9-11 seeking answers, FAX campaign
9-11 seeking answers, FAX campaign
Mon Jan 5 11:37:17 2004

From: "Mary" mmmmm1000@netscape.net
Subject: 9-11 seeking answers, FAX campaign
Date: Sun, 04 Jan 2004 19:51:01 -0000

New page about FAXING people to seriously investigate 9-11 ...
has downloadable FAXES in Word doc format.


Fax campaign starts now - and is ongoing. It is coordinated with several websites.

This is really a successful start with lots of web traffic.

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Subject: On the 911visibility issue -- I URGE YOU TO READ THIS
Date: Sun, 4 Jan 2004 23:56:48 EST
From: Wtcqd2000@aol.com
To: Wtcqd2000@aol.com

Folks there is great damage being done, and I'd like to correct it. Right
here and right now. If you are one of those who have suggested that our site is
not effective, I URGE YOU TO READ THIS. I urge others to as well.

Our 911Visibility.org site is designed to grow the 911visibility movement,
and has TREMENDOUS potential to expand the movement and To engage many more
people. IF we can get the pioneers and activists of 9-11 to see what we are
trying to do.

A few of us are experts in the field because we've lived and breathed 9-11
for a couple of years.

Yet, many of the people now just beginning to be uncomfortable with Bush's
ongoing cover up, are not experts on 9-11. HOWEVER, many of them are very
capable activists. We can bring them into the movement in stages. That is one of
the features of our site. Another is to provide action tools for ALL 9-11

EVERYONE can become a 9-11 activist today on one simple principle, BUSH IS
for complicity. These statements can be made by a novel activist, without a
huge knowledge base of the 9-11 complexities.

This enables anyone to have confidence to stand before a group and begin
talking about the 9-11 issue. They can show Zwicker or Ruppert's or GNN's video,
but they don't have to claim to a potentially hostile audience that they have
all the answers. They can simply say that they are doing this because they
are uneasy with Bush's cover up, given the issues brought up in the

Now many 9-11 experts seem to think that if other people out there aren't as
knowledgable as we are about this . . . then they just don't deserve to be
part of the movement.

This is a dead end way to seal this movement's fate. When people get
involved in the 9-11 cover up, they very quickly get exposed to more and more facts
very quickly. Just like many of us did.

HOWEVER, if the only way they are considered "real" "authentic" or
"acceptable" to the 9-11 movement is when they are able to argue the ins and outs of the
Bush conspiracy facts . . . then we'll find ourselves awfully precise, and
awefully lonely.

We are not saying that the experts aren't important, we link all the expert
sites. Experts are integral to the movement. Our goal is to bring more people
to expert research sites. Ultimately we want to farm a hundred times more
9-11 experts then there are now.

We are a portal to bring more people into this movement. If you can see that
and promote our work, you'll all benefit from it in coming months.

Good teachers realize that you come to the student "at their level" and then
bring them along in stages. . . . or you can just overwhelm them . . . and
never see them again.

This issue is too important for me not to make one last attempt to PLEAD with
the people who are criticizing our work, so that we can move on and just get
911visibility.org out there widely, and stimulate the creation of public
protests, and local 9-11 organizing in more and more cities as we have in KC,
Seattle, and are now celebrating the actions in Seattle and NYC.

Of course, our site is actually more than a gateway site, and is an ACTION
site that ALL can benefit from our Action Alerts campaigns and organizing tools,
no matter how 9-11 sophisticated they are. We've put years into putting them
together through other global organizing work, and now we give it all away
for free. For example our MONSTER MEDIA LIST is there for any 9-11 activist to
utilize. We spent YEARS building that list.

Bill Douglas, http://www.911visibility.org  Project



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