Hal Turner
Sat Jan 3 21:48:08 2004

By: Hal Turner

December 12, 2003 -- The first five words of the First Amendment to the US Constitution are plain: “Congress shall make no law . . . . .” Seems simple enough, doesn't it? Apparently not.

Last year, the Congress of the United States violated the First Amendment to the Constitution, by passing the “McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance Reform Act.” Within that law is a provision making it unlawful for individual citizens to purchase television and radio advertising within 60 days of a federal election. The only persons allowed to make such purchases are candidates for office.

Such a restriction upon free speech is a clear violation of the First Amendment prohibition forbidding the government from “. . . . .abrading the freedom of speech . . . . . “ . Each member of Congress who voted for this law, violated his Oath of Office under 5 U.S.C. 3331 to “ . . . . . support the Constitution. . . . . .”

By enacting this law, the incumbents in Congress assured they would no longer have to answer for their voting records because “issue-advocacy ads” and “voting record ads” cannot be run by those wishing to shed light on what the rascals have been up to

President George W. Bush, violated the Constitution and his Oath of Office under Article II Section I of the Constitution by signing this Bill into law.

Shortly after the Law was enacted, Senator Mitch McConnell and others filed a federal lawsuit seeking to have the law overturned.

On December 10, the US Supreme Court issued a 5-4 ruling of almost 400 pages, upholding this violation of the Constitution because, in the courts words, “. . . . .there is a fundamental national interest in rooting out corruption or even the appearance of it. That concern justifies limitations on the freedom of speech . . . . .”

Lets recap: A majority within the United States House of Representatives violated the US Constitution and their Oaths of Office by voting in favor of this Bill. A majority of the United States Senate violated the Constitution and their Oaths of Office by voting in favor of this Bill. The President of the United States violated the Constitution and his Oath of Office by signing this Bill into Law. A Majority of the U.S. Supreme Court violated the Constitution and their Oaths of Office by asserting that some governmental interest means such violations of the Constitution are permissible.

A government which will not obey the supreme law of the land has no right to continue in existence. As such, I say that the United States federal government should be removed from power. Not only should it be done, but we live in a particular time and set of circumstances in which it actually can be done!

Now, some of you are probably thinking, we can just vote the guys out of office and correct things politically. Yea, right. Even before our political speech rights were limited by an apostate Supreme Court, more than 95% of the incumbents were re-elected because of the tons of cash sent their way. Now that only the incumbents (and the poorly funded opposition) can buy tv and radio time, I suspect the rate of incumbent re-election will come closer to 100%. So in my mind, voting is a lost cause.

Other readers may think that mass protests would do the trick. “After all” you say, “they can’t ignore millions of people.” HMMMMM. Well, let’s examine that. Poll after Poll of Americans from all walks of life agree that Immigration needs to be cut back and ILLEGAL immigration must be stopped. In fact, most Polls show that upwards of 80% of Americans want something done to halt illegal immigration. 80% of Americans want this matter taken care of, yet the federal government has done NOTHING. So those of you who think “they can’t ignore millions of people” had better think again. They already are ignoring us and have been doing so for quite some time. More proof: Homeland Security Chief Tom Ridge says it's time to legalize aliens Here; White House confirms Legalization of Illegal Aliens under review HERE

Another possible solution would be to have the States call a Constitutional Convention and use that to dismantle the federal government without its consent. This manner would be totally legal and does not require approval of the federal government. I suspect I have a better chance of getting struck by lightning than having something like this take place.

The final step toward cleaning things up would be to use force and violence to effect change via assassination of members of Congress and the Supreme Court. A lot of you are now thinking “how could citizens have any hope of getting through the U.S. Military so as to do such a thing?” Ordinarily, you’d be right. But these are not ordinary times.

Right now, the US Military is stretched so thin, with so many troops in so many places around the world that just last month, the military could not muster enough men to provide Color Guards to march in Veterans Day parades! If they don't have enough men to man Color Guards, then they don't have enough men to protect the federal government!

Even if they do have enough men to protect the federal government, it wouldn't make any difference under the scenario I envision.

First, let me say that I do not envision a Second American Revolution as being some gallant fight, with tens of thousands of armed citizens facing tens of thousands of US troops on some battlefield. No. Far from it.

