Iden, Steven Seagal, Pellicano, Cooley, etc.
Iden, Steven Seagal, Pellicano, Cooley, etc.
Tue Jan 6 22:12:45 2004

Perhaps Iden's departure from running LA FBI is related to other matters, and is not all what it seems to be initially or on the surface.

Remember if you will, Ron Iden liked to play golf with mob connected action star, Steven Seagal. Iden took some heat for this - and much of the heat was reserved to quiet grumblings amongst some of his own who despised the close ties their boss had with such a questionable character as Seagal. Seagal of course once had a close relationship to NSA connected mobster and international arms trafficker Robert Booth Nichols, although reportedly, it has reversed itself, and according to Ted Gunderson, former LA FBI boss, Seagal does not truck with Nichols (who's in Australia, and a few other places) anymore. Seagal is connected to the Anthony Pellicano case. Pellicano is the PI who was busted by the FBI for illegal wiretaps and is now in prison. His clients included Michael Jackson.

There is a quiet, covert war going on in the Los Angeles intelligence and law enforcement community. It has been going on for a long time. The decent agents left in FBI and detectives, cops and sheriffs in local agencies are up against a cabal of bought off law enforcement that does the bidding of Los Angeles' mob and terrorist-connected goons and narcotics kingpins. This article below hints at it. This article is taken from, and also quotes the posts that were initially published here on APFN from "Cassandra", purportedly a female FBI Agent in the LA FBI Offices. There is more to this story than she even tells. There are other incidents of judges being paid off to let terrorists free....and there are some "white hot allegations" that the LA City Attorney's offices are on the take from drug runners, mob types and slumlords....

FBI Agent: Cover-up Concerning Terrorist Activities In Los Angeles
To whom it may concern,

The following is a news item you may find of some interest concerning the clandestine activities of terrorist groups within the US, including al-Qa'ida.

It centers on a string of threatening letters laced with hazardous substances and then mailed late last month to various businesses and individuals in the Los Angeles area, including nearly all the candidates running for the post of district attorney against incumbent Steve Cooley.

As I was soon to learn, the handling of this incident was the latest episode in a series of concerted efforts by local law-enforcement, spearheaded by the aforementioned district attorney Cooley, to suppress any knowledge of the terrorist doings in and around the city for fear of the public scandal that would ensue.

For reasons that will become obvious upon further reading if they haven’t become so already, I prefer to stay anonymous. Suffice it to say, I’m an agent in the FBI privy to this information.

Below is an AP news-wire about the incident in question:

Candidates for top LA prosecutor position receive threatening letters
Thursday, December 4, 2003
12-04) 07:25 PST LOS ANGELES (AP) --Federal officials are investigating a series of threatening letters sent to candidates seeking to replace District Attorney Steve Cooley, some of which contained powder.Some of the 18 rambling letters were also sent to businesses in Beverly Hills and to a downtown county courthouse, said U.S. Postal Inspector Mike McCarthy.The FBI said tests of the letters, all of which came from states in the Northeast, did not find any hazardous materials.Head Deputy District Attorney Tom Higgins said he received a letter saying "drop out of the race or you're a dead man." Higgins, who has filed paperwork needed to run for Cooley's position, said the letter contained yellow powder and came from Cooley backers.Former City Councilman Nick Pacheco said he also received a letter with powder in the envelope, which said that if he valued his life, he would not run against the district attorney.Pacheco, who has not yet filed paperwork, said: "I don't have any reason to believe that Cooley had anything to do with this."Cooley's campaign chief John Shallman said responding to the letters is a "top priority.""Whether the letters are a hoax, political tricksterism or real threats, we hope and expect that the federal authorities will apprehend the perpetrators and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law," he said.
As an agent who has had a first-hand view of both the letters and the results of tests performed on them, I was absolutely shocked at the press-release that the FBI put out due to the glaring misnomers it was peopled with, so much so, that, at first, I thought they were speaking of a different case altogether.

I counted no less than four major misstatements in the account given to the press that I could only chalk up to gross incompetence before I came across a more sinister motive.

The first statement in the LA Times version of the story, said of the letters, “Some were threatening, others weren’t.” They all were threatening letters. Some, like the ones sent to the candidates for DA, were stern warnings to drop out of the race under penalty of life and limb; others, like the ones sent to all the businesses, were outright pronouncements by the terrorists of their impending doom.

