"Guerrilla" Warfare ... nobody wants it.
Bob Scheidt
"Guerrilla" Warfare ... nobody wants it .
Mon Jan 5 22:54:23 2004

The recent NON-ruling by the Supreme Court in the Silviera Case is tantamount to dismantling the Judicial System. The Judicial system was actually instituted to "prevent bloodshed" ... which is exactly the opposite of the effect that will be garnered when the people of this country begin to have their firearms CON-fiscated by some jack-booted moron that's just "following" orders.

In the old days, the Circuit Court Judges always purchased the fastest horses so as to be able to blow town in a hurry after an unpopular ruling. Today, the Judges have secret entrances, private elevators, U.S. Marshals, secret combination electronic locks, 6" thick bullet-proof glass panic buttons and a myriad of protective devices to insure that their worthless asses make it home each nite from another day in chambers.

The legalese and weasel worded rulings issued these days are the equivalent of a hardy "fuck you" and the CON-stitution you rode in on !

The time can't be far away when the posse will form for guerrilla warfare, to take down the 800 pound Judicial Gorilla that has outgrown its usefulness.

Everyone has written their CON-gressman, called the talk radio boobs, marched in front of the UN and Baby Killing Clinics all to no avail.

The gun rights issue isn't even debateable.

Oh, oops we forgot to tell the 150 million gunowners in Amerika that it was illegal to own them. Gimme a break.

Look, the cock-roaches think they have total control of the mind-numbed police robots and military, but if they should be just a little bit wrong they'll be a whole lot dead.

There isn't any point in attempting to rationalize the bureaucratic bullshitsky when it comes to the guns ... if they want em it's for one reason, to enslave us and cement their own criminal freedoms ... fuck em !


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