In watching the military campaigns of the past 25 years, I have come to admire “surgical strikes.” When force is applied in a specific, limited way, the results can be magnificent. Such is my thinking for our present circumstance.

Suppose, just for the sake of argument, that not all of the Congress and Supreme Court need to be removed. The House of Representatives consists of 435 members. The Senate consists of 100 members. But not all of them are “problem.”

For the purpose of this discussion, let’s say that only half of the US House and half of the US Senate are “problems” That’s a total of 267 “problems” in Congress. Obviously, there are 5 “problems” on the Supreme Court. 267 + 5 = 272 total “problems.

Imagine if you will, teams of 5 committed citizens each, who were fed up with these “problems.”
272 x 5 = 1,360 committed citizens needed to resolve these “problems.”

Do you think that in America, a nation of 280,000,000 people, there are 1,360 committed citizens willing to put it all on the line to “correct” these “problems” and thus save the nation? I do.

It seems to me that an operation using teams of five assigned to each “problem” could gather information on the assigned persons. It is easy to find out things like daily schedules, public appearances, travel routes to and from work, etc.. Once the data was collected and analyzed a time and date could be set for “solving” these “problems.

Then, one night, perhaps in the wee hours of the morning, these heavily armed teams of five committed citizens each would move. . I envision a surgically precise, lightning strike: Front doors kicked-in, entry, locating the target, solving the problem and out within 90 seconds. Within minutes, all 272 “problems” would be “solved.”

Since most of the “problems” live in and around Washington, DC, the local police would be overwhelmed immediately and unable to respond to all the calls for help. This means only a limited police response and limited ability to “apprehend” anyone. Even if there was a local security detail, taking them out at the start of such an operation wouldn’t be a problem; they would be "colateral damage." By the time police from neighboring towns , the county or even the state police were told what was happening, it would be too late. The feds at FBI, ATF, the military, et al would be useless because they too would all arrive long after it was over.

At this point, it may be wise to mention that the Capitol and surrounding House and Senate Office buildings have experienced some interesting "situations" over the past three months. At Halloween, one Congressional Office Building had to be evacuated because x-rays showed that someone with a gun had gained entry. It turned out to be a water pistol. Just the other day, "someone" pulled a fire alarm, causing the evacuation of the Canon House Office building, and prompting the response of an anti-terrorism unit armed with MP-5 sub-machine guns. Wouldn't it have been funny if these events were intentionally done to allow persons outside those buildings to videotape and time the response of defensive resources? Knowing where the defenses come from, how long it takes them to arrive and in what manner they deploy upon arrival would be very valuable information, wouldn't it?

Those situations aside, if something like this were to occur, the nation would be stunned. The media would go nuts. But look at the results: The nation would have been saved from those who are wrecking our Republic. Those who were not “problems” would make damn sure they didn’t become problems for fear of them suffering the same fate.

Since he would not have been targeted, the President could tell the nation how “those responsible for this outrage will be caught” and how “we will not rest until. . . . . .” But deep down in his guts, he would fear the same. Like the remaining spineless politicians, I suspect he’d roll over and behave quite nicely.

Sure some of those involved in such a "corrective action" may be arrested, tried, convicted, jailed or even killed during such an operation, but it would have been for a worthwhile endeavor; an effort that would go down in history!

This is not far fetched. It can be done. In my opinion, it should be done. Or, to use a spin-off of the Supreme Court ruling, “there is a fundamental national interest in making certain the government obeys the Constitution. That concern justifies assassinating officials who violate it.”

For the record, I voluntarily renounce and repudiate the use of force and violence to effect political or social change. I refuse to utilize force or violence in all circumstances when the use of such force or violence would be unlawful. Just for laughs . . . . . . Who agrees with me? Author e-mail: Hal.Turner@HalTurnerShow.com

I would be honored if the readers of this piece would print copies and them it to their Congressional Representatives and Senators in Washington, DC., plus the so-called Justices on the Supreme Court. The FBI has already seen it. Needless to say, they are not pleased, but they have told me that this opinion piece is not a crime.

Searched the web for McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance Reform Act. Results 1 - 10 of about 14,400

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