The second statement said of the letters that only, “some of which had powders.” Once again, just as they were laden with death threats, they all were laced with powder meant to inflict psychological and physical harm.

The third statement was when the postal inspector Mike McCarthy called the letters, “cryptic and rambling.” That was another blatant falsehood. There was nothing cryptic or rambling about the letters. The fact is the mailers and their dealings with all the businesses they sent these correspondences to, have been well known to the authorities from a similar incident in May (and, of course, much longer to the crooked cops and elected officials who were in cahoots with them), and the statements made in these missives, as you soon will see, were simple, blunt, unambiguous threats, quite chilling to those on the receiving end thereof I can imagine.

Lastly, and most egregious of all, was the declaration, “The FBI said tests of the letters…did not find any hazardous materials.” THAT was the biggest lie of all as there was not only one but three hazardous substances coating each letter.

The first substance that coated the letters was potassium ferricyanide. Since when does a substance containing cyanide pass for non-hazardous?

The second substance was barium carbonate. Used in making rat poison, it comes in the form of a fine white powder and can gravely affect the heart and nervous system if ingested or inhaled. In terms of the risks involved in transporting it, the UN hazard code rates it in the Group II (medium danger) category. In other words, it most definitely is a hazardous substance.

The last substance these letters were laced with was a substance called zinc phosphide, which emits deadly phosphine gas when combined with heat or water. A company called Bell Labs puts out a zinc phosphide powder for pest control so lethal, a paltry one fifth gallon can kill every rodent for an entire square mile, that’s a mere two teaspoons for every 72 square feet! The fact that the authorities would put out such misinformation, especially when the lion’s share of the letters were sent to and opened in stores at a time of the year when they’re the most heavily congested with shoppers is obscenely unconscionable.

Anyone who doubts the toxicity of these substances should view the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) for each one.

Now ask yourself one simple question: why would law enforcement lie about these things?

I was to learn the answer most bluntly when I sojourned to the FBI’s main branch in Los Angeles to find out just how and why such an error could have come to pass, still thinking it was from a laxity on the part of someone in the bureau either gathering or releasing information.

When I pulled into the FBI parking area however, and saw Steve Cooley there, his face empurpled with rage, screaming at the top of his lungs to some agents gathered about why they put out a press-release at all let alone one that emphasized the threatening letters sent to his opponents in the DA race, more red flags went up in my mind than in a May Day parade.

As I went inside the office, the tension there was quite palpable, and, in short order, I was to learn why the account released to the press was gutted of so much of its fact, an account apparently not watered down enough for Cooley’s tastes as evidenced by the tirade he threw in the parking lot over it. It seems that, when reports of the letters first reached Cooley’s ears, he phoned the bureau straightway and made the shocking request that the incident be dismissed altogether as a mere ruse, claiming he didn’t want to cause “undue concern” to his community over some silly, false terrorist scare. Their nerves frayed from the everyday run of crime as it was, he reasoned, the people of his county could ill-afford to hear such disquieting news, particularly when letters threatening his opponents with death if they ran against him would further erode the public’s well-being by shaking their faith in his integrity. For the agents suffering under his wrath, these terrorist mailings couldn’t have come at a worse time as Cooley was already in a foul mood over the FBI’s refusal to release information on the wiretapping activities of Anthony Pellicano as well as their refusal to use the Carnivore net surveillance system to monitor the online activities of some individuals for him as a “favor,” which prompted him to storm down to the bureau office to throw a fit a few days earlier.

After witnessing that shocking display in the parking lot and then learning of Cooley’s outbursts prior, I drove away benumbed at having discovered such a dark underbelly extant in Los Angeles politics. To be sure, with his blustering swagger, his marathon use of racist and sexist slurs, and his boasts of how winning cases give him erections, his reputation for being quite the rambunctious character was well known to us agents, but seeing him exert such a vulgar display of power with all the rabid paranoia he could muster in the cause of keeping knowledge from the public of major terrorist activities in the city for such a flimsy sham of an excuse as he gave, made me realize that this was more than just a boor; this was an evil man with something to hide.

