– the United States of America is proud to announce the official launch of the "ex-Patriot Act", a new initiative that will be launched on January 01, 2004. Some may say it is more like a "declaration" and that is certainly acceptable. Regardless of what it's called it is sure to be an historic movement and should provide for some interesting debate in regards to it's legality as well as it's impact on the 2004 election process.

Ever since the American public has been force-fed an illegitimate administration known commonly as the Bush/Cheney junta, a certain topic has been discussed in many circles. For the most part half-hearted and almost comical. That is until now...

Simply put, the "ex-Patriot Act" requires it's signatories to affirm that if the current unelected administration now occupying the White House is allowed another four-year term, that they shall expatriate themselves from the United States of America and will actively seek "shelter" from the plague afflicting America today.

We are not delusional about our "initiative". We know that even though tens of thousands or even millions may sign their name to it, we accept the fact that only a smaller percentage may actually carry-through on it’s intent, but if Bush is allowed to steal another election imagine this...

The Date is January 20, 2005 (inauguration day). 5,000 American citizens converge on JFK International Airport. All of them are dressed in the same "ex-Patriot" t-shirts, They’re making lots of noise, carrying anti- government / anti-media signs and surely making a big “hoopla” about the fact that they are leaving the United States in protest of it's government, it's perpetual militarism, it's war mongering practices and it's fascist culture. Imagine "X" amount of chartered jets (with NO armed Air Marshals or armored cockpit doors) waiting on the tarmacs of JFK to carry these brave thousands off to a country where a hospitable and almost festival-like event will process and assist these brave Americans as the continue on to their "host countries".

Now listen closely. We WILL show the fortress that is protected by a moat known as the "Beltway" that enough is enough. We will show you, the media, that a large number of us are willing to forsake our country of birth rather than listen to your dissemination of the government's bogus "terror threats" via your bias and unprofessional news coverage

* Note: There is an already amazing aspect of this historic initiative that cannot be ignored. Before "the ex-Patriot Act" was even officially launched, the idea was leaked to a few anti-war websites / organizations. What happened? Nearly 100 signatures already! Now just imagine what the numbers will reach when the REAL campaign begins!


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