Now, you have to ask yourself at this point: since when does a local official have leave to interject himself in one of the FBI’s criminal investigations to dictate its tenor and oversee what facts of the case get shared with the press, especially, when he should be, by rights, its prime suspect as several of the threatening letters were mailed on his behalf to scare off his political opponents? Furthermore, why in the hell would the bureau acquiesce to his demands in such a matter?

A chill ran through me as powerful as the tremors produced in the recent California earthquakes when it dawned on me what this all meant for it brought to mind a curious internet posting several months back by a person claiming to be an FBI agent. Going by the name Cassandra, she wrote an account of a similar terrorist mailing, like the ones received recently, that was sent to Giorgio Armani in Beverly Hills this past May 7. Primarily, her account deals with the activities of a Welsh national and former member of the US intelligence community who calls himself Gelynglas. Whether for profit or for ideology, he evidently used his evil genius to put together an impressive money making operation the proceeds of which benefited a consortium he also forged between various terrorist groups including the Irish Republican Army and Al-Qaeda as well as a radical group calling for an independent Wales named the Meibion Glyndwr. Yes, as hard as it is for our minds to grasp, this Gelynglas apparently impressed upon these Muslim and non-Muslim groups how such a symbiotic relationship financed with his expertise could greatly enhance their collective effectiveness. By all accounts, it was this collusion that was one of the hidden reasons behind their spectacular successes on Sept 11 as white non-Muslim operatives supplied by these Celtic groups were able to penetrate the US infrastructure most incisively. To protect them from the law or exposure, Gelynglas was able to also use his nefarious knowledge to create an impressive bulwark of police and legal protection either bought off or blackmailed.

Operating in stores which sold high-priced clothing and jewelry, Gelynglas created a theft-ring that had cells embedded in no less than seventeen such establishments. Masterfully recruiting its members from each of the stores’ own employees, this, coupled with deft computer hacking, enabled the seamless flow of merchandise out of the stores and onto the streets to be sold without evoking nary a notice, swelling the terrorists’ coffers thereby. According to Cassandra, off-duty rogue cops even provided security for some of the sales.

However, like many an institution built on ill-gotten gain, this business arrangement collapsed under the weight of its own greed. Slightly before Gulf War II, as Cassandra reports, the terrorists were smuggling weapons into the US via the Mexican border that they had gotten from Iraq, including several unmanned drones. The plan was: should the US attack Iraq, the terrorists in America as well as terrorists all over the world, both Muslim and non-Muslim, would start diversionary attacks to divert the coalition’s attention from Saddam to those other trouble-spots. However, the plan was ill-starred. The Mexican drug cartels who have a strong presence in southern California, caught wind of these drones the terrorists had and apparently enticed one or several of the theft-ring members to betray the location of the entry-point where the drones would be smuggled into the US so they could be intercepted and modified for use in flying drugs to and from the border.

Consequently, an ambush by the cartel ensued in Mexico that decimated the ranks of the terrorists and made off with most of the drones. To further their complete break with Gelynglas and his associates, James Agnew, Giorgio Armani’s manager and head capo of the ring, even mailed a letter bomb to the terrorist leadership in hopes of taking them out. Hence the threatening letter received at Armani’s on May 7 was a retaliation.

As I stated, Cassandra made the claims that Gelynglas had built a fortress of legal protection surrounding themselves and, apparently, this extended all the way to the district attorney for then, as now, Cooley stormed into the FBI’s LA branch and angrily demanded knowledge of this story be squelched as it received only a paragraph write-up by the Associated-Press as did this recent string of mailings. It seems Mr. Cooley knows many bigwigs in the FBI who’ll do favors for him if need be, which includes threatening agents with their jobs for doing their job.

When Cassandra’s posting was first brought to the FBI’s attention, I, like all the other agents, laughingly dismissed it as out-there flummery, like the plot to a bad Tom Clancy novel. Though there were some puzzling things about this incident she talks of such as why no evidence tampering charges were filed against anyone for tearing pages out of the letter sent to Giorgio Armani before the police arrived, there was no way I could believe any of it until, however, my eyes were opened by seeing the raw duplicity and sleaze of Steve Cooley first-hand. Now I’m finding Cassandra’s tale ringing all too true.
I should point out for the record that I have no idea who Cassandra is although I do have some ideas.

Cassandra’s story can still be found at where it was posted July 13. I’ve included two links to it below

Part I. 
Part II. 


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